Browns vs. Vikings injury report - 10/25

Cleveland Browns

WRKenny BrittKnee/GroinLIMITED
LBJames Burgess Jr.KneeLIMITED
WRSammie CoatesHamstringFULL
DLTrevon ColeyNeckDNP
LBJamie Collins Sr.ShoulderLIMITED
DLMyles GarrettConcussionDNP
DBJason McCourtyAnkleDNP
DLLarry OgunjobiGroinDNP
DBJabrill PeppersToeDNP
DBJamar TaylorRibsLIMITED

Minnesota Vikings

DBMackensie AlexanderHipLIMITED
QBSam BradfordKneeDNP
DBTramaine BrockHamstringLIMITED
WRStefon DiggsGroin/AnkleLIMITED
OLNick EastonCalfLIMITED
WRMichael FloydHamstringLIMITED
QBCase KeenumChestLIMITED
WRLaquon TreadwellToeFULL
OLRiley ReiffKneeDNP
OLJeremiah SirlesKneeDNP
DLStephen WeatherlyKneeDNP

Full Participation (Full)=100% of player's normal reps; Limited =less than 100% of player's normal reps; Did Not Participate in Practice (DNP). OUT = Will not play; DOUBTFUL = Unlikely to Play; QUESTIONABLE = Uncertain if player will play.

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