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Browns WR Damion Ratley conference call - 4/28

WR Damion Ratley:

On if he knew the Browns were interested in drafting him:

"They were, I believe, my second visit. They were always interested in me, even before my Pro Day happened. Then when my Pro Day happened, a lot of teams became interested. I love that they were interested in me before the Pro Day. Once I got up there for my pre-draft visit, I knew that I had fallen in love with the place and was happy that I could call it home. It was a great time, and I love that I am a Cleveland Brown."

On playing with QB Baker Mayfield:

"It is going to be crazy. I like the dude. I loved him in college. I love watching him. A good buddy of mine, (Jaguars WR) DeDe Westbrook played with him and threw him a lot of touchdown passes. I know that he is accurate and that he can throw a fast guy a deep ball. I am always in favor of that. I love that he can scramble and make plays happen. I love to win, too. He has got that mentality, a winner's mentality, and that he is going to put first before anything. That is what I think, too – team and winning. I love to win and I know that he does, too so I am going to love playing with him."

On if he has talked to Westbrook about Mayfield:

"No, I haven't talked to him, but I will probably give him a call after this to see who my new quarterback is and to see what he is about. It is going to be cool playing with somebody like that, a Heisman winner. It is going to be cool, but no, I haven't talked to him yet."* *

On his playing style:

"I bring everything to the franchise. I can go deep. I can run a curl route. I have hands. I catch the ball away from my body. I can get off pressure. I faced it all year and my whole career in the SEC. I bring everything. I'm the type of guy who will do anything special teams wise. I'm good with playing special teams if they want me to. I can do anything you want me to so I think that I bring everything to the table."

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