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Browns vs. Bills: Mike Pettine Postgame Reaction

Opening statement:
"Did some good things, did some bad. Didn't make enough plays at the end, was disappointing. Couple injuries – probably get those details out as the information gets accurate so not really going to go into any of it now.

On the starters' performance in the first half:
"Just OK. We flashed some things but disappointing. We should have been three-and-out on defense and had a major technique error on the first third down that extended that drive. Just a lot of near misses. This is a game of little details, and I don't know if in the first half we were detail oriented enough. To me, it's going to be good tape, lots of good defense. We'd like to think that these are going to be, at the end of the year, two of the better defenses. We knew points were going to be at a premium. You have to make sure you're dialed in, alignment assignment."

On if the Browns were surprised Buffalo ran the ball well due to RB injuries:
"No, I don't get into those statistics. I know they had the one quarterback run that was a lengthy one, but that thought didn't enter my head."

On RB Terrence West's performance:
"Yeah, I thought he did good. A couple of times, I think he started to see stuff that wasn't there and come out of the read too soon, but I thought he did some really good things."

On the QBs' performance tonight:
"Typical preseason game. They did some good things; they did some bad. Josh, I thought, and he'll be the first one to tell you when he comes in here, forced some of those throws. The one interception I know for sure, we already talked about it on the sideline. I thought the third down throw he made to (TE Rob) Housler was good. Until we get to the tape and know the exact call and whether it was footwork and execution of a play, it's just hard to say off the top of your head, give guys a grade."

On DL Xavier Cooper playing well as rookies:
"He is and that's encouraging to see. I think both he and (DL) Danny (Shelton). I don't know if Danny is going to fill the stat sheet necessarily because of the situations that we use him in, but from a grading out standpoint, I'd say both those guys are ahead of where a typical rookie would be. We're very encouraged by their progress so far."

On if it is possible for a backup QB to close the gap:
"We'd say it's possible, but you just have to, like you said, I think most teams, that's a pretty good drop off from any starting unit, down to the twos, and then we also mix in with the starters. There's a lot of twos with the starters, as well. There's an even bigger drop-off to what they're playing against. It gets factored in, but we'll see. We'll evaluate both guys. I'm not going to sit here and talk about trying to start up a quarterback controversy."

On what he saw Manziel do well on the TD drive:
"I just thought he saw the field well. He placed the ball, made some good throws, used his feet when he had to, and I think that is the area of his game where when he does move and he is successful with it, he is moving with a purpose. I thought towards the end of the game, it got a little ragged with that line out there when he was running around. That drive in particular, I thought he handled the offense well."

On seeing Manziel with the ones:
"We have an (season) opener coming up so we are going to rep our guys based on how we see fit to get prepared. We wanted to keep the first receivers in with Manziel. We pulled some of the linemen out but kept the first receivers in to get him in there with that group. Josh is firmly the one, and he is in a new system. Those guys have to play together so we will have to strike a balance with that."


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