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Browns player quotes - Sept. 14

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today's media availability:
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  • WR Brian Hartline
  • RB Duke Johnson Jr.
  • LB Christian Kirksey
  • DB Tramon Williams *
    WR Brian Hartline:
    On the game film:
    "A lot of missed opportunities. Definitely a tale of two halves. The first half was a different situation than the second half. We didn't capitalize on our opportunities."
    On the Browns' frustration level now:
    "I wouldn't say frustration. I would just say disappointment. Half the teams are going to feel that way in the beginning of the year. For everyone who picked us to go 16-0, it is not happening. We will move onto the next one."
    On switching from QB Josh McCown to QB Johnny Manziel:
    "I don't really think that was a thought process at some point. Obviously, it happened and we move forward."
    On why the two halves were so different:
    "I think at some point when the scoring starts to change, their ability to continue the pressure because they could afford a big play on our side, sometimes it can change the game plan. If you score even and you can keep them a little more honest, sometimes that can make it easier on offense. We didn't do that offensively. We made it harder for ourselves."
    On moving forward:
    "It is not the first time we lose, and it might not be the last one either. There are a lot of vets in the locker room. It is (on) to the next one."
    On what the Browns did well yesterday:
    "I think third downs we were converting pretty well. We were staying on the field for the most part. The ones that we didn't convert, a lot of them were self-inflicted wounds from holding or turnovers or anything like that. I think that was the positive. I think we will continue to build on that, but overall, I think there were some times in the red zone where we should have got the ball in the end zone to keep the points going up. We will continue to move forward."
    RB Duke Johnson Jr.:
    On his first NFL game:
    "It was alright. It would have been better if we got the win"
    On if he was nervous:
    "First play, I always have butterflies. After you get that first hit out, you are fine."
    On grade himself for his first game:
    "OK grade, not really sure. Not getting the win does not help and also I think I missed a couple of holes in the game. It was an OK grade."
    On how much he attributes the rushing game yesterday to his lack of reps:
    "I think that comes with the first game of the season with any team. The plays that we did have, we had penalties. That is something we are talking about limiting. It comes with the first game of the season, being back out there in live action. I think we will be able to pick it up from here."
    On if there were holes to run through when he watched the film:
    "There were."
    On why the Browns struggled to run the ball yesterday:
    "I just think it was the first game jitters. Everyone is getting back out there, and we are all trying to get on one accord now. I think we can come back to the drawing board and fix some things up. It was all little things that we can fix, and we just didn't do it in the game. Now, we are coming back to the drawing board and we are going to get it right."
    On it sounding like he is not too concerned about the running game:
    "No, I think it is too early in the season to be concerned about the rushing game when there are a lot of things that we can do to fix it. The guys that we have up front will especially be a big help, too."
    LB Christian Kirksey:
    On if there were a lot of missed tackles on the film:
    "There were more than we want. We are a team that holds itself to a high standard and we hold each other accountable. Whenever we get more than three missed tackles and everything like that, we have to avoid that."
    On why the Browns didn't play up to their standards:
    "It is just one of those things where you work so hard throughout training camp and you work so hard throughout preseason and when you get to showcase your talents and put it all together and you fall short, it is kind of devastating. Like I said, it is Week 1. We didn't put our best foot forward. We are not going to overthink it. We are going to put it in a box and learn from it."
    On what defensive coordinator Jim O'Neil said about the performance:
    "That is not who we were or who we are. We know what we have to do. Like I said, a lot of people are going to count us out just after Week 1 or say it is the same old Browns. We are not going to overreact. All we are going to do is get better."
    On putting a game like that behind you:
    "Just like any other play. When you have a bad play, you have to move onto the next and not let it accumulate into something bigger. Whenever you have a loss like that, you definitely don't want to take it to Week 2. You have to mentally put it behind you, but at the same time learn from it."
    DB Tramon Williams:
    On the defense's play yesterday:
    "It is tough. I thought we came out on fire. I thought we came out on fire. It seemed like when a couple circumstances went on throughout the game, the whole feel of the team went down. The momentum of the team went down. We have to do a better job of that. I saw that on the sideline. As far as the sideline and things of that nature, guys sitting on the sideline with their heads down, it is too early for that. You have to come out and play. You have to always believe. I think that is where we do need to get to."
    On how the Browns get there:
    "Learning. Learning from, like I said, one week at a time. Learn from your mistakes from the past and bring it to the future. Obviously, now it is all about Tennessee. We have to get ready for those guys, but at the same time, we have to correct what we did this game before we move onto Tennessee."
    On if the defense feels they have something to prove to themselves:
    "It wasn't the way we wanted to start as a team, and at the end of the day as a unit, we want to play better, yes. At the same time, as a team, we didn't play well. That we want to do, obviously. Like you said, defensively, we want to be the best defense in the league. We didn't start that way. We just have to keep working. At the end of the day, we just have to keep working."
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