Browns QB Cody Kessler press conference - 10/5

QB Cody Kessler:

On if it is daunting to play Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick and the Patriots this week:

"No, I guess it is just moving forward week in and week out. It is just keep the process. Keep working. They do a lot of great things defensively. They are a very sound football team, very physical. They do a lot of different looks to create confusion and you just have to stay on top of it. We watched countless hours of film, continue to study and continue working on the gameplan."

On what sticks out about Patriots DBs Devin McCourty and CB Logan Ryan on film:

"Their defense, you never see them out of position. They are always in the right spot. They are always around the ball. They are always making plays on the ball. If it is zone, they are staying where they are supposed to me. If it is man, they are doing a great job of staying in the hip pocket of the receiver. You have to be very accurate when you are throwing the football. You have to make fast decisions with the ball, find them and get it to the right spot. Their DBs do a great job of that and their front seven is a big part of that, as well. They get after the quarterback, as well. They make you get the ball out of your hands quick or they make you try to get to your first, second, your check down really fast."

On the Patriots' front seven:

"They just have a lot of experience. That helps them do a lot. They do a ton of different looks and they do it very well. They do a lot of things to try and confuse you. The different looks you might see one week, they might change up the next week. You always have to be alert and be ready to make different calls on the line and change the calls and change protection."

On if having Patriots LB Dont'a Hightower back changes the look of the Patriots defense:

"Yeah, he is a great player. Their front seven is just so big and so physical and they move around so well. They can do a lot of things on defense. You just have to be on top of your game on offense and where to go with the ball and know which call to make and know what player to get to."

On disappointment in losing OL Austin Reiter to injury and challenges changing Cs each week:

"Austin did a great job last week. He played great. For his first start and coming in there in a short week and getting throw in and making all the calls and doing everything the right way, it was awesome. It was very difficult to see him go down, but it is just kind of the same mentality we've had. Next man up. We have a lot of great players on this team. Guys step in here or there whenever they are called to, and we just get after it the way we have."

On getting the ball in WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.'s hands without forcing it, now that Pryor is receiving extra attention from opposing defenses:

"You just stick to the progression. Whatever the play is, if Terrelle is the primary guy, you look to him. If he is not there, then you find your second, third option, but if he is not and he is on the back side and you like your matchup on the other side, it is within the offense. You work within the offense. You don't try to do too much. You don't force the ball. Just go through your reads, go through your progression and get the ball out on time."

On Belichick's comments about being the same no matter who you play and if there is anything that changes about him when he plays a top-level coach in Belichick and a top-level QB like Patriots QB Tom Brady:

"No, like you said, Tom is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game, but you just control what you can control. You can't control who you are playing against that week or who you go up against. You control how you perform. That has always helped me just stay level headed. Don't let the moment be too big. Just focus on what I can control. Stay after and watch film and study the playbook and study them defensively and then go out and make the plays and execute when it's gameday."

On if that attitude changes after the game and if he plans to talk to or swap jerseys with Brady:

"I have no idea. I'm just focused on the game right now."

On remembering the first game he ever saw Brady play on TV:

"No, I'm not sure. That would be tough. I'd have to say I just love watching quarterbacks in general play and guys that play the position really well. Tom is obviously one of them. I study different film, but I can't remember the exact time I watched him first."

On if playing on a big stage and in high-pressure games at USC has helped prepared him for games like Sunday:

"Yeah, I think just in general, no matter what the game is or the pressure that comes with it, I have always tried to stay level headed. You just have to stay calm. It just goes back to throughout the week – it starts right now – going through the whole process this week and getting to gameday having no questions or no doubts about what you are running or what you are trying to accomplish each play. That has helped me thus far just going into these last two games just being confident in my ability and the offensive scheme we have and the guys around me."

On how much Head Coach Hue Jackson's gameplans have helped him establish a comfort level:

"It has been great. It has been awesome that Coach Jackson, he works to the strength of the players. Whether it is different routes for different guys or run schemes, whatever it may be, me throwing this ball or getting to this read, it really helps us out to play fast. It helps us play without confusion. It is been great for me. It really has helped me, and it is what we continue to do each week. He always comes up with a great gameplan."

On his success on third downs and if QB Josh McCown has helped him in that area, given McCown's production last year:

"Josh is just always giving me a ton of stuff obviously, game-planning wise and preparing, but yeah, he always says you want to obviously get the first down but don't force it, don't turn the ball over, it is OK to punt sometimes, it is OK to play the field position game, but at the same time, don't force throws. If they are there and you have to take a chance on one of them and it is a crucial third down or it is an important third down, you might have to make a play here and there with your feet or whatever it may be. He goes through different scenarios and what to expect on it, but yeah, with overall my game, he has helped me out a ton."

On determining when to throw past the first down marker or check the ball down to an open receiver on third down:

"It is just what defense they are in or what coverage they play and just getting the ball to the right guy at the right time."

On marveling at Brady's ability to be highly successful for so many years:

"Yeah, absolutely. That is awesome. It is tough to do. This is a tough sport, and you learn that right away. It is just with his hard work and dedication and continuing to just keep getting better. It is something that you strive to do as an athlete. You always want to continue to play as long as you can and never give up the game. Obviously, one day – I have talked to guys that do not play anymore, they said the game is going to end – but you want to fight as hard as you can for as long as you can. Seeing guys like Josh and Tom Brady and different guys like that, it is something you strive for. You want to play the game for a long time."

On RB Isaiah Crowell's value, given how well he is playing:

"Crow is playing great. He has done a great job helping me out. He has really opened things up in the run game or made people focus on the run game, which has helped open things up in the pass. That is a big tribute to our offensive line, as well. The guys are taking the physical mindset of we want to run the football. We have a great back with Crow and also (RB) Duke (Johnson Jr.). These last few weeks have been great running the football."

On Crowell breaking 11 tackles:

"He runs hard. I think the best thing about him too is he just hits it. He has no hesitation. He gets the ball and goes and makes a cut and processes really fast. Obviously, I have not been in the league a long time, but he is a great back. From what I have seen, I think he is one of the better backs, and it is awesome to have him on your team as a quarterback, especially."

On the Browns and Kessler emphasizing short passes and if he will ever have to open it up and go long:

"Yeah, if we get the looks we want and the opportunity is there, then definitely take shots. I missed (WR) Ricardo (Louis) on one last game. We had an opportunity there and I have to complete that. Just read the offense, read the play that is called and go through progression and get the ball out on time and eliminate sacks and just continue to move the ball and just make the right decision. I don't want to overstress or overemphasize doing this or doing that each week. I just want to continue to stay in the gameplan."

On not putting too much pressure on himself:

"Just stay calm. Like I said, I enjoy the game. It is fun. I really do enjoy it. I have been playing it for a long time so I just kind of stay in that mindset because this is something I have been doing my whole life. Don't let the moment be too big and just control what you can control

On if he has received advice from Raiders QB Derek Carr:

"I haven't got to talk to Derek yet, but (former NFL QB) Dave (Carr) reached out to me. That family has always been supportive, and obviously, we are both in season. Derek is playing great. He has been great and he has always been. That whole family has been a great support system for me, and David taught me and Derek a ton when we were in high school coming out. It is great to have the support from the Carr family."

On areas of improvement from his first two starts:

"Just the biggest thing for us offensively is eliminating mistakes. We have done a great job the last two games of being competitive and staying in it and giving ourselves a chance toward the end. We just have to eliminate mistakes, whether that is me throwing the ball, running the ball, even just missing a play here and there that could be a turning point in the game. For me I just want to continue to make the right play and get us in the right position each and every play and change the call if I need to, but at the same time, just eliminate mistakes."

On how he is feeling physically, given some of the big hits:

"Oh, I'm fine. Yeah, I'm fine. Obviously, there have been some here and there that kind of wake you up, but you just keep fighting back."  

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