Browns QB Cody Kessler press conference - 10/17

On how he feels physically:

"Just a little sore, but I'm alright."

On if he is sure that he is 'just a little sore:'

"Yeah (laughter). I came out of it OK, which was important for me, obviously, to come out healthy. Just a little sore here and there but nothing injury wise."

On Head Coach Hue Jackson complimenting his play and his work with the Browns QBs:

"Yeah, Coach Jackson is very hands on with the quarterback position and for good reason. He has helped a lot of quarterbacks become very successful in this league. I take everything he says very personal in the sense of everything he is saying, I am always writing down notes or little tips and reminders here and there that he might throw out that can really help your play. It has really helped me out just being able to process the offense and process what they are doing defensively because he will give you little hints here and there what to look at and how this play is supposed to work, and he will tell you exactly what he wants or if you get a look that you are not ready for, how to get out of it or how to make the right decision. It has been very beneficial for me to have Coach Jackson there in my ear and helping me out with this whole process of playing in the NFL."

On areas for improvement:

"We just need to be more consistent throughout the whole game and put together a complete game. Be better on third down was another thing this week and help ourselves on first and second down to eliminate some of those third-and-longs we have had. We have to continue to just put a full game together. We started out fast and played well there in the first half and then came out in the third quarter and stalled a little bit. You want to be more successful, especially coming off the momentum we had going into halftime."

On if he is growing and progressing each week:

"Yeah, I feel like I'm getting better in the sense of learning how to play in the NFL and playing the position in the NFL and feeling more comfortable with the speed of the game and the tempo and different looks that you get thrown at you and different things like that. That just comes with more reps. The more reps I get in game situations has made me feel more comfortable and play a little bit faster and be a little bit quicker with my decision making."

On if there more effort for a vertical passing game on Sunday:

"We had a couple deep balls there, and the one to (RB) Duke (Johnson Jr.) was a deep throw and I just missed it. We got a PI (pass interference) on that one so that was fortunate. The first play was four verticals and they played Cover 3, and (TE) Gary (Barnidge) popped open in the seam. That was something that we wanted to do was stretch them a little vertically and also just be very efficient with the football underneath when you are throwing those underneath routes. For me, it continues but whatever play is called, I want to be efficient with it. If it is a shot down the field and if it is there, take it. If not, then check it down and move on and eliminate turnovers, eliminate bad situations."

On if the Browns left plays on the field:

"There are always plays you want back. There are always some things. Obviously, that one to Duke I wish I would have hit and completed and gave him a chance there. Some of those third downs, I wish we would have got the ball to the right guy and converted on some of those, but those are something you learn from, and that is something that I take it as. I don't want to hang my head on it, but I am very critical of myself and I take it very seriously. It is very important to me and it is something that I want to see that I did on film, and if it is something that I can do better I want to learn from and put that into play this week in practice and work on those things. That way I can be more efficient in the next game."

On the Browns' third down conversion rate and how to improve it:

"I think it is just knowing where to go with the ball. We get different looks all week and do different things. Unfortunately, we would have liked to have had more third-and-short, but at the same time, it is me. I have to manage the play. If it is third-and-long and it is there, you take it. If not, don't force the ball. You don't want to turn it over, and it is OK to play the field position game and punt away. At the end of the day, you want to convert those. Obviously you want to convert every one and keep your defense off the field and give them a breather, but for me, I just have to go with the ball, go the right place with the ball and if it is not there be smart with it and check it down or throw it away and move on."

On what WR Terrelle Pryor Sr. has meant to him, including as a former QB:

"Absolutely. Terrelle does a great job. He is a great competitor, and he is someone that loves the game and he loves this team and he really wants to be successful. He helps me out a ton. He played quarterback so we have conversations about both the quarterback and wide receiver position that we are on the same page because he knows our reads or he knows what we are looking for on certain plays. He knows what I expect him to do, and I know what he expects me to do on each play. That is very beneficial for me to be on the same page with a guy as athletic and effective in our offense as Terrelle. He just shows it week in and week out. He goes out and makes plays. He is always in the right position and always doing things the right way."

On Pryor finishing the game despite a sore hamstring:

"Exactly what I said, just how tough he is and how me he loves this team and how much he really wants to win, and as we all do, but it's those little things. Sometimes you don't know during the game, and he is battling with an injury and has things going on, but he is staying out there for us and working hard. That is something me as a rookie, obviously, looks up to, and I know the other guys that are in this rookie class see those older guys that are fighting through different things. He is a great player, and I'm very fortunate to be able to play alongside with him, as well as the rest of this offense. They just keep buying into me each week and believing in me, and I believe in them. We are just continuing to get better."

On if Pryor will be able to play Sunday:

"I don't know. Coach Jackson obviously knows more about the injury than I do. Obviously, I would love to have him out there. He has been great for me to be out there and helped me out a ton, but that is going to be for him to get healthy, and hopefully, he will be ready."

On Titans assistant head coach/defense Deck LeBeau's record against rookie QBs

"They will always bring something different. A lot of the stuff they did different was up front – a lot of twist schemes, different things to get to the backfield and get to the quarterback, and they did a good job of that. That is a great defensive coordinator and a great defense, and he has been successful for a long time for many reasons. You have to be on your best game when you go up against a defense like that. The biggest thing though was the third downs. That is something that obviously we want to convert more of."

On what the Browns could have done differently on the failed two-point conversion:

"Just convert it."

On the Titans defense on the two-point conversion attempt:

"They did a good job of dropping into coverage there, and we were hoping to get a chance to Terrelle on a fade. They played over the top and played off of him, and they did a great job of coverage there. Like I said after the game, I just tried to make something happen and convert there, but hats off to them. They had a great play there."

On becoming more comfortable making plays outside of the pocket:

"That is just part of the position. It is part of the game. It would be nice to sit there and just kind of sit back and have it like 7 on 7 and just throw the ball, but reality is there are going to be guys coming after you that are doing different things where you have to make something happen and help your offensive line out. If it is a different look and you have to get out of the pocket and go make a play, then you want to be very efficient in that. I was fortunate to be able to get out of there a couple times and make some plays downfield."

On WR Ricardo Louis' development and performance on Sunday:

"I told him after the game, he played great. I went up to him and said, 'Man, you played awesome.' Obviously, he is going to be hard on himself with some of those drops, but he has done great. He has done some great things, and he has stepped up into his role as a rookie and getting thrown in there and making plays. He's done a good job of that. All of us when we had rookie mini-camp and (WR) Rashard (Higgins) and Ricardo and some of the other guys and (WR) Corey (Coleman), we kind of got a little bit of chemistry going there. I think it has shown in a couple different plays the last couple of weeks, especially Ricardo. He is a great player. He is going to be a great player and continue to work hard. It doesn't worry me at all. I'm still going to throw to him every chance that I get whenever he is open."

On if he's more confident in his future in the NFL, given his success the past four weeks:

"Success in the sense that I have done some things well, but at the end of the day, I look at the win/loss record. That is the most important to me. This team is what is most important to me, and that is why I'm not as excited as I would be if we won those games. That is my biggest thing. The stats and everything and making plays and all that are nice and helps your team win, but at the end of the day, you want to win the game. That is the whole point of it. That is the whole point of being competitive. That is what we are striving for every day and every week and every Sunday. That is something that obviously we want to start doing. We want to start finishing games and winning games and putting together complete games. That is obviously the most important thing."

On his first AFC North game and importance of the matchups:

"It is a very tough division. There are a lot of great defenses in this division. Obviously, Cincinnati is one of them. You have to continue to stick to your process. I know you guys hear me say it over and over, but that is something that's helped me stay confident and helped me stay calm and continue to work hard each week is just stick to the process, go out there and make the plays, go out and have a great practice and watch as much film as you can. That way nothing surprises you on Sunday."

On how close the Browns are to getting over the hump and securing a win:

"That is the NFL. You are going to have close games, and it will come down to a couple plays here and there. You obviously want to be on the winning side of those, That is something for us as an offense is we want to put together a complete game, be better on third down and do these different things to give us a better chance to win. You will never see me feel defeated. I know this offense is the same way. These guys at practice come back ready to work every time. The leadership on this team is unbelievable with (OL) Joe Thomas and Terrelle and (LB) Demario Davis and (LB) Christian Kirksey and all those guys coming out and leading us each week. You see it on Wednesday practice. You come out and they call up the huddle, and the first they say is, 'Hey, we are moving on. It is a new week. We have to work hard.' Obviously, we have been very close in the last couple of games, but we just have to put together a complete game and hopefully, come out on top."

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