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Browns player quotes - August 27

QB Pat Devlin:

On what he hopes to accomplish:

"It's really early. I'm just trying to learn the playbook and come out here and steal some reps and try to get better."

On how well he knows quarterbacks coach Kevin O'Connell:

"Kevin and I were together in Miami my first year. I think that was 2011. We had a great time in our preseason and it was fun."

On what he was doing when the Browns called:

"I was out at a high school practice. I was helping out at the local high school and just came from there."

On where the high school is located:

"Downingtown, Pa."

On how hard it will be to come in right before the season starts:

"It's just going to take a lot of hard work and a lot of focus. Learning from the guys that are here. I think there are a lot of good guys here that can help me along the way."

On if he sees this as an opportunity:

"Absolutely, yeah. Anytime you step out on the field you want to put your best leg forward."

On today's practice:

"It was interesting, just a lot of learning. That's where I'm at right now."

On if it is hard to re-adjust having not been here for training camp:

"I'll tell you tomorrow, I'm sore (laughter). I've been trying to stay in shape at home and working out. All the little stuff that you do prepares you to come in and step in and do what you need to do."

On what he has heard about the Cleveland Browns organization:

"Just the little bit since I've been here. They want competition at every position. I think that having that competition only makes you better."

On if the offensive playbook is foreign to him:

"I've bounced around a little bit. I've seen a lot of offenses. You can relate a little bit of everything, although people call the same thing different things in every single offense."

DB Joe Haden:

On how his leg feels:

"It's doing a whole lot better. I have been getting treatment every day. They have been taking really good care of me in there. It's getting a whole lot better."

On what he would like to see the first team defense do against Tampa:

"As long as we're playing in there, get some three and outs. We haven't been able to get off the field on third down. Our run game, they've been able to stop the run pretty well, but on third and five, third and sixes and third and sevens, anything like that it's on the secondary to be able to get off the field. The one thing I want us to do is, of course, stop the run and the secondary will be able to make plays on third down to get off the field."

On his early impression of Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston and what he thought of him when he was playing at Florida State:

"I liked him a whole lot in college, his poise. He can make all the throws. I haven't really seen too much of him in preseason, but I think he has everything it takes to be a franchise quarterback in the league."

On what the injuries the Browns have suffered does for the optimism in the locker room:

"Nothing at all. The outside noise, we are always going to hear that. Injuries happen and you have to take time to heal. The next people have to step up. It gives other people opportunities. Right now with the injuries we feel like everybody is getting back healthier. People are working on it and once we get the full squad out there we'll be nice. Until then, it just gives other people opportunities to make their case."

On if he expects to play Saturday night:

"I look forward to it."

On how much time a secondary needs together to play well as a group:

"I don't think it is going to take…We have been doing this since OTAs – Gip (DB Tashaun Gipson) wasn't there, but now when training camp has started we are going over the plays, understanding the system, understanding the defense. Once you are in there with guys like (DB) Tramon (Williams), Gip (DB Tashaun Gipson), (DB) Donte (Whitner) and even (DB) K'Waun (Williams) just being able to say something, say a call and everybody gets to it. They know exactly what is going on. Us being able to know the playbook so well, inside and out, that will be able to help us when we are out there, so it won't show any difference."

On if he could have played against Washington if it was a regular season game:

"Regular season I probably have been able to go."

On if it is hard to know what the secondary will look like out there since they haven't played in many games together this season:

"We've been building it. Game-type situations are definitely different, but I feel like people that we have out are used to the game. The game is not too big for them. We are out there and as long as everybody is healthy and playing together we will be able to be OK. I think not getting all the reps that we need in practice together – I don't think that is going to hurt us too bad."

WR Terrelle Pryor:

On if he is ready to get back to business:

"Since the first day of camp, running our conditioning test, it's always been like that for me. I know the question is do I have anything to prove? Do I want to get out there fast? I think for me, this injury has taken two things away from me. I'm dedicated to this injury because it's taken so many things away from me in terms of my love for the game. There are times…I haven't seen my son in three weeks. Not being able to travel back because I stayed here and do…I only see him once a week, and I have to drive there and come back but I had to stay and do therapy and stuff like that. It's not just an on-the-field deal. It's off the field for me as well. I believe in the man upstairs, I always pray and ask for that stuff. That's the question for me as well, do I have to prove something? I work hard. Everything I do I try to do to the best of my ability and try to outwork the next man. I know it's an iffy situation, but I do want to get on the field as fast as possible whenever our trainer (head athletic trainer) Joe (Sheehan) gives me the green light. That's where we're at."

On if the injury has tested his desire to make the roster:

"Like I said, there's so many different…not seeing my son, not being able to play football, a lot of people would go crazy. I'm balancing that out. I know it's important, I know that, but at the same time, this injury, I'm dedicated to it and I'm dedicated to getting healthy as fast as possible so I can help the Browns. That's really where we're at."

On where his son lives:

"He's in Pittsburgh."

On if he thinks he can play Saturday:

"I would love to. It depends on tomorrow. I felt really good today, caught about four or five balls in practice. I felt good today in practice. I felt good today, but it really comes down to Coach Pett (Head Coach Mike Pettine) and what our trainer Joe (Sheehan) comes up with. To me, I want to go, but it's not my call. I'm not the professional in that area. If I could make the decision I'd go."

On if he rushed back too soon from the first time he injured his hamstring:

"I think so. I think yes and no because I've never had this injury. They had me feeling good. I think we have great trainers here, and they take their craft and their work very serious. They got me up and running, and I was running full speed straight ahead. I was like, 'I feel pretty good.' Then, I got up to Buffalo and it tightened up. When we got through the MRI it ended up saying that it was better the second time I did it than the first. We're making big progress even though I had a second fall off. That's positive news and I feel a lot better today, running routes. It didn't really get tight on me or anything like that. I guess that's where we're at. I don't really know the answer to anything else in terms of that."

On if the injury made him appreciate playing more:

"I think once I start playing I'll be fine. Getting into games, I'll be fine. That's what I believe I'll be is a play maker, making plays. I just think it's getting on the field and getting some plays, getting some reps. I think that's the tough situation right now is that I haven't been on the field. They see it in practice, but we haven't seen it in a game. That's the situation. That's where we're at. I don't really know the answer to give you guys because I don't know. All I can do every day is be here early, on time for my therapy. Stay upbeat in the meetings, ask questions and keep on staying on the vets in terms of their routes and stuff that I felt I need to work on and that's all I can really do. I can't do anything else."

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