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Browns postgame player reactions vs. Seahawks



(On the difficulty of facing the Seahawks…) "They've got elite players – players like Russell Wilson. They have some good blocking up front, and they have some playmakers."

(On the Seahawks' third down conversions…) "Nobody wants to be on the field after third down. We didn't get the job done, so now we have to worry about the Chiefs."

(On coming out strong…) "I think we did a good job in the beginning. We were battling, and all we had to do was finish. It was tough."

(On the team's perspective the rest of the season…) "We've got nothing to lose, so we are going to attack and attack."

(On returning to Seattle…) "It's awesome – seeing my family, seeing the old fans is something I've been looking forward to this whole season. I didn't get the outcome I wanted, but it's still a good time and I am going to remember this."


(On his thoughts on the game…) "We kept fighting, our breaks were never breaking that game. We just kept fighting all the way through. They made some plays, they kept making first downs, and they kept drives alive."

(On Russell Wilson's performance…) "I don't know, I would have to watch the film. I was in the game, I wouldn't know. Like I said, he made a lot of plays, he made a lot of checks, and he got into some good situations."

(On his coach's comments on Wilson not being an elite quarterback…) "I don't even listen to the news. I don't pay attention to that stuff – I just get ready to go to work. It was a great opponent – we had a lot of different challenges out there – and I am just respecting the game and putting my time in."

(On if third down conversions caused the biggest issue today…) "Probably was. It was a number of things today. We missed a lot of tackles. We didn't make the plays when we had the opportunities to. We missed on a lot of plays. We had opportunities to break up passes and didn't break them up. We didn't make enough plays to win the game. It was close, we just didn't make enough plays to get over that hump against a great team."


(On the performance of the defense…) "I think we hurt ourselves a little bit more than they hurt us. They had a couple of third down situations where we had a couple of penalties. That's on us we got to make up for that. Really, I thought the d-line played well. We just got to keep moving forward."

(On quarterback Russell Wilson's ability to move the pocket…) "Russell is the guy. He makes a lot of those guys better players than they are. Russell can extend plays, good on his feet. When you're playing a quarterback like that you got to get him down. We tried to get him down a couple of times. But ultimately we got to get off the field on third down."

(On the team's intensity level today…) "I thought the intensity level was good. We were ready to play. We came out there hyped. I think guys were playing hard all four quarters."

(On returning home…) "The experience was great. I played here every year of my collegiate career and now in the NFL it's just great being back and having my friends and family watching. It's a good feeling."


(On his comfort level at right guard…) "I felt pretty good going in there. So I would say yes."

(On the offensive performance…) "We just have to finish. We shot ourselves in the foot a few times. Just didn't finish drives. I know me as an offensive lineman and some of the skill players we just got to go out there and capitalize on opportunities."

(On having to enter the game after sitting on the sidelines for a while…) "It's different, but I was more prepared for it than I was last time it happened."

(On the team's mindset for the final two games…) "We're going out and we're going to try and win these last two games. We're going to put all of our effort into it every week as we've done all season. That's all we can ask of ourselves to give everything that we have."


(On the progression of quarterback Duke Johnson Jr.…) "Week in and week out Johnny has been improving despite what the outside people may see, we see it in the building. He's making a real good effort to be that guy, that starting quarterback. It's going to take time. I really believe Johnny will be an elite quarterback in the NFL."

(On Johnny Manziel's performance today…) "Johnny handled everything perfectly well. It's just unfortunate we didn't play well enough as a team to get the victory. We just got to go back to the drawing board. We got two more left. We got to grind it out."

(On the amount of injuries affecting the wide receiving corps…) "It's tough being a receiver in the NFL period. With our receiving corps and some of the numbers being depleted as they are with injuries and what not, it's been tough on us but we stuck together period and point blank. It doesn't matter the obstacle we got to get through it."

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