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Browns top five players against the Steelers


Monday's left over nuggets

*On the Browns' three touchdown drives, the team only had to convert one third-down. Cleveland produced 10 plays of 15 yards or more in the second half.

*According to ESPN's play-by-play, the Browns ran 43 offensive plays in the second half and 27 of them were from the no-huddle.

*Mike Pettine called the no-huddle the future of the league during a press conference in August.

"I think it's to any quarterback's advantage to be able to get up on the ball quick and force a defense to not be able to substitute and maybe be a little bit more vanilla with their calls or more worried about getting lined up then getting in advance detail," said Pettine.

*But Browns fans need to realize the no-huddle works in comeback situations, like the Browns found themselves in on Sunday in Pittsburgh. Just because this type of offense did damage against the Steelers, does not mean it will work against the Saints. It'll be up to the entire coaching staff to integrate it when neceassary.

*The Browns did not commit a turnover.

Top five players of the game

1) Brian Hoyer - The second half of the game was easily Hoyer's best NFL performance of his career. Nearly every decision was perfect. Several teammates commented about Hoyer's command of the huddle as the game got tenser. Pettine said the mental stress the team put on Hoyer throughout the quarterback competition would pay dividends eventually. That mental toughness and grit showed in Pittsburgh, and could very well be a turning point for this offense.

2) Terrance West - The Browns rushed for the most yards they have since November of 2010. One hundred of those 183 yards were West's doing. The rookie from Towson is all three of the 'S' words: slippery, strong and speedy in the open field. Regardless of Ben Tate's knee injury, West has earned a chance to crack the Saints' defense in Week Two.

3) Paul Kruger - He's a man on a mission in 2014. If you watch the replay of Kruger's first sack on Ben Roethlisberger, he's being held by an offensive lineman. The outside linebacker is that in name only. The coaching staff is honing in on using his pass rushing skill set instead of dropping him in coverage. Kruger defined what 'Play like a Brown' meant on Sunday. He was resilient all game, and his effort raised the intensity of the entire front seven.

4) Karlos Dansby - Heath Miller was irrelevant in the game (three catches, 26 yards) and Dansby is a major reason why. The Browns used him all over the field in coverage. On his interception, Dansby was guarding Steelers all-purpose weapon Le'Veon Bell -- one of the fastest players in the AFC North. Cleveland is at such an advantage to have a linebacker able to matchup with all the NFL's new gadget players who line up everywhere.

5) Isaiah Crowell - He only carried the ball five times for 32 yards, but Crowell showed he has a nose for the end zone. Too many times in past seasons, the Browns have stalled inside the red zone. Crowell is your prototypical short yardage back, whose able to violently run into would-be tacklers.

Browns Twitter

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown did his best Jackie Chan impersonation on this karate kick to Browns punter Spencer Lanning's head.

Lanning, one of the funnier players in the locker room, took everything in stride. He even picked up a oouple of Twitter followers with this tweet.

Running back Terrance West got a shoutout from Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk.

Other players reacted to the last second defeat againnst the Steelers.

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