Browns QB Cody Kessler press conference - 11/8

QB Cody Kessler:

On if he has watched the tape from Week 2 when the Browns jumped out to an early lead over the Ravens:

"Yeah, obviously, you go back and watch what worked well and what success you had when you have already played the team once. Obviously, (QB) Josh (McCown) played them and I was not playing that game, but I just kind of watched Josh and talked to him and kind of got a sight of what he saw and what worked well and what he felt good with in the gameplan. He has been very helpful with me this week and talking to me and everything in this short week we have. You go back and watch that game. Obviously, a lot has changed for them leading up into this game now with the last couple of weeks so you watch a little bit of everything but you definitely think back to that last game."

On if it can be an advantage to the Browns that he has not played the Ravens yet:

"Yeah, I guess. That goes with every team pretty much that I have played, but I have not played them, as well. That kind of works both ways. It is the same for me. Watch them and study as much film as you can, especially with the short week you want to watch more film, you want to do a little bit extra here and there and try to find little things that maybe you did not see the first time you played them or different things like that. That just goes with a lot of film study and the gameplan."

On how his leg feels:

"It is good. It is fine. It was just a little sore, a little bruised but nothing bad. It is fine."

On the Browns' quick starts offensively in games and why the offense has been more stagnant later in contests:

"We have done a great job of starting fast. That is something that we have taken a lot of pride in, but like I have said time and time before, you have to do that the whole game. You have to play a complete game together and you have to be able to do that in the second half and be able to finish games and continue to make plays and finish on third down and do different things like that. That is something that is another point of emphasis that you want to continue to do. I watch film on those games and try to see what I can do better in those areas and what we can do on first and second down to help us on third down and everything that comes with it. It is obviously a positive that we start so fast, but we want to continue that momentum throughout the whole game."

On completing more deep passes and red zone passes to improve the offense:

"Yeah, we have had some calls in that last game for the long ball, and unfortunately, it was not there either or something happened. I missed one to (WR) Corey (Coleman) or missed one to him in the end zone, as well, but we are calling them and we are trying to take the shots and make them, but that is on me. I have to be more accurate with the long ball and be more accurate with getting the ball to the right guy."

On Head Coach Hue Jackson stating that it is the QB's job to lead the team to a win and if he hears that message loud and clear:

"Yeah, I have heard that since I have been playing the game. As a quarterback, that is the biggest thing you focus on is your win/loss record, and that is on me 100 percent in the aspect of finding ways to win. I take full responsibility for that. The guys around me have done a great job of helping me out and doing everything and working hard. At the end of the day, the stats may be what they are but you can't focus on that. You focus on the win/loss record, and that is something that I have taken very seriously throughout my career. That is the biggest thing that I focus on, whether it was in high school, even little league, high school to college and now to the NFL."

On having a completion percentage in the high 60 percent range and a passer rating above 90 and if that does not matter to him because he is 0-6 as a starting QB:

"No. No, not at all. No, it does not. Not to me. It might sound like the right thing to say and everything, but that is truly how I feel just always being a competitor. That is how I was brought up is being competitive. That is why you play a sport is to win games. There are obviously things you can do here and there to get better each week, but at the end of the day, you play the game to win. That is what your focus should be. We have come up short on things, but you have to continue to keep striding through that and keep doing everything you can to help the team win."

On if he can take more risks with the football and try to push it downfield more:

"Yeah, it is to a point to where you want to be smart with the football. If a shot is called and it is there, want to give it a chance. I did that a couple times last game and then threw some balls up to give (WR) Corey (Coleman) and (WR) Terrelle (Pryor Sr.) – when you have athletes like that, you have to give them a chance. At the end of the day, you want to be smart with it. If they are double covered and it is not there and they did not win, check it down and get the ball out and get to the next play and don't put your team in bad situations. That is your job as a quarterback is to be efficient with the football and get the ball to the right guy."

On if it is harder to make the decision of taking a chance or being safe and checking the ball down when trying to convert on third down:

"A big thing that I am starting to learn, too, in the NFL and something that I have seen is that it really is a field position game. You want to be smart with the football, but at the same time, you have to take chances here and there and you have to put up points, but you never want to put your defense in a bad spot. You never want to. Especially when you are backed up and it is third-and-long, you don't want to try to force a ball and turn it over. Situational football is a big thing. You have to be smart with the football, and if it is a check down and you do not get the first and you punt and play the field position game, you have to be that more efficient on the next drive and you have to be smart with the football."

On Ravens S Eric Weddle on film:

"He is a great player. He is a vet. He is a guy that has been in the NFL for a long time and very unpredictable is his biggest thing. He will move all around the field, do different things to try to confuse you and you just have to be smart with watching him and knowing where he is at and trying to see what coverage it is based on what he is doing. He does a great job. He understands the game obviously very well. He will start on one side of the field, and by the time the ball is snapped, he might be totally on the other side so you have to be really alert to where he is at all times."

On playing a nationally televised game on Thursday:

"It is exciting. It is a chance for us to go out and another opportunity to go out and prove ourselves and show how much work we have put in and continue to work hard. I am excited. It does not matter what day of the week it is, I am excited to go out there and compete with these guys."

On if it is a point amongst the Browns players to show that they are a better football team than the record indicates:

"Just like I said, it is another opportunity. It is a chance for us to go out and show how hard we have been working and go out and play a game. It is one of those spotlight games where we are the only game on and that is exciting as a player. As a team, that should get you excited to go out there and show all the hard work and everything you have put in and go out there and do everything you can to get a win. Baltimore is a very good football team, and we are going to go through the process this week on a short week and do a ton of film study and get out on the field and do everything we can to prepare for Thursday."

On what makes the Ravens defense so good, especially their success on third downs:

"They are a very good third down team and they do a lot of things and a lot of different looks to confuse you. They try to do so many different looks that can confuse you, and you have to be on high alert at all times. With Weddle and different guys on their defense, they line up in spots that they normally do not line up in in different situations. You just have to be smart and stick to your rules and stick to your plan. Different things can't dictate what you are going to do. If they give you a different look, you can't freak out and then try to change something. You have to just stay calm and stick to your rules. That is what we said yesterday at practice was just staying in your rules will really help you out. They are a great football team and they are a great defense. They do a ton of different things defensively to try to confuse you on offense and try to give you different looks that maybe you have not seen before, but you just stick to your rules and stick to your plan."

On if there is anything the Browns can take from the hot offensive start in Week 2:

"Yeah, just like I said, talking to Josh and what worked well and what he saw on different things and things that he has helped me with. That has been the whole year, obviously. He has played in this league for a long time so he has played against different defenses or defensive coordinators, but I just try to take as much as I can from him from that game, and he has helped me out a ton already."

On OL Cameron Erving returning to play and his impact and if WR Corey Coleman may have more of an impact in his second week since returning from injury:

"Cam is obviously a great football player and a great center. He is a great competitor. Obviously, he will be the first one to tell you he was upset last week with what happened, but he is excited to be back. Yesterday at practice, he was out there and being loud and being awesome and then just being a guy that is fun to compete with. He is a great player, and the whole offensive line and this whole team are just guys that you want to compete with and go to work with every day. Obviously, Corey is excited to get another game now. Last week, we got him involved a little bit here and there and got him some balls down the field and he made some plays on it and did a good job, but I know he is hungry and excited to get back out there and get another game."

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