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Browns players press conference quotes - 7/28


WR Corey Coleman:**

On his current conditioning status:

"Yeah, I've spent some time conditioning over the break we had."

On WR Josh Gordon rejoining the team:

"It's exciting really. It gives us another weapon on offense. I'm happy for him to be back on the team. He went to Baylor. He's a part of the family."

On how well he knows Gordon:

"I know him really well. When I was younger and getting recruited by Baylor and stuff, I used to go to Baylor and watch him play, him and (Titans WR) Kendall (Wright) up there."

On playing with QB Robert Griffin III:

"It's exciting. We're all tied in. We all went to the same college. It's just exciting being a part of the same team."

On what might be his biggest NFL adjustment:

"I'm really just learning the playbook, getting everything right, doing what I am supposed to do. That is the biggest adjustment, the playbook. You just spend time working on it. That's why we're up here in camp."

On offseason workouts with Griffin:

"I went to L.A. to work out with him for three days. He looked really good. He's ready to roll. Our connection is really, really good too. Now we're excited to be here at camp."

On if he knew Gordon before joining the Browns:

"I knew J.G. way before this. Like I said, when I was at Baylor and I was like a sophomore going up there to visit and stuff, I remember watching him practice. He's an exciting player and I'm happy he's a part of the Browns."

On his expectations and goals, referring to Head Coach Hue Jackson's comment that he said he wanted to be the best WR on the team:

"I do want to be the best receiver on this team. That's my goal. When I was at Baylor, I wanted to be the best receiver on that team. That's just the way I am. I work really hard and live up to that goal."

On what he did to make sure he came into training camp in shape:

"I worked out, went to L.A., I ran. It's just different, coming in and not knowing what to expect and now coming in and knowing what to expect. It's hard. Our offense is really fast-paced. It's exciting and I'm ready to roll."

RB Isaiah Crowell:

On if he has an explanation for posting the picture on social media:

"Really, just emotions running and just in my feelings about what was going on, but I made a mistake of posting that picture and I wish I could take it back. That's not who I am. I'm just trying to get everybody to see that that's not who I am. I made a mistake by posting the picture and I'm sorry for it."

On his response to fans saying the Browns should have cut him after his post:

"Really, I'm just happy that (Head Coach) Hue (Jackson) and (Executive Vice President of Football Operations) Sashi (Brown) and the owners (Dee and Jimmy Haslam) are just giving me the opportunity to show people that that's not who I am. Just them believing in me and understanding that's not who I am, I really appreciate that."

On if he's received backlash he's received from fans about his post on social media:

"Yes, I have. I know there's been a lot of backlash and I understand it because I made the mistake by posting the picture. It's my fault so I man up and say, 'I apologize to everyone and I'm sorry to all my fans and the whole Browns organization.' I'll do my best at trying to show people that's not who I am."

On what he learned from attending the police funeral in Dallas:

"I haven't ever experienced anything like it, but it was very interesting. It was the first time I had ever been to a cop's funeral. I met Officer Penny and he's a really good guy. He talked to me for a long time while I was there. Really the experience, it wowed me and I have a whole other outlook on the police and what they do."

On if he's received feedback from his teammates about the post:

"No, not really. When I was home, everybody was getting in touch with me just trying to show me support, all my teammates. I really appreciate that. I also wanted to tell them that I'm sorry if I offended anyone or anything like that. I want to tell the whole Browns organization, my teammates, my coaches and everyone that I apologize."

On if he is going to be able to shake this incident off and be a productive player this season:

"Yes, I feel like I can shake it off and move on. My main focus is football and just trying to be the best I can be for my teammates and my coaches. I understand what's going on and I'm being accountable for my mistakes and I apologize. I feel like I can accept the role."

On if he feels like he still has to prove posting the picture was out of character for him:

"I feel like I still have to prove it every day. Doing one thing doesn't make you who you are. I just have to show people that I apologize and do things for people to understand."

On if he's nervous about facing fans on opening day of training camp:

"Not really nervous. I understand if people say bad things or whatever people say. I understand because I feel like everyone has their opinion to everything and everyone is free to their opinion. No, I'm not nervous. I understand the situation and I'm ready for it."

On how he wants to continue to make positive steps moving forward:

"Really, I just want to have an open dialogue between the community and the police, and I want to be a part of the solution and not the problem. Posting that picture, I was part of the problem and I don't want to be that."

WR Josh Gordon:

On his reaction when learning he would be reinstated:

"I was really excited. I actually got a phone call – I saw it on BleacherReport – and I was definitely excited man. I was tremendously happy, for sure. Elated."

On why he is still suspended four games and if he has an explanation:

"No, I can't explain that. That's something you definitely have to take up with (NFL Commissioner) Roger Goodell or whoever is in charge of that. I'm not for certain."

On his meeting with Goodell:

"Honestly, I was honored to meet him. I had never met him before. It was a great experience. I think I was open and honest with him. He was down to earth, him as well as Mr. (NFL senior vice president of labor policy & league affairs Adolpho) Birch. They were willing to hear me out on all points, and I was grateful for the opportunity. I think I got off my chest things I was desperately trying to convey. I think he understood that and was I guess willing to come to some sort of agreement with me, and that's the reason as to why I'm here now. 

On how he will prove that this will be different and that he won't make another mistake:

"It definitely can't be done here at the podium. That's for sure. You know, nothing really gets done here [speaking], but out there on the field, I can do everything I came here to do on the field and by my actions. Nothing that I say can do much to show you, but with the support that I have here, with Mr. (Jimmy) Haslam, to the team, to the coaches, to the players here, they've shown me an extreme amount of support and love, and I can only do that by showing it back to them."

On building from negative influences:

"I think negative influences are around us all, each and every day, especially us young men around here, experiencing this much freedom for the first time in most of our lives. At this point, I'm back. I'm back in the football season and swing of things. I'm really just focused on being here and playing football and enjoying the moment here and having no distractions. As we discussed in our team meeting, no distractions. That's something I believe we are all working very hard on, to staying committed to do right by Mr. Haslam and Mrs. Haslam and to make this organization something that Cleveland can be proud of." 

On his relationship with QB Robert Griffin III:

"He's the reason why I committed to Baylor in 2009. That's one of my best friends. It's not a mistake that my locker is next to his. He looks out for me. That's part of my support staff that I was mentioning, guys I know I can lean on and can count on. I know he's a big brother in that regard. As much as I need him, everybody else in this building needs him just as much."

On his offseason injury:

"I did it on my own training before I got here, trying to work out and keep in shape."

On when it happened:

"A couple of weeks ago, not that long ago."

On his physical activity since last NFL game:

"Since that last game, football-wise, I've been working out, honestly. For a long time, kind of just blindly. I've just kept going at it, kept going at it, just seeing what happens the next day in preparation for this time right now, not knowing if it was coming or when it was coming but just knowing I had to stay ready for something at some point. I think it benefitted me in a major way, to make sure I don't fall behind the eight ball."

LB Paul Kruger:

On being back in defensive coordinator Ray Horton's defensive scheme:

"It'll just be more consistent with what I think what we had going on the first couple years here. Coach Horton just does such a great job of putting guys in good positions and utilizing guy's strengths so I'm just really optimistic about our defense and where we're headed."

On Head Coach Hue Jackson and the culture change he's been promoting:

"Absolutely, it's a palpable difference. It's just something that carries through day in and day out. There's an energy here that I don't think I've felt yet here. It's extremely positive, and I think that one of the best things that Hue brings to the table is that he unites. He unites the organization, the players and I believe that's something that is rarer than you'd think, a coach who can just unite the players and get everybody feeling the loyalty and the positivity. That's what really inspires me the most about Coach Jackson."

On the Browns renovated facility and the growth of the building:

"Yeah, it's a beautiful thing. When you go in there and you have the resources to be able to recover and train the right way, it just adds to the statement of belief and hope that the Haslams have given us, and I just believe that it's going to help us get to the next level and help us progress as a team even if it's in those little ways, where the off the field stuff. It's been really cool and a cool opportunity for us to see it come together. You're looking at a huge transformation of a commercial building just like that so to see that happen in the course of a spring and summer has been really, really cool."

On the hit that the Browns defense takes with the loss of DL Desmond Bryant:

"Yeah, it's big. It really is. That guy is a tremendous player who has a huge impact on each game and so he's just not a guy that you can easily replace. I feel for him. He's a competitive guy. He's a quiet guy so you don't understand much about what's going on [with him], but I can tell you from being around him every day that he's competitive, he's loyal to the team, he works his tail off. It's really saddening to see him have an injury like that, but we're going to have to find ways to make up for his injury and regain some momentum with that because that is a big loss for us."

On WR Josh Gordon's return to the Browns and the changes he seems to have made:

"He's here, and that's the bottom line. He's made those changes that have got him to this building and to this point. There have been a lot of guys who have been in his situation and had the obstacles and haven't been able to recover, and I think Josh has proven that he's determined to resurrect himself in a sense so I'm supportive of it. I'm happy for him, and not only that but we need him."

On the impact of having several new starters on defense will bring to the team:

"Yeah, well that's just part of the game – the continuous recycle of players and just keeping everybody competitive and keeping the, I guess you're saying, the fresh blood and things like that. That's just a part of the NFL game. You're continuously being challenged by guys and your teammates and seeing guys come in and out. How we use that is up to us, whether it's a positive or negative thing is up to us so I think we're going to do our best this year to put guys in the right spots to make the most effective player for the team."

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