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Browns vs. Bills: Johnny Manziel Postgame Reaction

On taking something away from the TD drive, even though he seemed frustrated after the final drive:
"Yeah, it is hard to sit there and be extremely frustrated after the night. We did get in the end zone there on a good drive, a good 96-yard drive. A minute-thirty left, we need to get in field goal range. We want to push it across midfield. With all that frustration out there still towards the end of the game, I still think there were some good things done. I just think that is the quick, right after the game, right off the field, quick turnaround type of thing. For the most part, I was proud of a lot of those guys that were out there with me, for sure."

On if he is itching to get out on the field with the starters:
"I am just leaving that up to Coach Pett (Head Coach Mike Pettine)."

On if it tough to close the gap between himself and the starter when he is playing with the twos and the threes:
"I don't know if I have an answer for that. I am just happy to be out there and getting a lot of reps. That was a good two quarters off football that I got tonight that I am getting a lot better from. I am going to go back and look at the tape and learn from it. The more reps that I am getting, the better for me right now. Would I like to be in there with the ones? Sure, but that is not my call. If that decision does come, I will be ready to hop in there, but for now, I am making the most of the opportunities I am getting."

On his performance tonight:
"I think there were a lot of penalties throughout the game so it was a little sloppy, but for us to have even some penalties on the drive, a hand off where we got wiped out and took a sack on, to overcome some of those little things like that and still go 96 yards and punch it in. That is a great play by (WR Darius) Jennings diving on a backside post to get that ball. That is a great route by (WR) Shane (Wynn), and that was a great protection on the touchdown pass. A lot of good team fundamentals right there with that second group to get in the end zone on 96 yards when we are backed up. I think we started on a hard count to get them to jump and give us some breathing room.  After that, push it down the field nice. I think our running backs ran the ball well tonight."

On if Jennings and Wynn were the primary targets on the two previously mentioned plays:
"The touchdown pass, that was our primary guy. The deeper pass on the rollout, I was trying to avoid the rush. The middle of the field safety jumped our deep over so we had our backside post come in there. We don't come to that a lot. For him to get open and continue to run right there and fight to win is encouraging for us, for sure. It was a great catch. I tried to get as much on it as I could. I barely got it there so I think it was a heck of a play by Jennings."

On if he envisions how he would play against the Bills heralded defensive front:
"I got a chance to go against them last year for a couple drives there, punched it down the field on one of those drives. Somewhat from my experience in the NFL had been a little bit familiar with those guys. You have to give a lot of credit to that D-line. I think that it's a special group they have there, and it is a lot of talent for sure."

On looking to score quickly after the large penalty:
"You look at that possession, that's probably one of the calls in the game – that's probably the game. You get us down there 10- or 15-yard line, we're up seven as it is already.  We get a field goal out of that drive, probably even a touchdown – it's frustrating we have a 90, 80-something yard penalty right there to push us all the way back and flip the field. That lets a little bit of air out of us, but still, we have to overcome that still and try to push the ball, drain some clock and keep it out of their hands."

On if he has improved since the first preseason game:
"Yeah, I think a 96-yard drive is better than the 30-yard drive we had last week so that was better. I felt like things were slowing down still. I was able to make some protection calls and get our guys lined up. I think we played a little bit faster. I think we opened up our playbook a little bit more and to do that and not have a lot of bust not have a lot of miscommunication, I think that's a positive sign, especially for some of the young guys."

On if he gets to the line quickly on purpose:
"We want to keep a good tempo. Flip (offensive coordinator John DeFilippo) really pushes that. We have shifts and motions, and we really have to get those guys in the right spots and try to use every single part of our offense we have, and part of that is getting up there fast, ID-ing dense and getting ready to roll.. That's a group effort right there, and I think everybody did a good job. I'm really trying to rally those guys to make a push."

On if he still has a chance at the No. 1 QB spot:
"I'm still going out trying to play my best and make an impression. That's what I want to do. I want to have these guys go into the film tomorrow and turn on the tape and say, 'This guy's really doing things right and this guys really fighting hard to pick things up and make some plays.' That's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to make an impression and leave a little bit of a lasting memory coming off these games. I wish we would have finished that out the right way, but still despite that, good things were done."

On if he feels like he's one drive away from 'putting heat' on QB Josh McCown:
"That's definitely not my words I'm going to use, just 'putting heat' on Josh. I think Josh has done everything right since the day he's been here. He's obviously a vet and has a very good understanding of this. Mine and Josh's relationship right now, I'm trying to learn from him, learn from some of the things he does right and learn from some of the mistakes he does make. I think we have a good relationship in that regard. I wouldn't say putting heat on; I'm just trying to learn from him because there's a lot still for me to learn."


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