Browns QB Cody Kessler press conference - 10/13


On playing against QB Kevin Hogan in college:**

"It was fun. We both got to play against each other at a young age, and we were even. I won the first two, and he won the last two. He won the Pac-12 championship one of those so that was a little more important. We talk about it all the time."

On if Stanford and Hogan had the better team last year when they beat Kessler's USC team:

"No, they just, that game, yeah. They played better than us. I don't remember the other ones before that, but yeah, it was good. It was always a good game."

On if he had a friendship with Hogan leading into the 2016 NFL Draft:

"Yeah, I have known Kevin for obviously a while ow, so I got to know him when we trained together during the preseason and in the Senior Bowl and different stuff like that and the draft. I have known him for a while."

On if they were on the same team during the Senior Bowl:


On if it is a relief to be able keep playing on Sunday:

"Yeah, definitely. That was my mindset the whole time. I don't let anything kind of surprise me or catch me off guard. I just stay prepared the whole time, and if it is me starting, then I am going to go. If it is not or however it may be, then I just want to stay ready no matter what. It is exciting to get back out. Obviously, last week, it was unfortunate the game got cut a little short for me so it is exciting to get back out there."

On if he eliminated the discomfort in his throwing motion by just continuing to throw:

"No, not completely. Just doing treatment, I have done two or three times a day and done treatment. The whole training staff in there has been great with me helping out. Obviously, it is still there a little bit, but it is more manageable. It is easier to throw now and it is starting to go away. Each day, it is getting better and better."

On the difficulty with changes on the Browns OL each week:

"It is a thing you can't control, obviously. It is unfortunate, and we want everyone to stay healthy, but you kind of just go with it and roll with it. Whoever is in there, you know they are going to come in and compete. It is kind of how this game works. A guy gets hurt, and it is the next man up mentality. Obviously, we have some great guys in our offensive line and guys that keep getting rotated in. Like we saw with (OL) Austin (Reiter) a couple weeks back, he came in and his first start he played great. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by a great group of guys."

On if anything specific happened over the past few days that allowed him to know he could to play against the Titans:

"Just more so just throwing and just seeing how it felt and practice yesterday and then practice today. It felt better today, keeps feeling better each day which is improvement. I think that is what made everything… For (Head) Coach (Hue) Jackson, it felt more comfortable was that I told him, 'Hey, it is feeling better and better each day, and it keeps improving.' Today, it felt great. Just a little discomfort here and there for some things, but I am excited and ready to go."

On if he feels good throwing the ball:

"Yeah, it feels good. It is just some of them it kind of reminds you it is there a little bit here and there on some throws, but no, it has been fine."

On what most surprised him about the NFL game, including the speed:

"The speed obviously, yeah, there are some great players, but it is finishing games. It is tough to win, and you have to finish games. One mistake here and there in the NFL can really hurt you, and it can decide a game. For me, the best thing is just improving and getting more comfortable each week. I hope to continue to do that this week against the Titans."

On playing mostly road games and if it has gotten easier to deal with the opposing crowds:

"I think obviously it is something you can't control. Away games at the same time can be just as exciting as home games. Obviously, you love playing in front of your home crowd, but away games, you kind of feel like you are the underdog and you are going to someone else's stadium. For me, it does not really matter either way. Obviously, it is loud and different stadiums you play in it can be loud and that can cause some trouble in the huddle and things, but no I have never let that really affect me."

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