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Browns vs. Redskins: Johnny Manziel Postgame Reaction



QB Johnny Manziel

On the difference in this year's first preseason game over last year

"It's way different. This isn't my first rodeo like it was last year. It was a little bit of a whirlwind last year. I don't want to forget about the first game against Detroit (last year), but it felt a little slower, I felt a little more comfortable and I did some good things. I want to improve and make some more out of those drives. I don't think we were very good on third down. It was the first one and we have got a lot of ground to build on from here. I think it was good."

On what he saw from the defense on his touchdown run

"I saw some man coverage and the parting of the sea really happened there. I got a good opportunity to take off in man coverage and make a play to get in the end zone. Luckily, we made a good play on special teams to give us a short field. Capitalizing on that is always good."

On what he has learned working alongside QB Josh McCown

"Josh is a pro, he's been doing this a long time. I'm always watching and trying to learn from him. He's always giving me a lot of tips. I can hear him on the sideline even when he's out [of the game] and I'm out there. He has been very, very helpful, and it has been awesome having him around for sure."

On what he thinks about his performance tonight overall

"I wish we could've converted some of those third downs. There are little things like depths on some of those short routes, picking up some protections and making the right calls. For a first game, it wasn't bad. We scored 17 points so there's a lot of room to improve. Going into this week of practice, we have seven days until another game. We will be eager to get back out there again, but there's some work to put in from now until then." ​

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