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Browns postgame player reactions vs. Ravens

K Travis Coons

On the final field goal attempt:
"It wasn't different. It's the same kick every time. I just hit it the way I usually hit it, and it got blocked."

On if the kick felt rushed:
"No, it felt like a regular kick. We were driving down the field, and I didn't know where we were at the time. Then, they called the field goal team, and we went out there and did what we could."

On if the weather was a factor:
"The weather was perfect. There was no wind so there is no excuse for distance or anything."

On if the kick felt good off his foot:
"It felt really good coming off the foot."

On how the Ravens timeout affected his attempt:
"Nothing, it just gives me more time to find my line"

On if he was surprised his kick was blocked:
"I was actually really surprised. It felt really good coming off of my foot. I don't know what happened, whether it was me or if they just did a really good job and blocked it.

LB Karlos Dansby

On the loss:
"It's a tough one. We're going to have to do some soul searching. Guys really have to get ready for this adversity and this opportunity that we have to show what kind of character we have as men. We've got to bounce back."

On if there are any positive things to take away from this game:
"It isn't how you start, it's how you finish. We didn't finish this game, and that's the part that sucks. We have to go back to the drawing board and come out next week swinging."

On the field goal at the end of the game:
"They made a play. It's a game of inches. They got their inch."

On watching the play at the end of the game:
"It's tough because you know the effort that everybody put into it. Like I said, for those guys to make a play, you've got to tip your hats off to them. It went down to the wire."

OL Alex Mack

On QB Austin Davis' performance:
"Really good job by him. Tough for a two-minute drive, made a couple plays, was able to come in with very short notice. Commendable to him for paying attention to the gameplan, when his number was called, being able to answer it."

On the loss:
"This is a big one. We would've liked to get more yards on offense, get the field goal a little closer. I think with the distance, you had to push it. Would love to see the replay. Thinking you're going to win, expecting overtime, it's the worst case to have it rebound like that and it's unfortunate."

On QB Josh McCown's status:
"I don't want to talk about someone else's health. He's a tough guy, a competitor, making plays, ready to go. I can't speak high enough about that man."

On playing the Cincinnati Bengals next week after this type of loss:
"Short memory. Take what you can and learn from this one. You've got to learn what you can and try to be the best player you can be for the next week."

LT Joe Thomas

On QB Austin Davis' performance:
"I thought he came in and did a nice job. He had some good poise in the huddle, and he was excited to be back out there. He drove us down the field and was able to tie up the game. For a guy who hasn't really taken any snaps with us, he did a nice job."

On moving forward from the loss:
"It's part of being a professional, learning how to get a bad loss out of your system and getting ready for the next game. That is going to be important and be a big message on Wednesday: to be able to get rid of this feeling and focus on the next week so we can do everything we can to try and win the next one."

On allowing the clock to run late in the game:
"We were in comfortable field goal range so it was a risk or reward. I think with a quarterback that hasn't had a lot of snaps with us, the risk goes up. You have to say what are our odds of making this kick against the odds of something bad happening. That's the balancing act. There's no clear way of handling that. That is for the head coach to decide so I don't think about it too much."

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