Browns working toward QB consensus: 'It's not just about 1 guy'

The Browns have yet to reach a consensus on who will start at quarterback, but head coach Hue Jackson said it's not in the name of gamesmanship or strategic advantage.

"I just think you guys know who I am," he said Wednesday. "Until I see guys do certain things at practice, then I'm going to make that decision because it all has to fit. It's not just about one guy. It is about a unit playing together. We have not played as well together in several weeks. So I think it's important that we practice and I feel good about that decision so we can go out and give ourselves the best chance to win."

Among the candidates vying to receive the nod against the Bengals on Sunday is Robert Griffin III, whom the team's medical/training staffs cleared to play last week. Griffin, who was placed on injured reserve after breaking a bone in his shoulder, hasn't played since the season opener.

And because of that, Jackson said he's approaching this decision carefully. "We're talking about a young man that hasn't played much football this year," he said.

"So I need to be for sure about everything that could potentially go on. Before you stick him out there, you have to make sure you are putting guys in the right situation, give him the right opportunity. So we will keep practicing and keep getting these guys ready to play."

Griffin, who entered the season as the team's starter, said he's comfortable with whatever happens come Sunday.

"You continue to work, and if they decide 'Hey, this week is not the week,' then I am prepared for that as well," he said.

"Every week, even when I was sitting out, you still have to prepare as if you are the starter and be in the game plan and know where to go with the ball and what is going on because an offense can evolve so much in a year's time, so I didn't want to get behind on that if I was going to have an opportunity to play. I'm thankful for the coaches and the players helping me from that aspect, and whatever coach decides, that is what we are going to roll with."

Josh McCown, who has split time with rookie quarterback Cody Kessler in Griffin's absence, expressed a similar sentiment.

"Our part is just getting ready to play and be available. They make the decisions that they see best fit for our team," he said. "So that's the idea and I think anybody in this situation, no matter where you are in the year, if you feel like waiting and making sure you are making the right decision and whatever competitive advantage you might get from those then why would you not. I think it only gives you an advantage. So, we will do our part to be available and we will move according as he makes this decision."

With one practice left before Sunday's game, Jackson suggested another opportunity to evaluate Griffin and Co. could help the Browns name a starter.

"I think the more you work at it, the more you get in the flow of things in a live situation, as much as we can simulate it in practice, the better you are going to be," he said.

"But Robert is a pro. He understands. Trust me, he wants to be out there. I think you guys know that. But I am just not ready to nail that down yet for our football team."​

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