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#BrownsCamp Quotebook: 'It's either that or up-downs. Choose your poison'

Sunday's edition of training camp saw the Browns tackle and tackle often. 

Here are the best soundbites from Sunday's practice:


"Whatever it takes to get our football team better. I think we need to compete. We have some things we have to keep cleaning up and get better at. Plus, I knew our alumni would be out here today so let's let them see a little taste of what football is all about. Those guys are the guys that paved the way. I see (Browns alumni) Greg Pruitt and several other guys out here. It's always a pleasure to have those guys come out. I want them to be able to see their football team in action." — on why the Browns had three live tackling sessions

"It's either that or up-downs. Choose your poison. We just can't do it. We're not going to hurt our football team that way with penalties and things that I know will get us beat. We're going to continue to work through that. The players, I think they all agree. They get it. Just the concentration penalties, we aren't going to stand for." — on having players run a lap for penalties



"If he was a craftsman, he would have a lot the tools in his tool box. I'm not a tool guy so I'm not going to try to name all the tools he has, but I'm just saying, the guy can play off, he can play inside and he can go back and play safety. He can play middle linebacker if you ask him to because he's just that versatile. When you talk about off the field, he's the guy that does all the right things. He's in here until camp night. We already break at 10 o'clock with 11 o'clock curfew and he's still in here. Like, you're saying, 'Let's go home. We've been here since 6 o'clock.' When you look at a guy like that, his ceiling is extremely high." — on DB Jamar Taylor



"He's a lot better than he was in the spring, but he's still not there, guys, and he knows it. There is so doggone much. Right when he has good practices and things happen in a game, that's why this one on Monday night is so good for him. That's what we need is put him in the real lights on a national television game and see if he can carry these fundamentals that we're harping on him over and over and over into the game. He's trying and he's doing better. Has he got it mastered? Not yet. We have to know that he can do all of it before we put him out there full time. He's not ready for that yet." — on rookie QB DeShone Kizer, who passed for 184 yards and the game-winning TD Thursday

"It's not muscle memory yet. His lower body has not memorized it. It is so hard because when the bullets start flying, old habits will take over. You just come back and stay on him, 'Hey, it is not there, look here.' 'Yeah, I see it, Coach. I see it,' and you keep working. — on Brock Osweiler's footwork

"If you guys watch DeShone warm up, he puts his foot and steps into a cinderblock every day just warming up just to create the short stride. You can't do it enough. I did it with (former Cowboys QB) Tony Romo for two years. He was ready really the third year and he didn't get to play until the fourth year so he had plenty of time. We are crash-coursing these guys because it shoots your accuracy up." — on using cinderblocks to help Kizer, Osweiler with their footwork



"I'm proud of them. Those are like my sons. Those are my guys. I came in with them and I'm just really proud of them with the way they're getting better and taking this process in the classroom, when they're taking notes, working techniques and getting better. I'm excited for those guys." — on fellow 2nd-year WRs Ricardo Louis, Rashard Higgins and Jordan Payton

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