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Browns postgame player reactions vs. 49ers

WR Travis Benjamin

On QB Johnny Manziel's play:
"He did well. The one mistake he did have, when he threw the pick back across the field, he came to the sideline and corrected it and himself."

On the Browns running game:
"It meant a lot. Once we started running the ball and the play-action opened up, we hit (WR Brian) Hartline and (TE) Gary (Barnidge) downfield. Knowing the run game was consistent and was there is going to be good for us as an offense."

On QB Johnny Manziel's performance after not playing in several weeks:
"That guy's a baller. It doesn't matter if he sat out for two weeks and came back or sit out three weeks and came back. Each and every time he comes out there, he's willing to set the tone and make plays that matter."

On his chemistry with Manziel:
"It's nothing you can work on. It's just playing ball and not quitting on the play, just finishing. Knowing that when you see him scrambling, just to get in his vision and he's going to find you."

DL Desmond Bryant

On the Browns defense's play:
"The hunger has been building in us. Every time we've gone out and not gotten the result that we wanted, the hunger has grown more and more, and we finally got the job done."

On the Browns pass rush and nine sacks today:
"You see guys go out and get their sack, and as a teammate, you want to go out and get yours, too. We were really working together. We knew we had to stay in our rush lanes. (49ers' QB) Blaine (Gabbert) has been good at running the ball so we had to keep them contained so guys would get back there and make him run and somebody else was ready to take him down."

On LB Nate Orchard's sacks:
"It was awesome. Nate comes in here every day and puts in hard work. I know hes been a little down on himself so to go out there and get two sacks today is awesome."

On the Browns offense being able to get out ahead early:
"I think we played a great team game today. All three phases had some great plays. Everybody was accountable to each other. Nobody wanted to let the other side of the ball down, and we were able to accomplish something great."

On playing with a lead:
"It was awesome. All three phases, we all put in our part so that everyone else could do well. When you can do that, you can do great things in this league."

RB Isaiah Crowell

On being a big part of the running game:
"It was just getting a rhythm. It was being able to get into the flow of the game. The offensive line did a great job, and the receivers were blocking downfield. It was all great."

On the importance of the running game:
"That is where it all starts. The running game opens everything up. I feel like that is what we did today, and we got the win so I am happy about that."

On playing with the lead:
"I feel that when we play with the lead, we all have more confidence. Everyone is out there making plays, and believing in each other. I think that is where the confidence comes from."

On if the Browns were committed to the run:
"I didn't really know if it was going to be like that this game. Every game you have to stay prepared, and today was that day."

RB Duke Johnson Jr.

On if the running game was contagious:
"It was very contagious, especially when the guys up front are playing the way that they are. (RB Isaiah) Crowell was finding a rhythm. Then I came in and found a rhythm, and we just kept it going back and forth."

On QB Johnny Manziel playing well:
"That's Johnny. No matter how long he sits or how long he doesn't play, Johnny is going to be ready when the time comes."

On if Manziel was in control:
"He was. I think the run game had a big thing to do with that. We were able to run the ball well and create other opportunities for him."

On the commitment to the run:
"Crowell had two 50 yard runs. It is hard to pull away from something that is working so well. We stayed in coach's ear and told him don't worry we got it, and to put the game in our hands."

On excitement on some of his carries:
"I don't think my team expects me to do what I did. I think I surprised them and got them excited. It is something I like to bring, energy, and excitement."

On what he liked best about Manziel:
"Do I have to pick? I think him just creating plays, getting out of the pocket, keeping his eyes downfield and not being so quick to run."

On wanting Crowell to succeed:
"Every time Crowell gets running, I'm hoping he gets in the end zone. He deserves it. He works hard and wants to come in everyday ready to work."

LB Paul Kruger

On the defensive pressure:
"It was pretty standard for us. We didn't run anything out of the usual. It was just a good overall game for us as a team. I'm really happy for the guys and I am proud to be a part of this team, but we just have to go out there and do it again."

On LB Nate Orchard:
"He's a good rookie, and they are not all good. Nate has been a guy that has come in, worked hard and just done his job. He's a good player, and to see him have success, I was excited for him."

On reinforcing the defense:
"We just needed a game where we could put it all together. It is exciting to see guys have success and have our team gel the way that it did today. I'm happy for the guys, and the coaches did a great job getting us prepared. It just feels good overall."

OL Joe Thomas

On the Browns run game:
"I think we're pretty happy with the results. Obviously, to rush for over 200 yards is a good feeling. It was a really successful day. I like where we are in the run game. I think we're starting to figure out what we can do well, what we like to do and things are starting to click in the run game a little bit."

On how things fall into place when you get the run game going:
"When you rush for 200 yards, it's hard to lose. You've got to do some really bad things to lose a game when you have 200 yards rushing. We didn't do those things. You make it so hard on the defense when you're running the ball effectively. They really have to overcommit to stopping the run, and it just opens the past game wide open."

On playing with the lead:
"It's fun. A game where you can call everything in your playbook, you're not just handicapped to calling pass plays, and that's kind of situation we've been in for a number of games. Basically, all you can do is throw the ball, and that's not fun for anybody."

On OL Austin Pasztor's play today:
"He played well. Obviously, we'll go watch the film and try to determine where we can improve. For his first start next to me, I thought he did a nice job."

On chemistry between QB Johnny Manziel and WR Travis Benjamin:
"I think the two things you look at why that happens is Johnny has a way of extending the plays with his feet. He's not a guy that just goes through his progression and throws the ball away. If somebody's not open in his first few progressions, he's going to try and hang in there and run around a little bit. When you're a guy like Travis Benjamin, who has that much speed, there's no one in the NFL that can really run with you. In a scramble drill like that, it basically just becomes street ball and Travis is just faster than everybody.

DB Donte Whitner

On the Browns defense's performance today:
"We just decided we were all going to do our jobs. We weren't going to try to do too much, but we were going to try and do what was asked of us. We felt like we could still get better. They have some players on the other side of the football. The quarterback (49ers' QB Blaine Gabbert) really didn't want to take too many chances out there. That's why you saw our sack number go up along, with good coverage. Like I said on Friday, good coverage helps the rush and a rush helps the coverage. Its just ironic that we tied a franchise record in sacks. That's all the defense working together."

On getting this win:
"It feels so good to get a win. With all the close games that we lost and all the games that we felt like we should've won, we should have 6 or 7 wins right now. That's just the way the NFL goes sometimes, but we have to keep fighting. We have a bunch of guys in this locker room that aren't going to give up no matter what the record is. I'm just glad we were able to come out and win this game."

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