Browns QB Cody Kessler press conference - 10/3

QB Cody Kessler:

On if the Browns deserve a break with the injuries and other things that have gone against the team:

"Obviously, we put ourselves in great position to win really the last two games. It just hasn't gone our way. I think it is not as much as deserving a break, but it is just executing and finishing the game. (Head) Coach (Hue) Jackson just keeps preaching about finishing the game, and it has shown up twice. It has shown up two times in a row. That is a big part for us offensively is when we get ourselves in that position and we have worked hard the whole game, we want to be able to come out and execute and finish when it matters."

On if it is hard to keep the team calm when things don't go the team's way:

"No, not at all. As soon as (FB) Malcolm (Johnson) fumbled, I ran over to him right away and said, 'Hey man, you are doing great. Don't worry about it. Let's go.' I was trying to be very vocal and loud and keep everybody into it. Obviously, it is unfortunate and you don't want those things to happen and you try to prevent them, but when it does happen all that matters next is how you respond. That is the thing for this team is the guys came back out, and we were driving the ball again and kept moving the ball and kept doing well. The fight was there and we kept bouncing back, but it is just unfortunate and we have to do a better job finishing."

On if he knew FB Malcolm Johnson was in the backfield ready to run the ball in place of RBs Isaiah Crowell or Duke Johnson Jr.:

"Yeah, when Malcolm came in, I knew he was the back. He came in and told me, especially personnel wise, he was the only one in there. We called a run play and he is great with the ball. He is a great ball carrier and he does a great job of running hard, running downhill, and unfortunately, they got a hand on the ball and it came out. Like I said after the game, he does so much for this offense and this team. It is unfortunate what happened, but he is a great player. I know that he took it very personally and he never wants to turn the ball over, but I don't want that to really kind of overshadow what he does for this offense because he really is a big part of this offense. He does a great job in there at fullback."

On what enabled the Browns to run the ball well:

"Our offensive line has done a great job. They kind of took the mindset is that is what we want to do, and that was back in camp before the season even started was you really define your team by running the football and how well you can run the football. Led by (OL) Joe Thomas, he really told the guys that is something we can do and that can be our identity. The guys really bought into it, and the offensive line has been great. Obviously, we have had injuries and guys switching up here and there, but they have not missed a beat. We have two really great running backs with Crow and with Duke, and they just run the ball so well it has made my job a lot easier, as well."

On what a successful running game does for him personally:

"Yeah, I think it is a great balance when you have an offense that can run the ball as well as we do. It obviously helps things in the pass game when you get one-on-one matchups and you get a loaded box and you get matchups outside that you want. That that is something we want to keep doing is continuing to run the football and be a strong downhill running team. Our offensive line has been doing a great job along with our backs."

On his mindset on third downs and how he was effective:

"That is a really big point of this game is you obviously want to win on first and second down to make third down a little easier, but it is situational football. You have to understand that third down is really big, and not only for your offense but for your defense. Keep them off the field and allow them to get more rest and get a little breather. You want to extend drives. When you convert on two or three third downs in one drive, it really is big for your offense, your momentum and to get in a rhythm, and it is difficult for the defense when you keep converting on third down. Obviously, as in every week but this week especially, we put a big emphasis on that."

On if the importance of third down and down and distance is part of his mindset:

"Yeah, absolutely. It is something that is really big. Like I said, it is situational football, obviously, third downs, red zone, short yardage like that. For me, I spend a ton of time studying the team we are playing – what they do on third down and different looks you are going to get and what plays we put up for different situations and how to prevent them."

On if he grew up as a fan of Patriots QB Tom Brady fan and if he has studied Brady's play:

"Yeah, Tom Brady, he is a great quarterback. He is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. He is obviously someone that I watched as a kid growing up. He does a lot of things really well, obviously. He has been in the league for a long time. Like I said before, I just love watching the position. As a kid, I would watch these other great quarterbacks and study them and see what they do."

On being on the same field with Brady this weekend:

"That can't have any factor in my mind. Obviously, I know that he has done a great job of putting up points and getting things in the right position to make plays. I can only control what I can control. That is how I go out on offense and play the game and continue to convert on third downs and have these long drives, run the ball well and just continue to extend drives."

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