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Browns QB Cody Kessler press conference - 9/27

On the intensity of his preparation this week compared to last week:

"It is the same thing. You have to continue to process. I said at the time last week, nothing changes. I have the first game now under my belt, but the preparation is going to be exactly the same in doing what works for me – the process, watching film, install and what works and why we are doing what play in different situations. It really just helps me gather information to feel comfortable going into practice and moving forward in the week."

On WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.'s contributions at QB and WR at Miami:

"(Head) Coach (Hue) Jackson always has a great gameplan. Our job is to execute the plays the way we did in practice all week. Terrelle was such a dynamic player that he can do a lot of things. He definitely did a great job last week with a lot on his plate and went out there and executed really well. He really helped me out, too. I was in there and then finding him on some routes. Coach Jackson does a great job game planning everything and really gives us confidence in each play and why we are running it, and we go out and execute."

On if he has ever seen anyone execute in multiple phases of a game as Pryor did at Miami:

"No, for him, his performance speaks for itself. He had a lot on his plate and he had a lot of things to do. For him to go out and execute it as well as he did, it was awesome. It took a lot of hard work throughout the week, a lot of time spending extra time. He was meeting with me. We watched film together and would go over stuff, but that is the type of guy he is. He is a team player and he loves doing whatever is necessary for us to have a chance. He went out there and executed greatly."

On the impressiveness of Pryor's athleticism and his transition from QB to WR:

"Yeah, it is very impressive. He has the advantage because he has played at the quarterback position before so when he is at wide receiver, he knows what we are thinking or what our thought process is on different things. Then you throw him in there at quarterback like we did last week, it is more comfortable for him. It is natural. He has done it before. He spent a lot of time during the week getting prepared from the different packages we have for him and everything. That is why I think he executed so efficiently."

On how much more of the Browns offense he can take on and if it will expand in his second start:

"I don't know. That depends on our gameplan. That is up to Coach Jackson. Whatever our game plan is, whatever plays are called, whatever we install over the week, I'm going to pay close attention to detail and execute each one as best as I can."

On Jackson using multiple shifts and movements into formations and how much time is needed for each:

"Each play is different. Each play has a different purpose and all the shifts we do have a purpose, but for me, I need to be a little bit quicker. That is something that I said after the game was I want to get in and out of the huddle a little bit quicker. That is on me just getting the guys, get upset if we need to move, shift and do whatever we need to do that way, and if I need to make an adjustment, I will have time on the play clock and still feel comfortable and not rushed. That is something I'm going to work on this week – a big emphasis on getting in and out of the huddle a lot faster."

On if he carries himself differently after starting his first NFL game:

"No, not at all. For me, I don't think that everything outside of it comes with it. I just focus on what I can control and how prepare. That is how I go out and practice every day and execute the plays and execute the gameplan and watch film. I just kind of go about my business and stay in the facility as much as possible. I don't let everything outside of that and everything that comes with it get in my head."

On gaining more confidence after starting his first NFL game:

"I think comfort wise, you have your first start and played your first game so you have a little bit experience-wise and feel a little more comfortable, but no, it doesn't change my attitude or my thought process or anything. My attitude, I'm going to continue to do what works for me, and that is stick to my preparation all week, stick to my process and keep working hard."

On if he studied Redskins QB Kirk Cousins while he was in high school or college:

"Like I said before, I'm a big fan of the position. I love watching guys play the position. In college at SC, obviously, I reached out to the great USC quarterbacks that played before me. NFL wise, I was a big fan of (Saints QB Drew) Brees. I watched his film all the time. I love watching Drew Brees and (Packers QB) Aaron Rodgers and guys like that. For me, I like watching the game. It didn't really matter who was in or who was playing at the position, I just kind of watched them and studied them and how they did things that worked well or different things they did differently than I did. For me, there aren't really any specific guys. I just kind of watched the position."

On his relationship with former Browns QB and Southern California radio analyst Paul McDonald:

"Paul was actually like my mentor. He was the person who mentored me while I was there. Our freshman year, he started a class. It was kind of a transition class with all the new freshman coming in. Paul was in charge of that so I got to know Paul really well my first semester. He was awesome. He gave me a ton of advice and really just helped me out. He told me he supported me and was rooting for me. I have had a great relationship with Paul."

On speaking with McDonald about Cleveland, where McDonald also played:

"Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to talk with him yet, but throughout my career at SC, he was great and everything. Unfortunately, I haven't ran into him yet or anything. I'm sure he was excited and when I run into him, we'll talk about it."

On similarities between Washington's and Miami's defense:

"They do a lot of different things. There are different things that each team is good at and what they stick to and what they like to run. For me, it is what I can control. I can't control what they are going to line up in. I can control what play we are running and how to execute it. That is my biggest thing is that whatever look we may get or whatever they may throw at us, know what your answer is, know where you need to go with the ball, know what you need to do on this play or know if you need to change certain things here and there. That is something that I stick to not to get too overwhelmed with everything."

On Redskins DB Josh Norman:

"He is an aggressive player. He really is, and he does a great job. He is a great cover guy. He is very physical. He will come up and tackle. At the same time, he does a great job of covering. For me, I just stick to the gameplan, execute the plays, know where to go with the ball. Just ball location is a big thing with him because he is so good at reacting to the throw and jumping the ball. You need to put it exactly where you want to put it away from the defender and different shoulders, wherever it may be."

On what created his instant chemistry with Pryor last week:

"I don't know. He is a great player. He did a lot of things well throughout the week, and he practiced really hard. So do other guys, everyone does. I feel confidence in everyone, but it was just the looks we got. Certain plays he was in, and it was not like, 'Hey, we are throwing the ball here no matter what on this play.' It is whatever look we get. If we get the matchup we want or the look we want, then we are going to go there with the ball, and it happened to be Terrelle getting man [coverage] a couple times or getting zone where he could find a window. Once he gets the ball in his hand, he makes big plays so it really helped me out in the pass game finding him a couple times."

On USC's great history of QBs and who he believes was the best:

"I don't know. There are a lot of greats. There are a lot of greats. I don't know. I'm nowhere (laughter). I'm nowhere up there, but it was cool to get just the people I talked to and connected with (former USC QB and former NFL QB) Rodney Peete, and (former USC QB and former Arizona Cardinals QB, Matt) Leinart would come back. (Former USC QB and current Arizona Cardinals QB, Carson) Palmer, (former USC QB and current Dallas Cowboys QB, Mark) Sanchez, all those guys – (former USC QB and current Chicago Bears QB, Matt) Barkley was my mentor when he was at USC. Just to know them and kind of be in that category with them – and obviously, like I said, I'm nowhere near their level – but getting to know them and just talk football and outside of football and everything that came with it was definitely a great experience for me."

On how much feedback he received from other people in his life after Sunday's game:

"Oh yeah, I had a lot of people from Bakersfield (California) reach out to me, and they were just proud of me and everything. It was just cool to have that support. Like I told you guys before the game, I'm very proud of where I came from and there are a lot of great people in Bakersfield. It was really cool to see all the pictures. They had watch parties and all these different things. To have that support and to continue to have that support from Bakersfield is something that really means a lot to me."

On if he saw the billboard put up by Bakersfield:

"I did. Yeah, I did. I thought that was awesome. That meant a lot to me, and it was something that I didn't know about. They didn't tell me. No one told me anything. I actually saw a picture of it first. Someone sent it to me, and then I ran over there and went and saw it afterwards. I'm very proud of where I came from and there are a lot of great people there that support me."

On mentioning Bakersfield often:

"Yeah because it is a great place. You have to go there first to really experience it. It is just awesome. It kind of molds you to who you become as a person. My dad and my mom both worked really hard and I learned from them. I got to watch my dad really coach me in football and did not know a whole lot about quarterback but did everything he could to help me out and get me to different camps and stuff. I take a lot of pride in coming from Bakersfield."

On if his teammates have more confidence in him now compared to last week:

"I think we have more of a relationship, obviously, just getting more reps together, more opportunities. I would hope so. I would hope they feel comfortable. I'm doing everything I can to make them feel comfortable and to know that I have confidence going into each play and in the huddle and out on the field. That is something you have to do as a rookie. You have to earn their respect and earn their trust, and that is something that I like to do every day. Just go out and compete and be loud and be vocal and try to be a leader and do different things that just show that I'm ready and I want to step up and be a guy that does not come in as scared or has any doubts about himself."

On remaining focused and eliminating outside distractions that come with being an NFL starting QB:

"In college and everything, I dealt with it, but you just have to block it out. That is something that I did at USC, and obviously it is LA, Hollywood, all these different things, but that was not me. I was just stuck in my playbook. I would watch film, hang out with the guys on the team and I didn't really get into the whole outside scene of that or everything that came with playing at USC. I respect the game and it takes a lot of work and you have to be dedicated, and I enjoy that. It is fun for me to stay late nights and stay in here and study film and watch different things and not get too caught up in the hype or everything outside of that."

On the benefit of starting back-to-back games at QB:

"There are things that I want to improve on this week and do better. I think that is a chance for me to come out this week in practice and work on those things heading into the game. It builds a little bit of a rhythm. Coming off of one start going into the next one, I kind of know what to expect and different things that got brought up in the game that I can work on for this week to face like clock management and different things. It is big and it all starts today with practice and going in throughout the week."

On not expecting to see him on TMZ leaving a Hollywood club:

"No, not at all (laughter)."

On good stories about studying his playbook, given the popularity of Eagles rookie QB Carson Wentz studying his playbook on a date:

"No, I'm not worried about what people like. I just kind of focus on what I do, and that is just getting here as early as I can and watch film and stay all day and stay all night until I feel comfortable with what we are doing the next day and just try to stay ahead. No, I just come in and I work hard and kind of keep to myself and just stay in this locker room and stay in the playbook."

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