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Browns vs. Buccaneers: Player Quotes


(On what he saw during his punt return)

"We had a punt return called to that side. I can't remember who got that block, but it was a key block on that play, and once he got him and I split, I knew it was me and the punter and I knew I could outrun him."

(On what message Head Coach Mike Pettine gave the team before they took the field)

"Play fast, play Browns football, and just to get a win because we haven't got a win yet this preseason, and coming to someone's house and getting a win is great for us."

(On quarterback Josh McCown)

"McCown played well. He played well on his feet. He converted on third downs and every time we needed big plays, he put the ball in the exact place."

(On his return after being injured last year)

"I am 100 percent ready to go out there and play ball."


(On the Cleveland defense)

"We have a great rotation, get in there early, make a couple plays, and let the other guys go in there and eat. This is our last chance before the regular season to make a statement"

(On his impressions of defensive lineman Danny Shelton)

"I think he is going to be a real sparkplug for us out there. He is always having fun out there playing the game. He is always running to the ball. He makes plays, he knows exactly what we need, we can rally around him and he can rally around us, he is a good fit."

(On whether he would call the defensive performance 'perfect')

"I wouldn't say perfect, definitely have to look at the tape, see some things to be corrected. It's definitely a good set. Once again, last dress rehearsal and we want to go out there and make a statement. The Browns are for real this year."

(On his thoughts regarding last season's defensive line)

"Just like you said, we never had our complete unit together, we had a bunch of different guys starting, it [was] difficult. Us as professionals, we are going out there to get the job done. At times we didn't get it done like we wanted to, so coaching staff and people in the front office saw that and made adjustments."


(On offensive production)

"I thought it went good. Offense came out and did their job everybody made plays when the ball came their way. We blocked the defense, o-line did their thing, Josh [McCown] did his thing, and receivers did their things. Just overall good."

(On his first year in Cleveland)

"Good, you know kind of bounced around a little bit so it's no different anywhere else just get used to the team and doing your thing."

(On his confidence in McCown)

"Good, real high. I mean, he is the guy right now. He's been leading the team, he did a great job tonight you know. He is the guy."


(On overall defensive showing)

"Oh, I thought it was great, Danny [Shelton] and the other guys. Dan with two sacks, Randy (Starks), everybody. We got depth on the d-line. You know anybody that goes down or leaves the game or just needs a [break], everybody that is in there we won't miss a beat."

(On the importance of tonight's win )

"It was good because you know everybody looks at the third preseason game. It's a dress rehearsal of what we can do during the season. So go out there and play the way we did was the way we wanted to play. It was just great it shows what we can do."

(On defensive line depth)

"It's night and day. You know with adding bodies you know it with [Randy] Starks and adding Danny [Shelton] in the draft. It's just great to have depth; it's hard to have depth."

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