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Browns postgame player reactions vs. Broncos

WR Travis Benjamin
On trying to solve the Broncos defense:
"It was tough. They have a pretty good defense, front seven and the back end. We as an offense want to come in, play our type of ball and move up and down the field like we should."

On the message when playing from behind:
"We are always going to fight back. If there are seconds or minutes left on that scoreboard and we have the ball, we are always going to fight back. That's the attitude we have around here."

On TE Gary Barnidge:
"Barnidge is the man. If we keep getting him the ball, then the offense is just going to keep moving down the field."


LB Karlos Dansby **On the keys to keeping Broncos QB Peyton Manning in check:
"We just tried to out execute. Trying to go out and execute our job. Just doing our part."

On his interception return touchdown:
"The running back got out fast. Then, I guess he pump faked at his tight end. When he did that, I knew he had to come down and check it down. I just made a play. It was a bad throw. It bounced off of his shoulder pad and I just caught it."

On if the Broncos outlasted the Browns:
"No, they just made more plays. They made more plays down the stretch. We had opportunities. We just didn't capitalize."

On the momentum shifts in the game:
"It was in our hands. It was definitely in our hands at that moment. Like I said, we just didn't capitalize on it."

On what happened in overtime:
"They just made plays. We were just pressing, trying to get off the field, and they just made more plays than we did."     

LB Paul Kruger
On if the defense turned the corner today:
"I think today was a really good step. I felt like guys were out there a little more loose than usual. It felt like we were playing really aggressive. I'll have to analyze the tape a little bit and see how we looked. All in all, I think we made a lot of good plays on defense."

On his thoughts after LB Barkevious Mingo's interception in overtime:
"I felt pretty good at that point. You don't want to celebrate too much too fast, but it is pretty close to feeling like you have it wrapped up."

On if the Browns can bounce back
"Yeah, no question. That is obviously a good team. They clearly made more plays than we did to win the game, but I truly in my heart feel like we are the ones that beat ourselves, more so than the Broncos beating us."

On LB Karlos Dansby's performance:
"When you see guys that work hard and put in the effort and have been doing it a long time, when Karlos has a day like that and a couple of the other guys, it just helps everybody. It raises everybody's sprits. You need your key guys to make those plays and it just elevates everybody. It is big."

OL Joe Thomas
On if Denver's pass rush was the best the Browns have faced so far this year:
"You want to say yeah. I mean, it is the best defense. They are the No. 1 defense in the NFL because of their pass rush and their corners. You can't just play man coverage because those guys are so good on the edge and let those big dogs eat up front in one-on-one situations. I thought we did a really good job for a vast majority of the game against them. That overtime drive where we just went backwards and the opportunity in regulation to score a touchdown and go ahead and we ended up with a field goal, those are, in my opinion, the two disappointing drives for us on offense, where we had a chance to win and didn't."

On if he was surprised we went for two instead of the field goal in the third quarter:
"To me, it's a 50/50 decision at that point because you're thinking it's kind of a defensive game, they're such a good defense and our defense is playing pretty well against them so you're thinking it might be a field goal game. In hindsight, obviously, you are saying, 'Boy we wish we would've just had that extra point,' but it is a 50/50 decision."

On staying focused after three wild games in a row:
"I think as a pro football player, you've just got to just focus on your job and the next play. You can't really get emotionally wrapped up in it like a fan would because that would affect you going out and doing your job."

On turning around after a 2-4 start:
"Yeah, obviously, we wish we were sitting at 3-3 and we had our chances. It is disappointing that we're not sitting at 3-3. Certainly, 2-4 is not out of it, though. We're going to get back to work on Monday and try to win the next game."

DB Tramon Williams
On if his interception at the 39-yard line in OT would have led to a victory:
"You hope so, but this is the National Football League. That's the way things swing sometimes. We were hoping we were going to come out with it, but we didn't. Those guys did a good job of fighting back and making the plays they needed to win the game."

On takeaways from today's game:
"There are always teachable moments in any game, regardless of how you perform. The thing I get out of it is that at the end of the day, no matter how well you play, you have to find a way to finish these games. That's where we're trying to get."

On playing three crazy games; winning one and losing two at the wire:
"It's just getting over that hump. I felt like we were there and we were about to get there. We played another really good team with experience winning. Those guys know how to win and that's where we're trying to get."Change time

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