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Browns vs. Bears: Mike Pettine Postgame Reaction

On his initial thoughts of the team's overall performance

"Best news is that we came out of it healthy, just a few minor dings here and there. I thought we did some good things. A couple of guys stepped up. You're likely to have a result like that when you sit down as many guys as we did but I think for the most part our guys battled. I am proud of the guys out there, especially the ones that take on a much larger work load than normal. Defensively, guys were flying around. [Jaime] Meder was his usual self, making a tackle every other play. This will be good tape to watch to see the hustle in certain individuals handling their business."

On the addition of Dwayne Bowe

"He needed to play. There is no substitute for live game reps. He has taken so few snaps during training camp, now here we are on the brink of the season and we want to make sure that he is as close to game shape as possible and that's impossible to do when you are inactive."

On the speculation of Bowe being in danger of being cut

"Dwayne? No. He just needed to work so that is why he was out there."

On how much of a look they got with Terrelle Pryor

"We had a list of things that we wanted to take a look at with Terrelle. It was disappointing. There was a couple of times that we had some routes called for him and whether it was protection or the quarterback came off too fast we didn't get a chance to see him make a play. That was just on the list of things we wanted to get done."

On Josh Lenz playing safety

"We were down numbers wise. [Johnson] Bademosi had played so many reps for us in the preseason so this was a game where we had him up but it was just a 'break the glass in case of emergency' type of situation. We did not want to play him. So we went ahead and played post safety defenses with Lenz back there. Josh is a good athlete. He got a couple of reps in practice and we were confident that he could go out there and do his job."

On if it was disappointing to not see Terrelle Pryor hit a target

"Yes, but it wasn't for a lack of effort. We tried but protection broke down or they were in a coverage to take it away."

On when they will start making roster decisions

"We will start tomorrow morning. Usually how it works is, you will make the bulk of them [decisions] early but there are some circumstances regarding some of the moves that you might hold off a move or two until after."

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