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Browns player quotes - Sept. 10

DL Desmond Bryant:

On sacking Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, a fellow Harvard alum:

"I will tell you the last time I faced him, there was Harvard newspaper article saying that giving him a high five before the game was my best chance of getting near him the whole game. I took offense to that. I ended up not getting a sack, but I still have a chip on my shoulder. I still remember that."

On his first game against Fitzpatrick:

"We did not win. He did us in the final quarter. We were in Oakland. I remember it was a close game, and then the fourth quarter, they exploded on us."

On DL Danny Shelton:

"I definitely see the potential there. He is a big guy. He has a great motor out there. He has great energy that he brings out there. He will be out there dancing a little bit. We see that and get a little excited off of that. I think that is definitely great. Coaches obviously see it. He has been moving up the depth chart pretty well."

On what Shelton can do for the defensive front in terms of pass rush or creating holes for other guys to rush:

"Anytime you get a guy his size, he can really command a double team. That will go a long way. If he doesn't command a double team, they can slide to wherever they feel they need help at. He is constantly getting north and getting pressure up the middle in the backfield. They have to really take care of that, which opens up all kinds of lanes for all of us."

On LB Karlos Dansby's comments that Shelton 'changes the math' of the offense:

"Absolutely, taking two, three blockers at a time, changing the math at the point of attack. It is huge. It is a huge part of our defense."

RB Isaiah Crowell:

On if he is ready to perform in the run game:

"Yeah, I'm ready. I always knew I had what it takes. Just have to go out there and show everybody what I can do."

On excitement to be a productive running back:

"I'm very excited to be a part of that. I feel like I have what it takes to be that 20-plus (carry) guy that carries the ball, and I'm ready to show my teammates and show the coaches I'm ready to help my team win some football games."

On his NFL journey as an undrafted RB:

"Just coming in and being undrafted, you always have to work harder and that's what I did. Came out here, everything won't go your way so you just have to keep your head down and keep moving. Just keep working hard. I thought this day would come one day so I just kept working hard."

On if 20-plus carries is what it takes to get into the flow of the game:

"It probably doesn't take 20, but I feel like you need more than five or so to get flowing."

On if it was tough to get into the flow when he was rotating last year:

"Rotating is kind of tough to get into the speed of the game and get your rhythm and stuff, but I made it happen. Now, I just kept working hard and the job is mine so I have to go out there and show my teammates, my coach what I can do."

On how he has improved this year:

"I know the schemes, the speed of the game, and I just feel like I'm more comfortable this year."

On if the Browns trading RB Terrance West opened the door for him:

"I was kind of shocked about it when it first happened. That's up to the coaches, I just leave it up to the coaches. They made a decision. They trust in me and I just have to go out there and show them what I can do."

On handling the pressure of having to produce on a team that's focused on the run game:

"I don't feel like it's a lot of pressure because I expect for myself to go out there and get the job done so I don't feel like it's a lot of pressure because I know I have what it takes. I had what it takes to get this far so I have what it takes to do whatever they want me to do."

On the combination of him and RB Duke Johnson Jr.:

"I feel like me and Duke will be a really good 1-2 punch. We'll just see when we get out there."

On comments that catching out of the backfield is not in his game:

"If people say that's not my game, then they don't know what they're talking about (laughter). I feel like I have what it takes to catch out of the backfield and when the time comes, I'll prove myself."

On the importance of winning the first game:

"That's very important. It can have our confidence very high, even though our confidence is high right now. That will just boost us up and it will follow on to the next week."

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