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Browns QB press conferences - 8/7

QB Brock Osweiler:

On if starting the first preseason game puts him in the driver's seat to start Week 1:

"I wouldn't get into that. The only thing I do know is that I'm starting Thursday night against the Saints. This league gives you opportunities. Sometimes you don't know when they are going to come. Sometimes you do know when they are going to come. The key is making the most of that opportunity. If you do, then the rest will take care of itself."

On if he knew this opportunity was going to come or not:

"Now, I know that it is going to come (laughter). As of this morning, (Head) Coach (Hue Jackson) sat down with all of us quarterbacks, talked to all of us at the same time and told all of us how the rotation was going to go Thursday night. Then we came out here and had a great walkthrough. Now, I know what the situation is going to be."

On what he did best to earn this opportunity:

"You would have to ask Coach (Jackson) that. My biggest deal, like I told you guys from the get-go, is just trying to be a consistent quarterback and get better every single day. Don't make the same mistake twice. That is probably a better question for Coach."

On the opportunity Thursday when a starting QB typically plays a limited number of snaps in the first preseason game:

"The key is to make the most out of whatever snaps you get. Whether it is five plays, 15 plays, 25 plays or 50 plays, it is always making the most of that play. When that play is done, put it behind you and make the most out of the next play. That is what I'm going to try to do Thursday night. I don't know how many plays I'm going to play. You can never go into a game with that specific mindset. The key is making the most out of all of the plays that you do get, and that is what I'm going to try to do."

On if his mindset has changed after named the starter for Thursday's preseason opener:

"Absolutely not. My mindset hasn't changed. That was something I learned going all the way back to college. If you are the backup, you need to prepare like you are the starter. If you are the starter, obviously, you are preparing like you are the starter. My mindset and how I approach things isn't going to change. There was a coach that once told me, 'Be the same guy every day.' That is what I have always tried to do, whether I was the backup or the starter. That is what I'm going to continue to do. Nothing is going to change, just the group that I'm working with. As you guys have probably noticed during walkthrough, there is a lot of communication already going on. We are having some great football conversations and really trying to dial things in so we can go out there and have a good Thursday night against the Saints."

On if it is crucial for one of the QBs to separate themselves from the group:

"That is probably a better question for Coach (Jackson). I'm only going to worry about the things I can control. I'm always going to go out there and try to play the best football I can possibly play. Anytime you step foot on the field, whether it be a walkthrough, a practice, a scrimmage or a game, you are trying to put your best product on the field. You are fighting for jobs, and it is a very competitive league. You always need to put your best foot forward. You always need to be getting better. There was a coach that once said, 'If you are not getting better, you are getting replaced.' That is really how I believe this league works. Every single day when I step on the field, whether it is a game or practice, I'm trying to be the best possible quarterback that I can be."

On if he felt he had momentum in the QB competition after Friday's Orange & Brown Scrimmage:

"I didn't put much thought into the quarterback competition after the scrimmage. I think we were all given very different situations going into that deal. My deal going into the scrimmage was just trying to pile up positive plays after positive plays after positive plays. There were some really good things that took place. There are certainly – and I was the first one to tell Coach (Jackson) when we came in the next day and watched it – there are decisions and throws I wish I could have back, but that is football. The key is learning from those decisions, learning from those missed throws and making sure they don't happen again."

On a report that Dolphins Head Coach Adam Gase asked the Browns about him:

"No thoughts. Nothing was inquired to me. I'm only going to worry about the things I can control, but I definitely do have a ton of respect and admiration for Coach Gase. He is a great football coach."

On if there will be a need to build familiarity after not yet receiving snaps with the first team:

"Yes and no. At the end of the day, we are still going to run the same offense. We are running the Cleveland Browns offense. It doesn't matter if you are with the ones, twos, threes, fours, fives or sixes. We are all running the same stuff. Now, as far as chemistry with certain players, absolutely. Nothing replaces reps –especially game reps. Just the fact that I can get out there with that first group and start building some chemistry will definitely be a positive."

On what he wants to show Thursday against the Saints:

"I think one of the most important things is to continue to grow and develop in this offense. Coach Jackson is very black and white as far as how he wants his offense executed. My hopes are I can on Thursday night after having a week of studying and execute the offense the way he wants it done. That is the first thing. Then it goes down to just – it is boring but it is the truth – finding a way to get first downs and scoring points. That summarizes playing quarterback in the National Football League. If you protect the football, find a way to get first downs and put touch downs up on the board or sometimes you have to settle for field goals and sometimes a throwaway in the red zone is the best possible play. That is our job. If we can do that, regardless of the amount of plays I get Thursday night, whether it is one series, two series or three series or the whole game, my hopes are that every series I'm in there, we can find a way to get points."

On being traded to the Browns amongst speculation he would get traded again to now being named the starting QB for the first preseason game:

"I apologize because it is going to be a boring answer, and I have told all of these guys this, but going back to my college offensive coordinator, he told me, 'Brock, only worry about the things you can control.' When I got traded, I focused on the things that I can control – my attitude, my energy, my effort towards my offseason workouts and cleaning up things that I maybe didn't do so well in the previous season. I had a conversation with Coach Jackson very early on and he said, 'You are a Brown. Point blank, period. You are a Brown.' I came in here with a very positive mindset. I was very excited to be here and really just tried to make the most of my spring and put a good foot forward."

On if he played a lot in the preseason with the Texans last year:

"I did. First preseason game looking back, I think it was maybe two series or somewhere in there. Second game, I played almost a half. The third game, I think we played past half time. I got quite a few reps, but once again, that was a situation where, once again, it seems like it has been this way for the past three years but learning a new offense. There is nothing that replaces game reps when it comes to learning a new system."

On if there is a sense of gratification after being traded and now starting on Thursday:

"No gratification. Bottom line, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. I think this football teams knows that. Obviously, Coach Jackson preaches that every single day. He is telling us that. This is just one step. There is a lot of work to be done. There is a lot of chemistry to be built. There are a lot of fine details that need to be cleared out through more meetings and practice sessions."

On how much time he has spent with WR Corey Coleman and WR Kenny Britt:

"Very little. Pretty much since I have been here, I have been with the backups. I have had maybe a throw here or a throw there. At the end of the day, that is no excuse. Thursday night, I need to find a way to get first downs and move the chains. We will. That work starts today. We are already out there having conversations. I was just with (RB) Duke (Johnson Jr.) for about 10 minutes, and we were simply just talking about two routes, two plays he has. I was like, 'From this look, this is what I am thinking, versus this look, what are you thinking?' We are already starting to build that chemistry and we are going to continue that this afternoon."

QB DeShone Kizer:

On his reaction to Head Coach Hue Jackson naming QB Brock Osweiler the starter for Thursday's preseason opener against New Orleans and being notified that he will follow QB Cody Kessler as the third QB:

"The (Orange & Brown) Scrimmage was the same way. I was the second guy to step out on the Brown team. I think this is just another step in the process of me trying to get better. This whole training camp is about me developing and going out and performing when my number is called. When it comes to Thursday night, it has been said that I will be the third guy to step out there and when I step out, it is time to perform."

On if he will still receive some first team reps in practice:

"I have no idea. Once again, it is my job to perform when he (Jackson) calls my number. If it is with ones, twos, threes, if it is a preseason rep, a training camp rep, a game rep, whenever my number is called, I am going to go play."

On how being named the third QB for Thursday's preseason opener impacts his motivation:

"Everything that I have been doing up until now to try to develop and become the best quarterback I can. Whenever my number is called, I will go out there and perform the way I know how to."

On observation from the Orange & Brown Scrimmage film:

"I see a lot of room for improvement, a lot of room to take my game to the next level. After watching that, it definitely plays right into where I think I am and that is a guy who is looking to learn as much as I possibly can, a guy who has some consistency things I need to clean up. There is still a lot of work for me to do before I become the quarterback that I want to become one day."

On where he has improved as a QB:

"My fundamentals. I finally know who I am as a passer. After spending that time this offseason with the guys out in southern California (quarterback coaches Tom House and Adam Dedeaux), I was able to really define who I am with my throwing mechanics, how I use my hips and things like that. Mechanically, I think I have improved quite a bit, and I am still becoming more comfortable with the playbook. The more you spend reps with it, the more time you with that playbook, the better you will be."

On where accuracy ranks on the list of things he wants to improve upon:

"That is always going to be No. 1. This game does not work at the quarterback position if you can't put the ball on the receiver. The things that separate the guys from good to great are typically being able to make passes and complete passes when there is tough defenders on them. When they are in man-to-man situations, when it is mono y mono, it is up to the quarterback to make sure he puts the ball where it needs to be."

QB Cody Kessler:

On his mindset after the announcement of the new QB rotation:

"It is the same mindset you keep every time. Whether you are going first group, second group or whatever it may be, you have to prepare like a starter. That is something I have been doing since high school. Nothing changes no matter what the rotation is or where you go, but it is still another opportunity. It is exciting now to get up there and go against another team on Thursday with the Saints and get a chance to put some game-type film on tape, be out there, compete and play against another team."

On if he feels like he has a chance to be the regular season Week 1 starter:

"Yes, all of us [do]. You just get a chance to compete. It is going to be nice to go against another team now and get to a game-like atmosphere and to be able to go out there and compete with guys that you have been working with all of camp – different receivers, different rotation. At the same time, your job doesn't change. You have to go out there and execute the plays that are called, go out there and make plays, and as a quarterback, get your team in the right spot."

On his consistency the first weeks of training camp:

"That is a big thing at the quarterback position. You have to do it day in and day out. Like I told you guys before, there are some ups and some downs with everything, but you have to keep your emotions level headed and continue to do everything the right way. I think the biggest thing is to put things behind you. If you have a good play, a bad play or whatever it might be, you have to move onto the next one. That has been my mindset is learn from mistakes or different things like that and continue to grow as a player and as a quarterback." 

On if he considers the announcement for the new QB rotation as a setback:

"It is just another opportunity. Obviously, it is Coach (Hue) Jackson's decision. The only way you can control things like that is how you play on the field. That is something that I always stuck with – control what you can control, whenever I'm out there to make the most of those opportunities and do everything I can. Even in practice – practice, preseason and if you get opportunities in the season – you have to make the most of them."

On clarifying how going from first team to second team is an opportunity:

"Just being on the field. No matter what the rotation is or where you are, you go out there and you are going to watch game film after, you are going to critique yourself and the coaches are going to see it. You just have to continue to make plays when they are there and show that you can run the team and run the offense, no matter what the rotation is."

On if he has significantly improved from the 2016 season:

"I think I'm still learning. That is the best part about that position. You see some of the greats in this league that play so well as you continue to improve, you continue to learn from them and watch film. For me, that has been my mindset is just to do everything that I can to make myself better as a player and continue to learn stuff from last year or even this camp or different things like that. You want to continue to improve, continue to learn and really critique yourself and be hard on yourself about how certain things are done, even the small details."

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