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Browns vs. Bills: Player quotes

DL Xavier Cooper

On his progress and ability to get penetration:

"Coach Jimmy (defensive coordinator Jim O'Neil) always says, 'Don't try to force anything, the play is going to come to you.' I'm just playing my position. I'm just landing in the right spot at the right time."

On his performance, specifically the sack he had tonight:

"I saw it and I took it. The guard had to slant down and I ran straight through. Those plays don't come through that often, so I have to make sure that I make it."

On his and DL Danny Shelton's progress as rookies:

"I think Danny and I work hard. We come in with the right approach and we want to learn from the vets. I think that's the biggest thing for rookies – come in and try to learn from the vets, pick up the system, stay quiet and keep working. We let our film do the talking and that's what we are doing right now."

LB Paul Kruger

On whether or not he's becoming a focus for other team's preparation:

"You know, that's going to depend on the week. Their game plan and personnel that they have is always going to factor into it. You just have to play hard every week and hope and expect to make plays. Each week is going to present different challenges for us and for our opponents, so it's really just – whose week is it? That's really what it boils down to."

On his big plays early in the game:

"I honestly don't know who was on him first. I was able to be there when (QB) Tyrod (Taylor) got out of the sack before that. I was able to clean it up. It's hard for a quarterback with so many guys all around you and you don't know where to turn. You just hope to be the last guy to get him down on the ground."

On how things went tonight:

"I thought we had moments where we played extremely sound, especially against the run. Being able to put it together on third down, and especially third and long. It's nice to have a couple plays when you can just put it to bed and end the drive. To have those third downs converted on us was frustrating, but it's good for us. That's what these games are for – making strides and seeing where we need to improve. It's going to be really valuable to see where teams are able to take advantage of us and really just try to make that effort in the next couple weeks to correct those."

OL Joe Thomas

On the tonight's run game:

"It's preseason, so you always take everything with a grain of salt. I thought he (RB Terrance West) had a couple nice runs out there. I thought we had couple nice mid-distance type runs, in that 10-15 (yard) range. It was good. We kind of threw one of everything in the playbook at them from the run game perspective. Just trying to figure out what were good at now. Once the season starts, we'll have things narrowed down and get pretty good at the things that we think we're going to do well."

On the Bills' defensive front being as good as last year:

"Last year, they were [good] and I would certainly expect them to be the same type of front this year, but it's preseason."

On the how the Browns' offense performed:

"I think we're in a pretty good position. Obviously, we're not a finished product right now, but we've got the most important preseason game coming up next week. We're looking to make some progress between now and next week."

On watching QB Johnny Manziel progress:

"He's a popular player because he's a fun player to watch – the way he escapes and runs around and throws the ball down field. It's like watching somebody in the backyard in the 'Turkey Bowl.' He's always had a big fan base because of how he plays the game. Certainly, you got to see a lot of that tonight. I think he's learning to pick and choose his times to do that instead of majoring in that."

On Terrance West's play tonight:

"I thought he had a pretty good night. We'll have to watch the film and further grade things. It was good to see him go out there and finish a couple runs, find the hole and hit it with some speed. I think that was a nice improvement from where we were at the beginning of camp."

WR Shane Wynn

On trying to make the 53-man roster:

"I take every opportunity seriously. I don't see any leeway in trying to make the team or anything like that. I'm just going to go out and practice and work hard as I've been doing."

On Buffalo's defensive:

"Solid defense, defense that will try and bully you. If you bow down to that defense, I'm pretty sure they will bully you."

On his size:

"I watch all the little receivers like (WR) Taylor Gabriel and (WR) Andrew Hawkins. I watch how they get off the press and how they use their feet and hands. Whenever I need a question answered, I go to (WR) Brian Hartline, and he's been a big reason that I've been doing what I'm doing. He's helped me out so much."

On the punt return that was called back:

"The previous punt return I tried to follow the return and I second-guessed myself. I should've just stuck my foot in the ground and gone north. That's what I did on the punt return that I broke; I stuck my foot in the ground, got north and trusted my speed."

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