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Browns support #IWantASeason campaign, encourage fans to help slow spread of COVID-19


The Browns are doing their part to slow the spread of COVID-19 and are encouraging fans of all ages to do the same.

The better we all adhere to medical and governmental recommendations, the faster we'll see our favorite sports return to the field across the state of Ohio.

Earlier this month, Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted announced additional, short-term guidelines to help sports teams continue their efforts to return to play amid the global, COVID-19 pandemic. That included an awareness campaign to engage athletes and younger Ohioans in efforts to slow the spread of the virus. Athletes of all ages, their families, and their fans are encouraged to tweet they "want a season" (#IWantASeason) as one of the reasons they are trying to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

"One of the things I've missed the most over the past few months is playing and watching sports," Husted said. "Sports are more than just a game – it's where we learn teamwork, grit, and how to compete, and I know millions of people are eagerly anticipating the return to play.

"Right now, there is one competitor we must defeat if we want to return to play, and that's the spread of the coronavirus. One of the many reasons that I continue to practice social distancing and am wearing a mask in public is because I want a season, too."

Coronavirus cases have risen in Ohio and all across the country in recent weeks. More and more are being found in younger, healthier individuals — proof the virus is just as prevalent across all age groups. Best practices to help slow the spread include social distancing, wearing a mask and frequent hand-washing.

On top of the bevy of resources at, fans are encouraged to visit, which also features community resources and information relevant to coronavirus.

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