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Browns player quotes - Sept. 7


QB Austin Davis:**

On why he came to Cleveland:

"I think there's an opportunity here and you take everything you can get in this league. I'm just going to hit the ground running and go to work today."

On how long it will take to learn the offense:

"I think I've already noticed there's some similarities to the offense I was already in. There's some terminology, things that will fit right in, which will help, but it takes time. Once you do get into the regular season, it's good to get physical reps. That'll be the challenge as we're getting ready to go into the season. It's game plan not learn the playbook time so I've got to spend some extra time on my own and get caught up."

On if he might play Sunday:

"You always have to be prepared. Last year, I'm going into the season as the No. 3 quarterback and ended up playing in the first game and starting eight so I know how fast it can happen, and I'll do my best to be prepared."

On how different the offensive language is in Cleveland:

"That's is the challenge is you hear stuff for the first time and it sounds like Chinese, but once you put a picture with a word, it all comes together. Fortunately, I think some of the terminology is going to be the same. The pass system that I was in – coaches cross paths and they pick things up from one another – I'm not sure who it was along the way, but there's some similar terms, as well. That'll really help the process, As soon as a I hear a word, a picture goes right with it and I'll be able to go from there."

On what he learned most about the NFL last year:

"I think it's tough. Everybody's pretty good. I think you learn you have to show up every week and be ready to play. There's no roll your hat out there games, if you will. You're not that much better than anybody you play. You have to be ready every Sunday. The physical and the mental preparation has to be consistent. It was a good learning experience, and I'm looking to build on it."

On what he learned about himself:

"I think the biggest thing is that I proved to myself that I can do it. That was really the biggest step. Until you get out there and play, put the ball in the end zone, lead the team, win games, until you do it, you don't really know. In the back of your mind, you're kind of second guessing. To be able to get out and play and win and just know that I can do it, now I'm ready to build on that."

On if he is disappointed that he didn't much time in St. Louis this preseason:

"Sure. I was really looking forward to going back in and competing and building on what I did last year. Didn't really get that opportunity. When one door closes, another one opens. That brings me here, and I'll be ready to go."

On if he knew QB Johnny Manziel and QB Josh McCown:

"Yeah, I'm familiar with the names but don't really know them on a personal level."

On if he has ever been to Cleveland:

"Been here for a preseason game."

OL John Greco:

On the suspension of offensive line coach Andy Moeller and how the team will move forward:

"It kind of came as a shock to us, as it did to you guys. I think we just found out before the team released the statement. I don't know anything else other than what the team released and what they told us. Moving forward, we are fortunate enough to have two sets of eyes with (assistant offensive line) Coach (George) DeLeone in our room. My understanding is that he is going to take over as the head guy, and I think we are going to get (senior offensive assistant) Coach (Kurt) Roper to help us out, which will be nice. We will be in good hands with those guys."

On if it is detrimental to lose a position coach right before the opening game of the regular season:

"No, I don't think so just because we have been in this system two years together now so we have all the groundwork in place. We have a full season under our belt from last year. Everything we have done this camp and the preseason is just going to carry over into the season. It is different each week with game plans and the specific game plans, but we will be able to do that with the coaches we have in there now and the players that we have. We will be able to keep going forward."

On how the veteran presence in the OL room minimizes losing a position coach to suspension:

"I think that is a big part of it. I think Coach Pett (Head Coach Mike Pettine) uses the word 'compartmentalize.' I think we have the ability to do that. We relate it to if you lose a big game or win a big game. You have to be able to put that in a box and be proud of it or want to never see it again. I think that is what we are going to do. Move forward. That is the thing. It is kind of the same thing if you lose a guy to injury or a trade or he is released, you have to be able to move on and that is what we are going to do."

On if it is a big adjustment for the OL with the departure of RB Terrance West:

"No, that is kind of a move that is out of my hands, obviously. We are going to move forward. (RB Isaiah) Crowell is an excellent back. (RB) Duke (Johnson Jr.) when he is healthy is going to be a big part of our offense this year. We have other guys in there like (RB) Shaun Draughn, a veteran that knows protections, can run the ball hard. We are happy with the guys we have now. Moving forward, we are excited about it."

WR Brian Hartline:

On his tweet on cut day:

"It was cut day. I know it's a tough day. I was just sitting around doing my typical thoughts and just like 'Hey, you know, you kind of wonder'. I mean you hear stories. There's times in the league that position coaches don't even know who's going to be here and who's not. To me, I thought of a world – like you would assume- this is such a very violent sport, it's a very passionate sport, it's a very team sport but you never really have a say with who you play beside – I wonder how much different a player's point of view would be than a front office. That's why I raised the question and got a pretty compelling response."

On how players would evaluate players differently than a front office:

"You're talking about a thousand different opinions once you create that box of questions. Again, would you want to ask me? Would you want to ask so and so? There's a ton of different opinions, and once you open that box, the opinions are endless."

On how he would evaluate players differently than a front office:

"I think every single front office is different than the next so it's not really fair to try to put it in that kind of comparison."

On not allegedly working well with WR Terrelle Pryor:

"I don't know what you're talking about."

On if he gets along with Pryor:

"Yeah, we played together at Ohio State. You were one of the guys that thought there was beef, and I don't know where that came from so I don't know. We have a great locker room."

On the offense going into the regular season:

"I think with how we built this offense or hope we are building the offense is really about execution. It's about not making mistakes. Overall, I think we have a lot of guys that do that. We bring that to the table every single day. Mental mistakes throughout camp were very low. That's characteristic to the people that we have. That's kind of how we're building our offense. We want guys to do their job, we want guys to do their job consistently and then to make few mistakes. Anytime you can do that in any system, you're pretty set up for a lot of success. At this point, I know it's the Monday before the first game but there's going to be a lot of ups and downs. Hopefully, we can handle them in the right way and execute in the right way."

On history between him and Pryor in Columbus:

"I don't need to talk about that. I think that's silly. I don't know where these are coming from. I made a general statement on Twitter on cut day and that's all I did and you guys started putting pieces together that aren't there."

QB Johnny Manziel:

On the next steps in the rehab process for his elbow:

"Just give it some time and keep continuing to rehab and continuing to stay on this pitch count for a couple days and then be ready to go by the time I am needed to be."

On if the elbow soreness slowed down his progress:

"I think I still am on a good path. I think I am on a good path mentally in the classroom and where I need to be in the playbook and everything. Obviously, missing out on a couple reps there, but other than that, I don't think it slowed me too much."

On the velocity of his throws in practice today not seeming to have as much zip:

"Yeah, I don't think that is what it was today. It is a Monday. It is kind of an extra practice for us so no reason to be out there really slinging it around, just kind of a little bit unnecessary, but good to get back in the motion and get a ball in my hand and throw it around a little bit."

On trying any new treatments for his elbow with the Browns and the training staff:

"We have been doing some pretty strenuous stuff as far as working everything through the forearm, the shoulder, shoulder movement and really just working every part of all the muscles that go up and connect to your elbow. They have really been on top of it."

On how important it is for him to be ready to play Sunday, if necessary:

"Very. I think it is a very good defense. You never know what could happen. This league has seen crazier things happen. One guy can go out, there has been two or whatever so you have to be ready at any time."

On if he is on track to be the backup quarterback on Sunday:


On if he had any doubts when he wasn't throwing that he would be able to play Sunday:

"I figured I had 10 days off and it is getting to the point where it has almost been two weeks now so I feel like that has been plenty of time from what I have known in the past to be okay."

On if he has any doubts about his elbow:

"No, not in my mind. I don't think in anybody else's either."

On if the elbow responded well to throwing today during practice:

"I feel fine today. Go finish up icing and get treatment the rest of the day just like any other day, really."

On if he was going 100 percent strength in his throws or working his way up to that:

"No, I think today is kind of an extra practice for us. There is no reason to be out there ripping them around when I am trying to build back up into it. I haven't been throwing for 10 days or something so I eased back into things. We are where we need to be."

OL Joe Thomas:

On his reaction to the suspension of offensive line coach Andy Moeller:

"Obviously, disappointed that he is suspended. I guess we are just going to take a wait and see approach. At this point, nobody really knows what is going on."

On what he was told:

"Just personal time away from football, I guess. Then we heard today when you guys found out that he was suspended by the team."

On if Moeller was in the building today:

"Yes, he was here this morning. He told us that he is dealing with some personal things and might be gone for a while. That is all we heard."

On if he agrees with Head Coach Mike Pettine's comments that the OL room will not miss a beat due to the strong leadership in the room as well as the coaches:

"I would agree. If it is going to happen to any group, not that it is good that it happened to the offensive line, but the amount of guys in the offensive line room that have started a lot games, have played a lot of football and are really smart guys will really help make sure we don't miss a beat."

On if the start of his ninth year in the NFL feels any different than the previous years:

"Not really. I think I just take everything one game and one day at a time. Just seems like any old game right now to me."

On if there were visible issues that led to the Browns trading RB Terrance West:

"You saw certain things in the locker room, certain things on the field when he doesn't perform up to the standard. Everybody makes mistakes. I guess I wouldn't say I saw it coming, but at the same time, I am not overly surprised."

On how much faith he has in RB Isaiah Crowell:

"He is going to do a great job, and I am excited to have (RB) Shaun Draughn out there. He did a great job until he broke his hand. I think we are really comfortable with who we have. Then you have (RB) Duke (Johnson Jr.). When he has been there, he has been really impressive. Obviously, he hasn't been there a lot so we are going to kind of take him a little bit slow and still be pretty excited when he gets back out there."

On if he has any concerns with the running game because of the lack of experience:

"I guess I am not concerned about it. I am excited Shaun will be back soon. He played in the fourth game already and the things we saw from him were great. (Before) he broke his hand, he very well could have been the No. 1 running back. I wouldn't say there is concern."

On how important it is to make sure the offensive line is the offense's foundation:

"I think it will be really important for us to do a good job keeping guys off (QB) Josh (McCown) because we know if we give him a little bit of time, he will be able to find open receivers. We feel pretty comfortable with our running game with Crowell and Shaun Draughn and Duke in there, when he gets healthy. I think we can be pretty good in the run game, as well."

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