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Browns vs. Redskins: Mike Pettine Postgame Reaction

Opening statement:
"Nothing significant on the injury front to report. (WR) Marlon Moore got dinged a little bit tin the ribs. He'll be evaluated, but we don't think it's anything serious. Other than that, overall, I think it's a start that we'll be pleased with when we watch the tape. I'll reserve final judgement until then, but I thought we did some good things. Some sloppiness late in the game. I don't think we had – I was pleased we didn't have our first penalty, I think, it was early in the fourth quarter, ended up with three for the game. Also, it just a credit to some of the guys that got extended [reps] because the injuries we have. It was tough having 18 guys not dressing. I thought we had some guys that took probably more snaps than they should have, and they battled through it. It was good some coaching moments that come out of it, and hopefully, we can gain some momentum from this moving forward."

On QB Josh McCown's performance:
"He took what he's done in the meeting room, the practice field and he took it to the game field. He was poised, focused. He was into it. Even after that series, the whole rest of the game, he had the ear piece in, he knew the call, taking the mental reps on the sideline. He just showed tonight that he's the ultimate professional"

On DB Justin Gilbert playing a lot:
"Yeah, especially with us holding (DB) Joe (Haden) and not wanting to give Tramon (Williams) a ton of work and with Pierre (Desir) being down, We knew Justin was and we knew that corner group was going to get taxed some from a reps standpoint."

On Gilbert's performance and if he may have expected safety help on one deep pass in the first quarter:
"Yeah, I'll have to wait and hear from those guys what the communication was. There's some options on the menu pre-snap between him and the safety. I'm just not sure what the communication. Clearly, we weren't on the same page, and we turned loose. We'll obviously get to the bottom of that."

On if Haden would have played if it was regular season game:
"I believe so."

On QB Johnny Manziel's performance:
"Obviously, he did some good things. I thought it was a good carry over from the scrimmage for him. There was one play where our headsets were down – I think it was a third down early in the drive, might have been first, third down in the drive – Flip's (offensive coordinator John DeFilippo) communicator cut out so he very calmly called a play that he knew that we had in for third down and threw a ball for a first down. That was a credit to him that he just had the wherewithal to understand 'Hey, play clocks running, and I'm not getting it, I've got to call something here.' He went out and executed. For the most part just looking at it, he did some good things. The scramble for a touchdown was a nice run. Again, there will be some good coaching moments for him, as well as all our guys on the tape."

On if the run defense numbers were deceptive:
"I have to see the tape. Just knowing who we had out there, who we didn't have out there. What the runs were, whether they were a series of short runs and one longer one. I don't know how that played out. To me, that's something that will pop up on tape review."

On the young defensive players, including DL Xavier Cooper's sack:
"I saw some guys flying around making plays. I thought (DB Ibraheim) Campbell came up, and I saw a couple nice hits. Our guys, if they didn't know what to do, at least they were doing it full speed. That was good to see. Some of those young guys – we did as best we could to replicate that in the scrimmage. That is still not a real game. You are going against yourself. To go out against another opponent for the first time, you never know how guys are going to react. I was pleased to see that some of those young guys step up and make plays."

On being concerned that RBs Terrance West's and Isaiah Crowell's production:
"No, we have a plan. It is a long preseason. Obviously, Terrance coming off the injury and Crow probably having too heavy a load at practice, I am not going to hit the panic button after the first preseason game about our run game. We will be fine."

On the possibility of signing RB Ray Rice, given recent media reports:
"I think it is premature to talk about that. We are comfortable with where our room is. We just want to get those guys back and see what we have. I know a lot of people have 'connected the dots' given his circumstances and ours, but it is too early to talk about it.

On if Manziel was warranted when leaving the pocket:
"That is one of the first things I can hear the guys on the headset talk about, whether it is (quarterbacks coach) Kevin (O'Connell) or Flip (offensive coordinator John DeFilippo), when a quarterback gets out of the pocket, 'Was that warranted? Did he need to get out?' Even on the touchdown that Josh threw, he had a guy that came underneath and was at his feet and was forced out. That is what you don't want when a guy starts to run when he doesn't have to. That is a big thing we stress to our guys. Just from the few that I saw where Johnny had to move, I thought he did a good job and the main reason was because his eyes were down field."


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