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Browns rookie TE Seth DeValve, undeterred by injury, returns to practice field

Seth DeValve's first training camp experience hasn't unfolded as planned. But the rookie tight end hasn't let that put a damper on his approach to earning a spot on the Browns 53-man roster.

"One of the benefits of getting to sit back is you get to kind of see the whole picture offensively, schematically of what we're doing," said DeValve, who was removed from the Physically Unable to Perform list Wednesday morning and is set to return to the practice field this afternoon.

"So mentally, I feel very prepared and ready to get in and do everything that I'm asked to do from a mental standpoint. Right now, physically, they're still working me back into things so it'll be an ongoing process however long that takes. But I feel prepared mentally and in my ability to get done what I've got to get done."

DeValve, who missed the first 10 days of camp, has been hampered by a lingering hamstring injury. "It's very hard to watch, it's very hard to watch. Unfortunately I've been a spectator for a majority of my time here so far," he said.

"It's something you've got to be patient with because a hamstring injury is not something you can tough through, you know, like some injuries where you can wrap it up and get out there. A hamstring, you'll just keep re-injuring it if you try to do that."

Instead, the fourth-round draft pick from Princeton has spent the past few weeks with the Browns new-look strength and conditioning staff, working hard to get himself back on the field.

And when DeValve rejoins his teammates out there, he'll be prepared. He's spent time in the playbook. He's been attentive in meetings. He's taken careful notes.

Tuesday was Day 10 of the Browns Training Camp in Berea.

"You can control the things you can control. If I can't get on the field, I can be in my notes and in my playbook and in the meetings just as diligently as anybody else," he said. "So I do feel prepared to play, I do feel that I know what I'm doing. Now it's just a matter of being able to get out there and do it."

DeValve is poised to compete for the Browns' No. 2 tight end position behind Pro Bowler Gary Barnidge. The position, which could play an important role in the team's offense under head coach Hue Jackson, has a number of young, viable candidates including Connor Hamlett, E.J. Bibbs, Randall Telfer, J.P. Holtz and recently-signed free agent rookie David Reeves. 

"There are five or six of them and none of them have really played. Some haven't played at all," said tight ends coach Greg Seamon. "We are giving everybody an opportunity to play different positions within the tight end group through camp here."

That, of course, includes DeValve, who was a big-bodied wide receiver at Princeton and turned heads before the draft for his mismatch potential.

"I've had to be patient, it's been very difficult, very frustrating at times watching instead of playing," DeValve said. "But my time will come."

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