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Browns players quotes: 9/16


RB Isaiah Crowell:**

On if the struggles in the running game can be attributed to the Jets defensive line being that good or if there were just missed opportunities:

"I feel like it wasn't that they were that good. There were opportunities that we missed."

On if he feels that he missed opportunities:

"I watched the film. I feel like everyone as a whole. I missed some. People missed some blocks. I missed a couple blocks myself. All of us have to go out there and get better as a whole."

On if he missed blocks were when he was in pass protection:

"Yeah I missed a couple."

On if the play calling had to be changed on the first drive when there was a penalty called that pushed the team from the 9-yard line to the 14-yard line:

"I feel like it does because you have to go to a different play obviously because you are further out. I feel like it kind of messes the drive up, but I feel like we could have got it done. Obviously we got it done, it was just a fumble."

On what adjustments he makes to correct the mistakes he made:

"Just going out there and making sure I don't miss any (holes). Just going out there and making sure I run hard and make sure I do my thing. I just have to worry what I can control."

On does he worry that he second guesses too much:

"Some guys do, some guys don't. I just have to go out there and we will see this weekend."

On what running back coach Montgomery said to the RBs:

"He really didn't say too much. It was self-explanatory what was going on. We just watched the film and have to get it correct."

On how much changes for the RBs when QB Johnny Manziel is in the game instead of QB Josh McCown:

"I don't feel like it will be that much of a change. I feel like we will go out there and play our game and do great."

On if he believes Titans RB Terrance West will be revved up for the game:

"Yeah. He will be. He will be revved up. A lot because he is coming back here and he will be able to play against our teammates. I know him, so I know how he will be."

On if he has talked to West:

"Yeah, we have been talking every day."

RB Duke Johnson Jr.:

On if there were specific runs he left out on the field in the first game:

"Not off the top of my head, but I know for sure I left some runs out there. Just hoping to make them up next game."

On if he's had the chance to hit the reset button after the game:

"I think it was the first game. You just have a lot of nerves, a lot of things going through you so it's more about getting acclimated and trying to adjust the speed, even though you didn't play preseason things like that. The good thing is watching on film because like you said, we get to go back and see what we did wrong and adjust."

On not wanting QBs to be the leading rushers:

"I just want to win. It really doesn't matter who leads rushing. Doesn't make a difference."

On his performance last game:

"It was OK. I think I did some good things, some bad things. Overall, an average game, nothing spectacular, nothing popped out, stands out. Just another body on the field."

On if he got acclimated at any point during the game:

"I got acclimated during the game. I'm not sure exactly when, but I felt it and knew that I can do it. I'm ready for it."

On if he will perform better being further removed from his hamstring injury:

"Probably so just being a week out, live game. I think it'll be better."

On feedback from running backs coach Wilbert Montgomery:

"Keep running."

On if Montgomery was happy with his performance:

"Yeah, always. Always some good, always some bad. You just have to take the good with the bad."

On if it is frustrating playing less frequently in the NFL compared to college:

"You don't get frustrated. I don't get frustrated just because it's a long season. I may not have balled in the first game or second game or whatever, but it's a long season. I still have chances to make plays."

OL Alex Mack:

On the Browns losing their starting QB on the opening drive:

"It is tough, absolutely. You have a guy who hadn't been practicing now leading the team. I think (QB) Johnny (Manziel) did a great job stepping up and being prepared and calling everything really well for a guy that hadn't been in there."

On if the gameplan changed once Manziel entered the game:

"We kept it about the same gameplan. That was the gameplan we wanted to execute. It was just a different person doing it."

On Manziel's mobility made it difficult on the offensive line, potentially not knowing where he was:

"Scrambling wise, I think we did a good job. A couple penalties – I was one of them – held us back. He did a good job getting downfield and making them pay when they cover like that. We have to capitalize on those."

On how frustrating is it when a big play gets wiped out due to a penalty:

"It is tough. It is part of the game. Penalties, those happen and you have to limit those. You try to play so that you don't put it in the ref's hand. We have to improve on offense and hopefully let those big plays count."

On expecting QB Josh McCown to start Sunday, if cleared for practice Friday:

"That will be a coach's decision."

On how much better Manziel will be after a week of practice:

"I know, me personally, I like to be in there and take reps and see looks. I know I play better when I am in there participating."

On what will make the run game better this week:

"I think the Jets did a really good job of committing to stopping the run. I think when you have that many guys in the box, it is tough to get some plays. What you have to do is get a little bit more movement. When they do that, they are going to stop you a lot of times, but you need to break a couple and really gash them. We weren't able to do that. We didn't make them pay when we should have."

On challenges the offensive line faces not knowing who the QB is until the end of the week:

"I think our job stays the same. I think we still have to pass protect and run block all the same. It was play 20 in the game when we had a different quarterback in there. We have to be ready for anything."

On what stands out about the Titans' defensive front:

"They have a good group of guys up front. We had a tough time with them in the first half last year. They can really make some problems for us so we have to make sure we control that."

LB Nate Orchard:

On being prepared to help fill LB Scott Solomon's role:

"It is unfortunate with what happened to Scott getting rolled up in that pile. I can only control what I can control. I am just going to keep working hard in practice."

On how good Solomon is at setting the edge:

"His nickname speaks for itself, 'Bloodbath'. He is phenomenal. It is sad and we are going to miss him, but we will continue to fill that gap."

On if the coaching staff stresses that he needs to be able to set that edge:

"That is one of the reasons they brought me here to set the edge and help with the run defense before getting to the quarterback. It is something I loved doing in college and I think I can contribute."

On if he views this as an opportunity for him to step up:

"Definitely. It is an opportunity for myself so I need to go out there and make the most of it. I need to practice hard and show that I deserve to be out there."

On how the Browns will contain a player like Titans QB Marcus Mariota:

"I had a chance to play against Mariota in the Pac-12. It is a huge opportunity to go against him again. It is a blessing that we are here at this level. I am excited to go after him."

On learning from his experience facing Mariota:

"Everyone stay in their lanes, pass lanes. You have to keep him in the pocket and not let him get that edge."

On if he sacked Mariota in college:

"I did."

On how many times he sacked Mariota:

"I got him once – once last year for a sack/fumble."

On how good Mariota was in college:

"He was great. He was the best player I have ever played against. I am excited to see him at this level."

On what made Mariota great in college:

"He was able to lead his team and to see him grow and become the player he is today – the leadership and the way he led that offense on the field."

RB Robert Turbin:

On his recovery:

"Still a few weeks out. I'm hoping that I can get back for the Chargers game and maybe even a week later when we play Baltimore. Just kind of depends on how rehab goes."

On if he was surprised he was picked up so quickly:

"It caught us by surprise. Maybe not, didn't think I was going to get claimed and that's what we were preparing for. We were preparing for that opportunity to become a free agent. The Browns claimed me and we were both extremely excited about the opportunity and I'm just glad to be here."

On Head Coach Mike Pettine being a Robert Turbin fan:

"It's huge, its huge. He obviously knows the position I'm in as far as being injured so for him to go out and still bring me on to this team really says a lot about how he feels about the type of player I am and what I can bring to the team. Hopefully the way he feels is exactly what I can bring."

On RB Isaiah Crowell and RB Duke Johnson:

"Duke is really fast, quick, fast, and explosive. Crow runs with great power. He's got sneaky speed, you may not think he's very fast but he is. Those guys work very very hard. They study a bunch, they watch a lot of tape so they're smart players and I'm looking forward to learning a lot from both of them."

On what he can bring to the offense:

"I've been in the league a little longer than those guys so I think I can bring a certain level of leadership. I come from a winning background and I can provide an atmosphere, show them some of the things that it takes to be able to get to that level and play at that level, and be in those big games. That's what I'm looking to do, just be the best leader I can be in that room."

On what is missing from the Browns team:

"Hard question, I've only been here a few days so I'm still trying to get to know my teammates and still trying to get the vibe from there guys. These guys work really, really hard and they're not that far off. We just have to continue to work, find that comradery, that togetherness, that continuity for us to be able to work together, it will help us win more football games on Sundays."

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