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Browns player quotes -- August 31

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today's media availability:

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  • QB Thaddeus Lewis
  • LB Barkevious Mingo

QB Thaddeus Lewis:

On if he is looking forward to Chicago:

"Ready to stack another brick on top of it. Every time you go out, you try to put your best foot forward. That's what we're going to try to do with the guys that I'm out there with. We're going to try to put some more good film out there, at least for ourselves because you know how this league is. Either you're going to be here or you're not, but you have the opportunity to put good film out there for yourself so that's what we're trying to do."

* *

On not having much film to show last year:

"Yeah, it was kind of a lost year."

On if he came into training camp to reinvent himself:

"I would say just to take advantage of every opportunity that I've been given. You obviously learn from last year. When you get the opportunity, if it's small, big, you have to take advantage of what you have. That could be the difference of you being in the league or being out of the league so that's what I try to do."

On if most of his performance references are from his time with Buffalo:

"You can say that, but even in training camp last year, I felt like I didn't do enough. Like I said, last time I was in front of you guys, it's what you've done for me lately. What I did in '13 didn't carry over into training camp so that's why the difference I tried to do this year."

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On his chances of making the 53-man roster:

"I never know, don't even look at it like that. Just try to take it one day at a time. Just trying to worry about the things I can control, and that's me going out there, putting my best foot forward, playing every play like it's my last and giving it everything that I've got."

On if he had opportunities to sign with other teams:

"You always have the opportunity. I didn't have another opportunity when they came in the building; they wanted to sign me. They showed interest so I signed. Anytime you go out there, you're putting your best foot forward and 31 other teams are watching so you never know."

On if he talks about roster chances with other players:

"No, I don't discuss personally your chances and things like that because that's one thing I can't control. I try to tell the younger guys just worry about the things you can control. That's when you get your opportunity. You go out there, if the ball comes your way, make a play on it and try to make an impression on the coaches. Obviously, if it's not here, it could be somewhere else, and that's how the game goes."

On if it is human nature to stress about making the final roster:

"I would think maybe some of the guys might do it amongst themselves, but me personally, I don't do it."

On the possibility of being the No. 2 QB:

"I don't even know. I can't say. That would have to be up to upper management to know about that. For the time being with the role that I'm in, I just have to roll with the punches and take every opportunity that I'm given."

LB Barkevious Mingo:

On how it felt to practice again:

"It felt really good to be back out there moving around with the team. Just feel happy to get out of the training room."

On if he feels behind after missing practices:

"I think that's when that falls back on players when they're injured to get better in the meeting room. Make sure you're paying attention to what's going on, make sure you get your coaching points and just prepare as if you're going into the game."

On if it is realistic that he will play in the first regular season game:

"I'm out here every day just to make sure that I can be able to play if I'm called to. Ultimately, that decision is on the trainers and my coaches, and we'll see how we go from there."

* *

On possibly playing in the season opener:

"It is two weeks away or a week away. If I had my choice, I'd be out there. We'll see how everything progresses in the coming week."

* *

On if playing Thursday is a possibility:

"Like I said, that decision comes down to the coach and our trainer. Those scouts work hand-in-hand to make sure everybody that needs to be on the field will be on the field."

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On if the injury was a onetime thing or chronic injury:

"It just happened on a play at practice – caught it fast, fix it fast and recover fast, hopefully."

* *

On if he 'got his injury out of the way early this year':

"Got any wood? (laughter, knocks on mic stand). Hopefully."

On his role in Year 2 of the Browns defense:

"To help out wherever I can, if that's dropping in coverage, rushing the passer. Sky's the limit."

On if his potential has been seen yet:

"I feel comfortable in this defense. I know Year 2 will be a better year, definitely. Knowing the defense and getting comfortable with the playbook and everything, knowing my role, I think this year could be a good one."

On if he is frustrated with the injuries he has had:

"Injuries happen. It's just up to the player on how they handle it. You can sit in the back of the classroom and sulk and not pay attention to coaching points and do all that stuff and not try to get better as fast as you can or you can go out there and make sure you get those coaching points and you're pushing in the training room and getting that limb or whatever stronger and getting ready to play and preparing mentally as if you're going to play from week to week. I feel like I've done that and I'll be ready whenever."

On how he keeps his good attitude:

"You just play like a Brown. You prepare like a Brown. That's how you have to approach it."

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