Browns player quotes - 9/29

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today's media availability:

  • OL John Greco
  • WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.
  • OL Austin Reiter

OL John Greco:

On differences in QB Cody Kessler this week as he prepares for his second week starting:

"Last week, I was pleasantly surprised. He handled his first start really well, and this week, there has been no change. I haven't seen anything better or worse. He is dialed in still. He is making throws. There have been no times this week where I'm just like, 'Man, I don't feel comfortable with what we are doing.' That is good. It is one of those things where no news is good news. If we are just going through the practice and it is flowing like it should, what is there to be concerned with? The biggest thing is we have to keep him clean on Sunday."

On WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.'s athleticism and performance:

"It helps when you are one of the best athletes on our team, on the field. He is a special player, and I think that is important. If we can keep that up and have a multifaceted offense with those kind of weapons, it is going to be good for us. He has proven that he can run the ball, pass the ball and catch. It is great when we have (RBs) Duke (Johnson Jr.) and Crow (RB Isaiah Crowell) running hard like they are and we have to get some guys back on the edge. I think we're going to be pretty tough."

On if transitioning from Kessler to Pryor is tough for the other 10 players on offense during a game:

"I can't speak for everyone. I can't speak for the route runner and all that, but I know the guys that are handed the ball, I know it is the same for them, and for us, it is the same no matter who is back there. There are times where we are in the huddle and somebody is saying a play and you look back and go, 'Oh, hey, Terrelle is back there or Cody is now.' Either way, if it is a run, we have to open up holes to get push. If it is a pass, we have to protect whoever is back there."

On if it is amazing to reflect on Pryor's journey to having his current success:

"Yeah, credit to him and his work ethic and everything. He is a competitor. He is one of the best athletes on the field, if not the best athlete on the field. Credit to him and his hard work and preparation. Now, he is out there eating."

WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.:

On Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden's statement that they need to find where Pryor is on the field at all times and if he expects opposing defenses to gameplan against him specifically:

"I don't really mind. Jay Gruden is an awesome coach, and this team we are about to play is a good team so I don't really get into what they say. Even the past games, there are guys that double covered me. They put the safety over the top of me. It has been going on since the preseason. There are guys putting safeties over the top of me and stuff like that. It is just all about us executing and finding ways to get the ball down the field, making plays and winning the game ultimately."

On if he needs to be aware of Redskins DB Josh Norman's ability to get into the head of a receiver he is covering:

"Me? I'm 6'5", 230. I am not worried about a corner talking about me. Period."

On what stands out about Norman on film:

"I think his athleticism. He is awesome. He plays the ball well in the air. The thing I like about Josh is that when you watch him on film, he is very competitive. It is kind of like I didn't see that out of (Dolphins DB) Byron (Maxwell) last week and then when I went there and played him he competed back, and I thought that was awesome because I love it. It is awesome. I love when guys get in there and compete because that means we are going to have a game and it is going to be a battle, a lot of talking and I enjoy that stuff so it is fine."

On if Norman will talk trash to try to get to him:

"You have to look at it like this – like I'm from where I have been and the people I have played against and the people that I grew up with, talking is talking. This is not a shot at Norman or anything like that or anybody – we could be talking about anybody that is a talking corner or whatever, defender – you just go in and make plays and block them and be physical with them and that is all. Talking does not really do nothing. I am going to say what I am going to say and I'm not going to hear anything you say anyway so it doesn't matter. I just go and compete. I am going to talk. I am going to talk because I do talk on the field, and I have fun with it just like I'm sure that other guys, like I'm sure Josh is a talker like that and he is going to have fun as well. That is just what it is. That is the game."

On if he has given thought to how historical his performance was against the Dolphins:

"I am trying to have a better one this year and a lot more. I hope to have that a lot, and I believe I can. I just have to stay healthy and keep leading the team. We can always reflect on great things that go on because stuff like that happens, but I am looking for the next one. That is way far behind in the back of my mind right now. That is our job. Our job is to make plays. Our job is to do the things that the coaches say and make them look good because they coach – our coaches are very, very good at what they do – and for us to go on the field and actually handle the offense and execute, that is what you want to do for your coaches. That is what I want to do every single game because I just know how hard they work and I respect the heck out of my coaching staff, this coaching staff and my teammates. That is all I want to do is just make plays and do my 1/11th, like I say all the time, and we should be good."

OL Austin Reiter:

On if this week's matchup against Washington is any different, given he was originally drafted by the Redskins:

"No, it is not different at all for me. It is just a lot of familiar faces over there."

On how tough it is to prepare after spending only a few weeks with Cleveland and how ready he is for the opportunity to play:

"The guys have really helped me here. If I get that opportunity, I know I'm ready. I know they have a lot of confidence in me since I have been here. I know it has been a short time, but I think I have picked everything up pretty well. It is just a bunch of familiar faces over there so I prepare the same way."

On how eager he is to play in his first NFL game this season:

"I'm pretty eager. I was inactive the first week with Washington and then last week was my first active game so I'm itching."

On if he ever played G in college:

"In college, out of 36 games, there were only two snaps taken by another center because my helmet came off twice (laughter) so I never got the opportunity to play guard."

On how long he has played C:

"High school, I never played center. I played right tackle, right guard, left tackle, left guard, d-line, like 3-technique, defensive end. Center was something that (former South Florida head coach and Colorado defensive coordinator) Jim Leavitt when he recruited me at South Florida he said, 'You are the perfect size for it.' I got there and three days later in January, he got fired. (Former South Florida head coach and Louisiana Tech head coach) Skip Holtz came in, and they were like 'Yeah, we will keep you at center.' I have stuck with it ever since, and it has worked out for me."

On what he likes about playing C:

"What do I like about the position? You control everything. I like to make the calls. I like to know what is going on everywhere. I like directing. It is a good overall position when you know what you are doing."

On how difficult it is to learn a new playbook during the regular season:

"This is West Coast style. I have had a little different in college. My first three years, we went like a pro style, which is kind of like a word combination kind of deal. My last two years in college, we did West Coast and everything at the Redskins was West Coast so there are only a couple things like the verbiage here, just picking up on the different verbiage and all that. That is about the only difference here."

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