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Browns QB Josh McCown quotes - August 24

On reflecting on his time in Tampa Bay:

"I would rather not. There is great people there. I have great relationships with the players and coaches there. For sure, we didn't get done what we wanted to get done there, obviously. It is another game. Another opportunity for the Browns to get better. Kind of moved on from that standpoint. It is not like I was there for ten years. I was there for a year. I am just focused on what we are doing and us trying to improve."

On if the third preseason game is big and does he need to accomplish certain agenda things:

"I don't know if it is big. You get extended work in it and it can be viewed that way, but at the same time – I would be interested to look and see if you go out and win the third preseason game you are going to have a great year and if you don't – I think you just want to go out and get efficient work and continue to build. It is important from that standpoint because you know you are going to be on the field longer and you get an opportunity to get in rhythms and put drives together."

On how he avoids having elbow soreness:

"I don't know. By the grace of God I guess. I don't know if our motions are different or something like that. I try to stay on top of everything I can do, especially at this age to stay healthy and the trainers do a good job. I know (QB) Johnny (Manziel) is in there all the time getting treatment and doing the things he can help himself to. Sometimes it is just bad luck."

On if he has ever had elbow or shoulder problems:

"Some minor stuff here and there, but nothing too serious."

On encouraging Manziel despite the elbow soreness:

"Just staying the course. He understands obviously because you have seen it and you see the steps that he has taken that this is a process. While that part is obviously frustrating and especially when you take a step and something other than something that you can control slows you down it can be frustrating. He has a good mindset and he is still working. The thing is for him with a lot of the growth – you can't ever replace reps, but at the same time, mentally he can still stay sharp and do things, even on a day like today when he can't take reps. I think (quarterbacks coach) Kevin (O'Connell) and Flip (offensive coordinator John DeFilippo) have done a great job of hammering him on that and just keeping him in it. We just encourage him. He is right there mentally taking every rep. That is all you can ask for."

On why he believes Head Coach Mike Pettine won't say he is the starter for Week 1, despite saying he is firmly the number one:

"I don't know. I don't know. Maybe in his mind there is no difference between firmly and Josh is our starting quarterback."

On if that bothers him:

"No, not at all."

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