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Browns postgame player reactions vs. Chiefs



What was the key to getting back in the game? "One thing I know, as long as there is time on the clock, we will forever fight.  No matter what the situation is, if we are down by 14 down by 20, or up by seven, we will forever fight.  We know that we are always in the game.  The statement going into it, when we got the ball back, was to go win the game."

What did you see from Johnny (Manziel) regarding him using his legs? "If it weren't for him, we would not have been in the position we were in today.  He made plays and kept his eyes down field.  Sometimes, when he scrambled, he looked like the old Johnny where he would get the first down and keep us in the game."

What made that last drive so tough? "It was very difficult because they were leaning into us and wouldn't let us get out of bounds.  They knew we didn't have time outs so everything was inbounds. We just wasted seconds and wasted opportunities. I figure if we had a little bit more time or one or two more timeouts, we would have won the game."

What does the team's overall effort today say about the team? "Throughout a season like this, the kind of season we've had, any other team would have quit, packed their bags and been ready to go home.  As long as coach (Mike) Pettine is our head coach, we will forever fight with him."


On the Browns defensive effort: "We are not going to change the way we play.  The guys we have out there are fighters.  We are not concerned about our record during a football game.  We are trying to go as hard as we can.  I didn't expect anything less."

Was it difficult to get motivated for this game? "No, I don't think so.  It's a game.  It's what you are out here to do.  You know what you have been practicing and working for.  Our mentality is just to come out and compete and win games.  Unfortunately, we came up short, but I felt good about the way guys finished."

Did you make changes at halftime in order to keep the Chiefs scoreless in the second half? "We just stuck to the game plan.  Quarterback scrambles hurt us a little bit in the first half.  You know they are going to make some plays.  That's a good team with a lot of good players over there.  They have been on a nice little roll.  We just had to make those plays that were in front of us and finish strong. "


What adjustments did you make in the second half to keep the Chiefs off the scoreboard? "We just wanted to come out and be fundamentally sound. We weren't fundamentally sound in the first half. [They] gave us some plays that we actually practiced throughout the week. In the second half, we came out and stuck to our game plan. We understood what they were trying to do by formation. That's why we didn't give up any scores in the second half."

What made Alex Smith so dangerous with his feet? "He's always been dangerous with his feet – even in San Francisco. I remember playing the [New Orleans] Saints in the divisional game and he took sweep around the edge and scored. He's always been dangerous. He's just utilizing his feet more now."

From your side of the ball, what did you see from Johnny [Manziel] and the team rallying back in the second half? "I saw a bunch of guys who are never going to give up – no matter what the record is, no matter what the circumstances are. That's why we had an opportunity to win that game late in that drive. But, my hat goes off to them. They won the game."

Is that one of the better halves of defense you guys played this year? "Yes. I would say so. I think we settled down, especially in the second half. We understood they were doing a lot of motion and, once they got to the formations we could recognize, we were able to get a beat in on them. That first half, Alex just hurt us with his feet. Even when we had him covered up, he'd still go for 10, 20, 30 yards. Other than that, we felt like we played pretty well on defense."

How difficult was that last drive of the first half? "It was very difficult, especially when you bring extra guys to get to the quarterback. When it's drawn up right, it's very difficult. When you beat a blitz like that and the quarterback use his legs, that's when it's going to hurt you. If you take a risk and go after the quarterback with a blitz, you'd better get him down or you're going to give up a big play. And, that's what happened right there. It's very disheartening."


On the offense late in the season: "I really feel like we are committing to the run. I feel like a lot of people on offense think we need to run the ball more. We are just trying our best to run the ball and I feel like we've been doing a great job."

The Chiefs are a team that stops the run pretty well. What opened up for you in the running game today? "Our lineman blocked very well today. Duke [Johnson] and I did a good job of reading the holes. We've just got to be consistent. I feel like we've got what it takes to have an explosive running game."

Does it help having a mobile quarterback? "I feel like it helps just because they have to account for Johnny – with all of the reads and stuff like that. That give us time to make reads and be able to hit the correct hole."
How frustrating was it to have the ball the last three possessions and only come away with three points? "That was the biggest downer we've got to work on – finishing. [We] need to play through and be able to finish. [We need] to get touchdowns instead of field goals."

How was that last drive? Was Johnny in control? "I felt like Johnny was in control. We made some good plays and we made a couple of bad plays. We made a bad play at the wrong time and I feel like that cost us the game."


How discouraging was the Chiefs last drive of the first half? "Obviously, the two minute situation is a critical situation and you've got to get a stop. And, we didn't. It's obviously discouraging. But, honestly I think that gave us a little more fire for the second half."

You were down 17-3. You could have folded up. What does this say about the fight of this team? "Coach Pettine mentioned that he was proud of the way we fought today in the second half. Given where we are in the season, and the scoreboard, a lot of teams probably would have shut it down. Obviously, we didn't because there's a lot of character, there's a lot of good football players in this locker room that want to win really badly. We threw it all out there today."

You shut the Chiefs down in the second half today. What went right? "We had a few mental mistakes in the first half that really allowed them to make some big plays on us. We came in at half time, we got on each other and we held each other accountable. We were not going to go out there and let them do that again. We had a good second half because of it."

Were you impressed with how Johnny fought throughout the game? "Absolutely. I think Johnny has been progressing more and more. He's getting more comfortable back there every game. I saw a lot of great things out of him today. If he can continue to do that, we're going to great places."

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