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Browns QB Cody Kessler press conference - 9/26

On how he feels physically:

"I feel fine. Some bumps and bruises here and there, but that is just the nature of the game. I felt a little sore this morning, but we came in and got a recovery and kind of got a flush going. I feel a lot better."

On watching film from yesterday's game:

"Like I said yesterday, it is tough. It hurts to lose. It hurts even more when you kind of leave some stuff out there, some plays that you wish would have worked here and there or you would have completed or executed. At the same time, our guys fought really hard. They really did. You see it on the film, and it shows up over and over. The effort is there, the effort everyone is giving. I felt like we did a great job there as a team to rally back when we were down. Our defense did a great job of helping the offense out and get a chance to come back and make it a game in the fourth quarter. Like I said, it hurts to lose, but at the same time, you see things on film that you wish you would have done better and you also see things on film that are really positive."

On how difficult it is to score on the road when being pinned deep toward the end zone, given the Browns' field position in OT:

"It is tough. Football, it really is a field position game, and you want to give your defense a chance to put their offense in bad field position. That is what they did for us. It was tough, but at the same time you just call the plays and execute them wherever it may be. You work on those situations. You work on backed up plays. You work on plays from the 50. You work on red zone and all these different scenarios. It would have been great to have a drive there, but at the same time, we wanted to give our defense better field position. Unfortunately, we could not get too far out, but it is tough. It is tough to play a field position game."

On if the game slowed down for him as it progressed:

"Yeah, the first series obviously did not go great and didn't go as well as I wanted it to but, you just, the flow of the game, the first time being out there, I felt a lot more relaxed, too. A lot more comfortable as the game went on. It was good to have some big plays, to hit some big plays, to have some great runs and complete some good passes that were some chunk plays. It kind of relaxes you a little bit and makes you feel a little more comfortable and you get into rhythm. I think that just comes with experience. The more you get plays, the more you get reps, the more adjusted you get to it."

On how starting his first NFL game affects his confidence:

"You always say, 'The first one is out of the way.' The first one is always a new experience. For me, it was the first time being a starter in the NFL. I went in there, wanted to compete and wanted to play hard, and if things did not go good right away, I wanted to continue to just kind of keep working and just keep fighting through adversity and everything that came with that. It was good because the supporting cast around me – (WR) Terrelle (Pryor Sr.), the offensive line, (RB) Duke (Johnson Jr.), Crow (RB Isaiah Crowell) and Hawk (WR Andrew Hawkins) – the guys around me really, really believed in me all week. After that first series, they came over and kind of said 'Hey, let's go. The first one is out of the way. Let's go. You got that out of the way, and let's keep rolling.' It was just really good to have that confidence from the rest of the offense."

On if Pryor's performance against Miami is even more impressive after watching the film:

"Yeah, Terrelle did a great job. It is cool because he really does care about this team. The rest of the guys do, too, but for him to have so much on his plate and do so many different things and to help me out throughout the week, he is just a great team player. He is a guy that really cares about this team, and that is how the team feels. Everyone really plays for each other, and you kind of felt that out there on Sunday. He did a great job. His performance on Sunday was very impressive."

On if it was hard to stay in a rhythm with Pryor taking snaps:

"No, we had a great gameplan and we worked on it all week and we got the rhythm down all week and how it worked. My job in there is, if I'm in, to execute the plays that are called, and if I come out, just stay in tune and get ready to go back in. I think that package really worked for us. Terrelle did a great job, and it is tough. He learned it all week and did different things, and he went out there and executed it great. That really gave us some different looks that the defense hadn't seen yet, and I think it really worked to our advantage."

On how Head Coach Hue Jackson has managed to keep spirits high, particularly given the team's age:

"He has been great. He has really been in tune with this team and with me and with the young guys. The players around us, too, do a great job. The older guys, they take time and help the rookies. Like I said, my room, the quarterback room with (QB) Josh (McCown) and (QB) Robert (Griffin III), they take time to help me out and they were my biggest supporters on Sunday. They helped me out so much. You just have that will to want to win, and that is how this team is. The guys fight so hard for it. Unfortunately, we came up a little bit short on Sunday, but you can tell it hurt. A lot of guys were hurt, and that is how it is supposed to be. It is supposed to hurt. Our guys do a great job and Coach Jackson is just one of the best leaders I have been around and he does a great job of getting these guys going each week. I think a lot of that shows through this team also. These guys want to win and everyone just keeps working hard."

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