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Browns postgame player reactions vs. Titans


RB Isaiah Crowell**

On hitting the wall in the second half:
"They made a couple plays on defense. They regrouped.  We just had to go out there and keep pounding."

On what it means to get this win:
"It was really big. We have to carry this over into next week. We have to focus on the next week and can't get too big in this. We are happy about this win, but we have to move on to next week."   

On WR Travis Benjamin's day:
"I'm very happy for him. He helped us win this game so I am very happy for him."

On how QB Johnny Manziel looked in the huddle:
"(QB) Johnny (Manziel) was always relaxed. Everybody trusted him, and he went out there and played the game.

On coming out strong this week:
"I just felt the mindset was different. We were all very focused this week at practice. I felt like we just went out there and played our game."

On the early touchdown opening up the offense:
"It opened everything up really. After that, they had to focus on Trav and defending him so it led us to some good things."

On Manziel getting first team reps in practice:
"It was very beneficial because we knew he was ready. He did well all week so we trusted him, and he did his thing."


DB Tashaun Gipson**

On this being a bounce-back game for the defense:
"Absolutely, I wouldn't even call this a statement game. This is just us wanting to come back out and say this is how we know how to play football. I think the defense went out and played well. I think that the front seven played lights out. I tip my hat to those guys. They made my job a whole lot easier, especially in the pass game. We definitely tip our hats to those guys. They got after the quarterback, and we played some good football today."

On the plan for QB Marcus Mariota:
"We really just wanted to go out there and play our game. He definitely poses a threat because he is a talented young man. We just wanted to go out there and play our game because we felt like any quarterback, rookie or not, we felt like we could go in there and outplay any receiving corps and quarterback. We just went out there and played our game. He's a good talent and he will be a good talent for years to come, but I think we just got the best of him by mixing up our coverages. It wasn't so vanilla. We gave him different looks and he seemed confused."

On the Titans' fourth-quarter comeback:
"I think everyone was a little nervous. Offensively and defensively, I would say we all kind of have to [step up] and can't let this lead slip away. If you guys remember last year, we were in the same predicament and we came back and won. I could imagine the urgency on their sideline that if they did it to us, we could do it now on their home turf. Manziel played lights out, and Trav was the unsung hero. He's a quiet guy and doesn't say much but he goes out there and gets his job done. Those guys connected on a few huge plays and  Travis especially, I tip my hat off to him. He put the offense in good situations and it was huge. That last touchdown was just unbelievable and I'm just happy with the overall outcome. We definitely have to get better. We have an Oakland team coming in who I have a lot of respect for their quarterback. We just have to go back to the drawing board and look at him."

DB Joe Haden

On how the Browns defense played:
"Everybody had such a sour taste in their mouth from the first game. We know that's not how we wanted to play defense. That's not our identity. Everybody came out with a passion, an energy, and ready to play today."

On QB Johnny Manziel:
"I think he played really good. He was just out there making plays. I'm just proud of him, just to see how far he's come from his first starts last year – just to be able to be a whole lot more poised, under control, and look like he understands what's going on."

On WR Travis Benjamin:
"He's all the way back, and so confident now. You can't teach his speed. Once you've got him out there, just use him because he's definitely a vertical threat for us."

On success against QB Marcus Mariota:
"We were giving him a whole lot of different looks. We felt like we didn't play the way we needed to last week. We wanted to step our game up, get our hands on his receivers, get physical, throw them off their routes and mess up their timing."

On the Browns defensive line:
"They were getting after him. We were giving him a lot of different pressures and our coach said when you have one-on-one blocking schemes, we've got people who just make it happen. I really applaud them for being able to put pressure on him constantly every play, and they did an outstanding job."


DL John Hughes III**

On how they were able to pressure Titans QB Marcus Mariota:
"The coaches came up with a great gameplan. We practiced it all week and then executed the game plan on Sunday."

On the overall performance:
"It was great because it wasn't just the defense; the offense went out there and got in a good tempo which helped us to feed off of their vibe."

On WR Travis Benjamin's performance:
"He had an excellent game. After every big play, all of the guys were going up to him to congratulate him."

On what was specifically in the gameplan that set him up for success:
"I went out there and executed what we had practiced all week. We have been really focusing on the little things and perfecting our scheme."

On if today was the best example of how this defense can play:
"Definitely. Everybody was able to get a chance to get in there and do their jobs."

LB Paul Kruger

On Titans QB Marcus Mariota:
"I think he's got a lot of potential…Going to be a good player for a long time. He was able to take hits and still get up and play. Definitely have a lot of respect for him."

On what defensive coordinator Jim O'Neil has been saying all week:
"Just play hard, tackle well, set the edge. There are always so many things you want to clean up from the previous game, especially last week. I feel like we just didn't really play up to our potential at all. It feels good to come home, put a sound game together and get a win. That's where we feel comfortable and that's the kind of team we know we can be."

On the Browns defense giving different looks against Mariota:
"He's shown that he can be a great player in the league, but he is young. We wanted to be able to put him in those situations where he had to get hit when he wasn't looking and give him looks that he probably hadn't seen before. Credit to Coach O'Neil and the staff…They just put together a really good plan for us."

On QB Johnny Manziel's last touchdown of the game:
"That was huge. That kind of seals the deal if we go out and play the way we had been the whole game. I can't be more proud of the offense – the way they responded and came back from last week. They just put together a four-quarter, sound game. Couldn't be happier for them."

On how Manziel played:
"He's shown a lot of maturity the last six months for him to come in these last couple games and kind of find his momentum, kind of find out who he is as player in this league. The coaches are doing a good job of creating plays that give him good opportunities for what he does well. It was just a great thing to see from the sideline."

DL Danny Shelton

On how the defense was feeding off of the big hits:
"You have to feed off of those plays. Every big play that we made on both offense and defense just helped to keep the momentum going."

On how it felt to execute the gameplan:
"It feels great. I was able to do my job and not worry about my teammates doing their jobs. We went in with confidence and came out very excited with the result."

On the number of sacks they were able to compile:
"I think we were just concentrating on doing our job. Everybody did their job which opened up big plays and we were able to take advantage of that."

On how much fun it was to watch WR Travis Benjamin:
"He is always awesome to watch play. (QB) Johnny (Manziel) and he are both really exciting players. They both make exciting plays in practice, so I'm not surprised that they were able to do it in the game."

On the different attitude or vibe in the locker-room before going into this game:
"We really focused on keeping the same energy. It was important that we didn't let our energy die after going into halftime. It really came down to us just being consistent."

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