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Browns postgame player reactions vs. Ravens


TE Gary Barnidge**

(on his TD catch) "I jumped up, and I knew the ball hit his foot. Then, I could feel the ball on my leg. I was cupping it, and I reached down and pulled it in. It's a great catch only because we won. Honestly, it was a lot of luck, not much skill. There's no way you can ever practice a catch like that. I wasn't laughing about it at first but now I can laugh about it because we won the game. I give a lot of credit to [quarterback] Josh [McCown]. He was under a lot of pressure and threw it to me. He threw it right on the money but he did that all day."

(on how this team will move forward) "I'm hoping this win can be a defining moment for this team. It could help us turn the season around. I think all of our passing took its toll on their defense. Our offensive line did a great job."

RB Duke Johnson Jr.

(on the offense) "I think we played well when we needed to. We started out slow. We just can't do that game in and game out to be effective, but we came out and played well when we needed to.

(on winning a road game in the division) "I think that's the biggest thing, a game in the division especially on the road. It shows we can play on the road. Our main thing is just trying to do it consistently. We have games where we make most plays, but then it comes down to just the few plays we don't make. So, it's just all about doing it consistently."

(on the running game) "We won. We got down early, and we couldn't afford to sit and try and run the ball , so we had to go out and take some shots to win the game."

(on winning in overtime) "Winning is winning. We just had to play it out."

(on his game) "I think I played OK. I definitely missed a blitz. That's something I really pride myself on, to recognize the 'D' before it happens. That's one I let slip today. It could have cost us the game, but it didn't. Overall I thought my play was OK."

* *

OL Joe Thomas

(on QB Josh McCown) "I tell you, when we were in '21' personnel, which is two backs and a tight end, which is like the base people, [the Ravens] were blitzing to try and take away our running game. They were blitzing the safety and trying to do whatever they could to take away the run game. So after the first quarter, we said, 'Screw it. We're going to play with three wide receivers, and if they're going to try and blitz the run game, we're just going to make the throws on the edges and take the ball down field.' We knew it was going to be one of those huge passing yards game. The way they were trying to blitz us and take away the running game."

(on TE Gary Barnidge's touchdown catch) "We were looking up at the score board, so we got a little bit of a look at the replay. It was kind of hard to make out exactly what happened, but it looked like it bounced off of somebody's foot. I mean it was incredible – two weeks in a row, miracle catches. He must be living right."

(on Josh McCown's veteran leadership) "He's able to get us into the right thing if we give him the option to line up in shotgun, to either hand it off if it's a good look or throw it outside if that's a good look."

* *

DL Desmond Bryant

(on the win) "To overcome all the adversity that we faced in the game, I told the guys that this was the greatest kind of win in my opinion."

(on the defenses final stop to force the Baltimore Ravens to kick a field goal in the fourth quarter) "We have that fight in us. There are some dogs out there willing to put it all on the line. We got punched in the mouth early, but we recovered from that. And we were able to finish the game, and there was nothing better than that."

(on how he feels physically) "It felt great to be back out there, especially playing in a place like this [M&T Bank Stadium], where we haven't won in such a long time, I didn't make as big an impact as I wanted to, but there's nothing better than going out there with my brothers and winning a game like that."

(on can this win be a catalyst for the rest of the season) "The way I look at it, we just entered the second quarter of the season. The first quarter didn't go the way we wanted it to. You don't win the game or lose the game in the first quarter, so this was a great start to the second quarter. We've got a long road ahead of us. Denver's not going to come in next week and lay down. We've got a lot of work to do,  but this was a great stepping stone to that."

WR Taylor Gabriel

(on the win) "It felt good. We all came together as brothers. We could feel it on the sideline, everybody wanted to win and get the divisional win. We were always one play away. There were big catches, big plays by the offense, and the defense stepped up as well. We all came together and got the win."

(on the offensive performance) "Explosive. All big ups to [offensive coordinator John DiFilippo]; he's a great guy. Also, the defense needs credit. They put us in situations all through the game. I'm glad we just got the win."

(on the play of QB Josh McCown) "[Josh] McCown is always a leader. He's always coming into the huddle confident, even when we were down. I'm glad we got the W."

(on feeling confident they'd get the win) "I feel like [head coach Mike Pettine] was always confident on the sidelines. You could see it in everybody's eyes, that we wanted it, so we just came together and got the win."

LB Karlos Dansby

(on the win) "Any way we can get it done and get a win in the division, you separate yourself. So, however we had to get it done, we got it done."

(on the defensive performance) "I think we did what we had to do to get the win. Whatever was necessary, we did it. A couple guys made some sacrifices and we got off the field when we needed to get off the field. We stood up when we had to. When our backs were against the wall, we stood up and made plays to give our offense an opportunity."

(on stopping the Ravens' offensive drive in overtime) "We were just trying to be consistent and do what we had to do to get the win. We just had to get off the field and keep them in bad field position so we could give our offense an opportunity to win it."

(on the meaning of this win) "It means a lot to us in trying to get to our goals. We gave up some plays we shouldn't have given up, but we can always get better. It wasn't our best game, but we're striving to get there."

RB Isaiah Crowell

(on the win) "It feels great to get the win, especially in the division and in overtime. My teammates kept fighting and wanted to fight for the team, so I'm glad we got the victory. It was a real emotional game, there were a lot of turns, but we managed to keep our heads level and come out with the victory."

(on his touchdown) "I feel like it wasn't supposed to be, you know, come to me. It was a blitz from the other side, and it didn't have anything to do with me, so I just got out to my side. [QB Josh McCown] dumped it off and I did what I did after that. I had to get to the end zone because my team needed it."

(on the Browns' running attack) "Early, [the Ravens] shot a lot of the gaps, they played us very well. We kept at it, kept fighting, and the ground game came in the second half.

(on the Browns' passing attack) "Josh [McCown] did real well and managed the game well. Everything won't be perfect, but we trust him, and he did his thing. I'm proud of him."

(on overtime) "We did a great job at the end, after fighting through the whole game, and we handled our business. Everybody wanted to win. We kept fighting and pushed the ball down the field. We basically did what we wanted to do, and we came up with a victory."

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