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Browns vs. Buccaneers: Mike Pettine Postgame Reaction

(Opening Statement)

"Injury-front – Duke [Johnson] diagnosed with a concussion, as well as [Pierre] Desir, [Charles] Gaines [has] a soft tissue groin injury. It's a groin. The only other thing that came up was [Nate] Orchard's back was bothering him so but we held him out and he's going to get that evaluated in the morning.

"Overall I thought we did some good things, there is nothing like winning and winning on the road. We wanted to make sure we finished it. I thought we got off to a good start. The first quarter, I don't think could have gone better. Defensively we were solid, but just that two-play drive. Two poor plays on our part and they executed. Offensively, we did some good things, I thought coming out of the half that was an important drive for those guys. We debated as to weather or not we were going to have them come out there. Looking back on it now, it was the right thing, a good confidence builder. The still had a lot of their ones in there. We drove the length of the field and scored so I think that really set the tone for the second half. I was proud the way our guys finished the game and that it didn't get ragged out there. We ran the ball well the second half, but overall lots of good take to teach from. We're pleased with the effort."

(On not having Terrelle Pryor play)

"We just didn't feel he could open up and go 100 percent. The choice was to risk it here and not see him again or do you give him another week, essentially, for it to heal up so we can get a good evaluation against Chicago. "

(On how confident he was in the team coming out to the third preseason game)

"We felt good about our plans and getting back some of the guys healthy. It was nice to see the secondary out there with the four starters early on. We had [Tashuan Gipson] and Joe [Haden] on a pitch count, but they got their 10 plays and got out. I think that coincided right with the end of the first quarter. We are looking forward to getting K'Wuan [Williams] back so we will have all of those guys out there. We felt good about the plan and this was a team that had played well a week ago against the Bengals. It's always tough going on the road. That's why we feel good about our performance. We know there is still a lot of things to get cleaned up. It is still a preseason game but it was good for us to have the momentum after losing the first two at home.

(On how he felt seeing Josh McCown running and getting hit)

"He is a competitive guy and the fact that it was Tampa, [I] had to grab him a couple times and just let him know, 'hey, use your head.'"

(On how he thought McCown played overall besides all of the injury scares)

"[He] did some good things, forced a couple balls, but I think there were couple issues – I want to see it on tape – with some leakage on pass [protection]. I didn't think we did a great job protecting him. He was taking some hits and a couple throws got hurried. I felt we had some things breaking open, but we didn't hold up upfront. It will be good tape to watch and we have to get cleaned up upfront."

(On the four sacks on the night)

"We felt good about the matchup. I know they are a little banged up in their offensive line, but we wanted our guys to go out there and go hunting – that's what they do. You get teams in adverse down and distance situations and then you turn those guys loose. I thought Jimmy [O'Neil] did a good job of mixing coverage and pressure and letting those guys rush. I thought he blitzed at opportune times as well. I thought he had a good feel for what they were going to do. Like I said, this was the really first one that we truly game planned for. Both sides of the ball, we felt good about our plan."

(On it being frustrating to lose Duke Johnson with a concussion)

"It is, it is. Hopefully – he'll be in the protocol – and we can get him back as soon as possible. If you were to say the biggest downer of the night, that would be it."

(On Travis Benjamin's punt return)

"It's great to see it. We wanted to make sure we got him some live touches in the preseason and for him to pop the first one. I'm not sure if he really got out of third gear. We blocked it well. I don't know how many guys he had to make miss, but that's much like the Travis of old. We talked about the knee and how it is going to take that extra time to get back but I think we are seeing the results with it being two years out."

(On if the weather affected the decision to not play Terrelle Pryor)

"We had the sense coming down here that it was less than likely. We were going to let the trainer decide, but boarding the flight, I thought it would have been less than 50-50"

(On if Josh McCown will dress against Chicago)

"Josh [McCown] will not play against Chicago. We will make the decision on who is going to be down, but Josh is going to be one of them."

(On how important that it was for Josh McCown to end his preseason with those two long drives)

"It's important, there is no substitute. You can always look at it and say, 'well this will be different and this will be different, but to actually execute and go out and have success, that is what the NFL is. It was a win-win, we got results and at the same time, there is some great tape to teach off of for the things we know we will have to get cleaned up on."

(On how Taylor Gabriel)

"[Gabriel]has been one of our most consistent players. He shows up everyday with a great attitude, perfects his craft, does extra, rarely has a mental mistake and knows all of the positions. I can't say enough about his professionalism and his production as well."

(On what Josh McCown showed him by taking big hits)

"That's he's foolish for one. No, he is a competitive guy and we have to do a better job keeping the pocket clean. There aren't many competitive quarterbacks that can get through a season like that. It was here, his competiveness and that is why he is definitely not playing against Chicago because that is another former team of his."

(On why they made so many short passing plays)

"I think a lot of their system forces you move the ball underneath, especially when they get in cover-two, they sink and it's hard to get the ball over the top of it. Your shots really come when they go single safety. So there were times when they played a cover-two look that Josh has played against this system well enough to know that you are not going to get so many shots down the field, don't force it, and check the ball down."

(On how Charles Gaines has grown)

"I think he got a taste of some success and I think that fed him. It is a confidence thing. When you're confident, that elevates your play. He got a taste of success and I think it validated, 'hey, I think I can do this.' We knew he was a gifted kid, but we needed to get him in and get him coached up and to his credit he has responded to it and it has showed."

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