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Browns vs. Bills: Josh McCown Postgame Reaction

On his performance in the first half:
"Not good, not good. Two turnovers, felt like other than that, other than those two plays, threw the ball well and did the things I wanted to do with the football but those two plays. Can't have turnovers. Outside of the pocket, especially one of the things, and I'm glad it happens in preseason ball is we see in the league, pin these guys deep so we have a third-and-long at midfield and got outside and just tried to make a play, tried to keep that drive going and fit one in there to (TE) Gary (Barnidge) and the ball gets knocked up in the air and turned over. Throw that one out of bounds, let (P) Andy (Lee) pin them deep and let our defense go to work so we'll move on from that one. Obviously, not the standard I want to play at, but inevitably in this game, there is adversity and you're going to have things that happen, mistakes. I thought as a group we responded well, got down there and got three points so that was good, but certainly not the standard of where we want to be."

On if it was accurate he received an X-ray postgame:
"Just jammed the finger so making sure everything is ok. Just super cautious."

On if the X-ray came back negative:
"Everything is fine. It feels fine."

On the deep ball to WR Andrew Hawkins:
"On his corner route, he had one-on-one (coverage), and we talked about, earlier in the week, when we have an opportunity with those guys one-on-one to get it up and see if they can make a play. That's what we were trying to do there and just got him at a good place, turn around and catching it. Hindsight, again, it's the same thing. It's third-and-long, check the ball down and move on, and if we punt it, we have a really good punter. Lesson learned, move on."

On if the running game has improved since last week:
"Yeah, absolutely. That was very encouraging. I though both Crow (RB Isaiah Crowell) and T West (RB Terrance West) did some good things with the football. The line played well as far as getting us rolling in the run game. As we piece stuff we did last week and the stuff we did last week, there are things that we're putting together that we can really get excited about and hang our hat on. Those are positives, especially like we talked about, you know last week we didn't have the chances to get the runs going so this week to get more going was a good thing. I think the line was excited about where they were with it, and you felt like, if we played a whole game we were going, we were wearing on them and had the chance to start cracking some big ones."

On if it hurts missing players due to injury:
"You'd like to have those guys. Some of the coverages and things that they played on third down where they're covering you and letting you have isolations underneath, that's when a guy like (RB) Duke (Johnson Jr.) can really expose some things, we hope. Obviously, we want everybody we can have to help us so it's unfortunate but it's a part of this game. We feel good with the guys that were in there, and when those guys get back, we'll get them right in and get rolling. It is what it is."

On if he feels confident going into the third preseason game:
"Yeah, absolutely. Until told otherwise, my preparation will be the same as it has been. I am getting ready to go down to Tampa, and hopefully, depending on how long we play or whatever the situation is, go out there and really get revved up. Kind of the last time before the opener."

On the Bills defensive front:
"It is obviously a quality test. I would be surprised if that defense isn't somewhere near the top of the league towards the end of the year. They are a good front. They is no question about that. You add (DL) Kyle Williams into that and they are a very, very good front. Our guys did a good job blocking and giving us time, and we got some things going in the run game. It is a good defense, but I felt like we had opportunities to move the ball. The things that stopped us and our group, the things that stopped us were my mistakes that I feel like I can fix. I can do that and help us have a better chance to succeed in that matter."

On his reaction to Manziel's touchdown drive:
"It was awesome. He did some great things. It was cool, the long throw to (WR Darius) Jennings, and he kind of opened up. OTAs, way back whenever that was, with the first play of OTAs, he had a play like that that he tried to get to Jennings – I think it just barely got broken up. It was cool to see that, especially going to the left for that to take place. Then to find (WR Shane) Wynn in the end zone there was awesome. That was a really good play by Johnny. Everything – the read, to step up, the play from the pocket – it was everything as a young quarterback you want to see him grow into. I am really, really proud of the way he played. It was awesome."

On if he banged his finger on a helmet and can he relate to QB Connor Shaw's injury:
"I don't know exactly when it happened. I just know it was sore. We just took some precautionary pictures of it to make sure it is alright. I don't want to speculate moving forward. Something could change overnight, but I feel like it will be fine. We will see. I can empathize with Connor. I did a similar thing to my thumb last year. It is a bummer for him. I wish him well and a speedy recovery."

On if he needs an MRI:
"I don't know. I will just defer to the trainers on that. The trainers and the docs will look at that and make their assessment and let me know what we need to do."


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