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Browns ST Coordinator Chris Tabor Press Conference - Sept. 10

Opening statement:

"Week 1, Jets. Well coached by (Jets special teams coordinator) Bobby April. Going into Game 1, there's always, in our world, some certain unknowns from the other team just because rosters are always changing, it's always fluid. Just looking at matchups can sometimes be unpredictable so we're just going to worry about the Cleveland Browns and just try to do what we do and execute the gameplan and put ourselves in hopefully good positions to help the team win."

On K Travis Coons winning the kicking competition over K Carey Spear:

"Really close. It was neck and neck. Justin the end we just felt a little bit better about Travis, and that's why we decided to go with him."

On kickoff hang time or depth separating Coons from Spear:

"They both did exceptionally well, and honestly, when you looked at their charts, statistically very very close. I think maybe one guy missed one more than the other. That was it. Just felt with the little bit of the consistency of ball flight and those type of things. Travis did a nice job kicking off, also, we just felt like we're going to go with him."

On P Andy Lee:

"Andy has a big leg for us. He's shown that in the preseason. He's obviously shown that he does a nice job putting the ball inside the 20 or inside the 10. I think that's going to be a big thing for us to be able to flip the field positon in those areas. Andy does kick it, he does, he kicks it far. We're going to have to do a good job covering, but he also gives us enough hang for our guys to get down there so we have to accentuate his positives and make plays for him."

On how much preseason performance helped WR Travis Benjamin gain confidence:

"I don't think it hurts him. It doesn't hurt me. My confidence, I've never wavered on him to be honest with you. Like I said, there was another great returner that I've had the pleasure of working with in (WR Devin) Hester. There was a time that people thought that he couldn't return anymore either but he's worked hard at his craft. Travis has and he's doing it right now. I think that it's shown up for him Obviously, we want to accentuate those positives we did in the Tampa game and hopefully those things happen for us in the New York game also. It'll be about opportunities, and when he gets those opportunities, taking advantage of them, but I'm excited to watch him play on Sunday afternoon."

On plans for kickoff return:

"It's still up in the air a little bit right now. I think we have a good plan going forward, but we'll see how that unveils."

On WR Marlon Moore and RB Duke Johnson Jr. missing time in the preseason:

"You wish they would get live reps at it but you know Marlon has a lot of experience, and Duke, even though he hasn't returned any kicks in the preseason when he was playing, he's touching the ball each and every day, in traffic and those type of things. I feel comfortable with that. He's a running back. That's what they do, protect the ball and get hit so I feel comfortable there."

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