#BrownsCamp Quotebook: 'It's a brotherhood'

When the Browns return to action after Sunday's off day, they'll find themselves in a game week, preparing for Thursday's preseason opener against the Saints.

And coach Hue Jackson made it clear Cleveland intends to take the next month seriously after an 0-4 showing last preseason.

"I want to win them all if I can. You said it. I don't want to go 0-4 again. I don't want to feel like that," he said.

"I don't think this team deserves that. We need to go out and play good in front of our fans and go win. I don't care what we're playing. I just think that has got to be our mindset. I think the mindset is different than what it is. If we're going to play, we need to go win. Everybody, like you said says that, but I mean it. We need to go win."

Here are some other soundbites from Saturday's practice.

Hue Jackson

"We're not supposed to be perfect yet. We're just fine-tuning some things, but I saw some opportunities there that we missed so we have to keep growing that way." — on evaluating Friday's Orange & Brown Scrimmage

"I want to go through the weekend, go through last night and go through today and really sit down and make what I think is the best decision for our football team for Thursday night … My job is to make sure that I put the guy out there who gives us the best chance to score points and help this team win. That is what I'm going to do." — on evaluating the QB rotation

"I think last night was eye opening for him. He shared that with you all. I think it was a great experience for him, though. He will grow from that experience really fast the more he plays, just because being in that environment with your teammates in front of fans in a different stadium, it is different. We will have to get used to that." — on rookie DeShone Kizer's Orange & Brown Scrimmage showing


DB Joe Haden**

"We have a live group. We have a group of dudes that just really, really love the game and are football smart. You can go a long way when coach is installing different plays and different techniques, and we are able to just understand what is going on, not only knowing what we have to do but we are starting to look at the offensive concepts to understand how we are going to play different types of routes and schemes." — on the Browns' secondary this season


LB Jamie Collins Sr.**

"It is a great group of guys. I'm glad to be here. This is my job so I'm coming to work every day with that on my mind. It's a brotherhood." — on entering Year 2 in Cleveland


RB Matthew Dayes**

"Every day when I wake up, I think about that. I thought that I was going to go in the third or fourth and ended up going in the seventh round. I'm thankful right now because I'm with a great organization. I'm blessed and I'm happy with how everything has gone so far for me." — on being the second-to-last pick in the 2017 NFL Draft

"I wasn't really counting. I don't know how I knew that number, but I just know the number to tell you the truth. I know for a fact there were not 29 running backs in that draft that are better than me." — on the number of RBs drafted before him

"I had no idea. I was already talking to a bunch of teams about free agency. I had no idea the Browns were going to pick me up so I was happy when I got that phone call." — on why the Browns drafted him


DB Derrick Kindred:**

"I definitely feel like I am ready to be a starter. That is what I come out here and work for every day in the film room, with the team and the guys. We brought in a lot of talent at safety. A lot of players want to be out there." — on Year 2 in Cleveland​

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