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Browns postgame player reactions vs. Raiders


TE Gary Barnidge:**

On coming up short at the end of the game:
"It's tough. We know a lot of games are going to come down to the last drive and it is just tough not getting it."

On QB Josh McCown leading the comeback in the second half:
"He showed his leadership in the huddle and we knew that he could control the two-minute offense. He did a great job."

On the slow start by the offense:
"Everybody just didn't come to play right away. That's the toughest part because we did it throughout the whole week. Then once we started to get it going, it was too late."

On the adjustments that were made in the second half:
"Everybody started to gel together and that was a huge aspect. The leadership that (QB) Josh (McCown) showed in the huddle was great."

On what worked for him personally:
"I was following the gameplan. I think all the other guys that were running their routes were getting me open."

On settling for a field goal in the first half:
"I don't think it really killed our momentum, things happen. Oakland is a good team and they showed it right there. We have to just learn to convert those in the future."

WR Travis Benjamin:

On how deflating the muffed punt was:
"It was one of those things I feel like I let my team down, and that is one thing I don't want to do. We have to take advantage of every opportunity. Every time we get the ball, we have to punch it in. The good enough thing was that the defense got us the ball back, and we had another opportunity to score."

On what happened on his muffed punt:
"The wind got under it a little, and I kind of felt a body beside me, which I thought it was my man but they didn't call the flag."

On if he was surprised the Browns tried to block the punt early in the game instead of setting up a return:
"I don't doubt Tabes (special teams coordinator Chris Tabor), not one bit. Whatever he calls, that is what we have to run. We just have to stay off the punter. That's it."

On how frustrating it is for the game to end like it did:
"It is very frustrating knowing that we were so close. It is kind of frustrating when you start slow and you know you are supposed to start fast. We have to go into San Diego and start fast this time."

On if some of QB Josh McCown's incompletions were due to limited reps with the WRs recently:
"Not at all. We as a receiver group have to go catch the ball. Wherever the ball is in the air, we have to go catch that ball."

WR Taylor Gabriel:

On how the game ended:
"It's always hard to take a loss like that when you're so close to winning and making a great comeback. We'll just have to go back to the drawing board Monday and just get back to the grind."

On what QB Josh McCown was like in the huddle:
"He was a leader. He was a professional. He was keeping us up-tempo, upbeat. He was perfect."

On what triggered the comeback:
"I would just say Josh (McCown) in the huddle. He was taking control of the huddle, guiding us and telling us to just stay up and stay hungry. I feel like his leadership really got us going."

DB Joe Haden:

On the defensive struggles today:
"We have to tackle better. We have to get off the field on third downs. Myself included, everybody, we just have to be way more consistent on defense. We have flashes where we do really good. Then, we have flashes when we don't play like ourselves. We just have to do it full force."

On how he played with a rib injury:
"You just have to go."

On X-rays being negative:
"Yeah. I'm going to go get it checked out in the morning."

On if it is hard to breathe with a rib injury:
"Yeah, but like I said, I'm out there so you have to make plays when you're out there."

On Raiders QB Derek Carr:
"He's going to be good. He's going to be really good. He doesn't play like a second-year guy. He has control of the offense. Hats off to him. He did a really good job of  just being poised and playing within himself and making plays so hats off to him."

On how he injured his ribs:
"When I fell, (Raiders WR) Amari Cooper's helmet went into my ribs."

On if Head Coach Mike Pettine needs to repeat his 'words into action' message:
"He said it so I guess – we need to play better, like he said. We talk about having the best secondary, talk about having the best offensive line, and when it's time to prove it on Sundays it's s not happening so we just have to do better."

DL John Hughes III:

On the Raiders' offense driving down the field in the first half:
"It's very frustrating. It's something that we've got to work on in practice and get it corrected."

On the Raiders' success in the run game:
"I think it was just our tackling, being able to get the ball down."

On bad tackling being contagious:
"I don't really think it's that contagious. I think it's just that the morale gets down and the guys have to be able to pick each other up."

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