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Browns vs. Redskins: Josh McCown Postgame Reaction



QB Josh McCown

On the first drive:

"It was fun. It was good to get back out there and get going, as they say, knock the rust off, game-wise. Anytime you're out there, you want to do well and get points. It was a good job by the guys. Flip (offensive coordinator John DeFilippo) was great – he caught a great opening drive and we were able to get down there and get a touchdown."

On the first preseason game:

"You absolutely want to take what you're doing on the practice field into the game, that's for sure. I think that's what the essence of the preseason is, to see if you can transition from the practice field to the game field. It felt good. I think the big key is just preparation. The way that we've gone about our work in the offseason, the way the coaches have handled us from the day we got here and through training camp, we've been very prepared. I think it affords us the opportunity to go out and play productive football, especially myself. I feel really good about that part of it. You put all that work in and you want to see it go from the practice field to the game field so for us the first unit to go down there the way we did, that was good."

On how engaged he was during the game, even when he was not playing:

"They don't paint and light the field for nothing. We go out, get our money's worth and enjoy it. We had two guys carted off the field tonight. You don't know when your last snap is and when your last moment on that sideline is so you just want to make the most of it and to help the other guys. These are young guys trying to make their way in their career and put out good plays, whatever I can do to help those guys. It was fun to be out there. It's an honor and a privilege to be a part of this team. I'm very thankful."

On the TD to WR Travis Benjamin:

"We had a play going to the left, and there was a little bit of leakage in the front so I stepped back. (WB Brian) Hartline fell down on his route, and at that point, I got out of the pocket. I was just about to throw it away and (WR) Travis (Benjamin) was standing in the back of the end zone. It was one of those things. There was someone in front of me and I was looking like, 'Is he back there by himself? That's weird'. I threw the ball and was able to get the touchdown. It was good for us to cap off the drive that way."

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