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Browns ST coordinator Chris Tabor press conference - August 24

On the kicking competition:

"It's going good. Both those guys are- it's still neck and neck. Statistically, more important, how they're hitting the ball because obviously there is more to it than just stats, ball flight, timing all those things but they're both doing a really good job and this will be another week to see who comes ahead. It was nice last week because in the stadium there was a good wind going from the Dawg Pound there. I was glad that they had that to see how they responded, they both did well."

On if one kicker kicks off better than the other:

"It's been about the same to be quite honest with you. They've had their share of touchbacks. It's close."

On K Carey Spear's 32 yard kick return in the second preseason game:

"We didn't cover very well to help him on that. I can't remember the kick exactly because I have obviously the game kicks and the kicks that we do in practice, it all kind of jumbles up a little bit but they're both doing a good job there."

On when the kickers practice:

"No, we kick them actually at the beginning. You guys are usually never out there yet. They're not making them just because we're hoping that they make them, we're kicking them. We are, we kick them at the beginning, for example today we'll kick them a little bit in individual. Usually what's been taking place, all seriousness, is we have the specialist period there where we're catching off the jugs and those things and we do the field goals every other day and that's where they're getting their kicks. Sometimes on the side, going over and working some on sides or hitting some kick offs. I'm trying to keep their legs as fresh as I can so that the competition is true, it doesn't come down to the guys leg is sore and you can't get an honest evaluation. I think we've smart on it because it is, it's still a very tight race."

On his confidence in the young kickers:

"I think it's still to be played out. I really do. I'm waiting for one of them to take it by the horns so to speak and if one of them is the kicker than yes obviously we made that decision and we'll be confident in that player."

On if he feels they need to bring in a veteran kicker:

"I don't."

On P Andy Lee :

"He's really good. I mean, he's really good. Obviously he changes the field position and I know one got out on us the other night but I thought it was a great punt. The location was great, it went 60 yards at 4-8. We have to do a better job at covering that ball but he gives us a lot obviously. He's been outstanding inside the ten all of training camp so those are big plusses for us."

On and update on the kick return position:

"Still working guys. We've had a host of guys back there and we'll continue to do that and we'll see how everything plays out once everything shakes out."

On Duke Johnson preparing to return kicks:

"He's in the mix."

On players that have stood out in kick/punt coverage:

"We still have a host of guys with (LB Christian Kirksey) Kirksey and (LB Craig Robertson) Craig, obviously the inside linebacker room along with Tank, those guys are- that rooms really good and those guys have been really solid. We've been with each other now, a lot of us for four years and that's really helped and they're able to help the younger guys, the (DB) K'Waun Williams of the world even though he hasn't- there's been some guys that I know that can cover that haven't covered in the preseason just because we want to look at some other guys but I'm excited about our core and how we're developing guys just have to stay the course."

On Lee having one of the stronger legs in the league:

"I think so. He's the strongest leg that I've been around. When you see him his leg swing is so quick as he comes through the ball, it's a jolt. There's a reason why he's been playing a long time in the league."

On if WR Shane Wynn's long return in the second preseason game was impressive:

"I was really excited when we picked him up because I knew that he had that talent coming out of Indiana. He's a shifty guy that has great explosiveness, catches the ball really, really well. When you watch him catch the football he's square, his hands are high he does all those things. Obviously, he helps himself there."

On WR Travis Benjamin after his injury:

"I hope that he has it back. I think that Travis is obviously a year removed from that injury and we'll never use the injury as an excuse but- and I said it in the spring- Travis has worked his tail off at becoming a better catcher. You saw it the other night, when he caught that ball he was square, his hands were high, his decision to go right now was right now. He took off and I know there was a penalty on the play but if you look at his result that's a 17 yard return. I'm excited for him and he's been very committed to it and we'll see how it plays out."

On if that catch is a sign he has confidence and trust in his ACL:

"I think so, I really do. Travis- I've always stated that he's a good football player and he is. I think we're all seeing that even at the wide receiver position, he just keeps getting better and better. When you watch him, when we're catching in pre-practice he does an outstanding job. If he drops one, which has been very rare in practice, he's frustrated by it, he's taking a lot of pride in getting back to where he was a few years ago."

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