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#BrownsCamp Quotebook: 'They can tell who has worked hard in the offseason'

It was a quarterbacks day in Berea but running back Isaiah Crowell had his say, too.

Here were the top quotes from Brock Osweiler, Cody Kessler, DeShone Kizer, Crowell and coach Hue Jackson from a windy, cooler day at training camp.

Hue Jackson

On if he has anything special planned for tomorrow's practice, the first in pads:

"Oh boy, wouldn't you like to know. It is going to be fun. It is going to be a good day tomorrow. Again, I truly believe that to get your team ready you have to play football and I think when you put on pads, blocking and tackling and doing those things, but also being smart and doing it in a controlled situation so that we take care of our team and we keep them as healthy as we can."

On what fans can expect tomorrow during the team's first padded practice:

"Anything can happen tomorrow that way at any time, I truly believe in that. I like to kind of change it up a little bit and we will tackle, we will get after each other a little bit, I think you have to. We are trying to build a physically-tough, mentally-tough football team."

On if the quarterbacks 'relax subconsciously' without a live pass rush:

"Absolutely. You have to keep their urgency in their body and their feet, all of it. Again, when you go against (defensive coordinator) Gregg Williams every day, you are under duress anyway."

On Kizer's poise for his age:

"I still think he plays video games, if that is what you mean. He is a bright young man. He comes from a good program, a good family. He has worked extremely hard."



Isaiah Crowell

On added responsibilities as a leader of the RBs and embracing the role:

"Oh yeah, I am embracing it to the best of my ability. It just feels good to have someone else look up to you and just try to help everybody else be the best they can be, also."

On if this year feels different to him coming into the season as the starting RB:

"It feels good to just have my teammates trust in me and my coaches trust me and believe in me. I still have to go out here and work hard and prove myself to the world and to everybody. There is a lot to prove. I am working hard to try do that."



Brock Osweiler

On what and if coaches begin to pick things apart following the first day of camp:

"Everything. Everything. We were in meetings very late last night. Day 1, you are knocking off some cobwebs, and that is for every single position. We are looking at footwork, where tight ends, linemen and the run game might be looking at hand placement; receivers looking at certain spots on pass plays. There is nothing that (Head) Coach (Hue) Jackson misses, and that is what you want in your head coach. Coach Jackson is a phenomenal coach who holds us all very accountable. We are having some great meetings right now cleaning up those mistakes."

On learning his third offense in three years and if past offenses creep into his mind:

"Flashbacks, all the time (laughter). I was talking to our quarterbacks coach, David Lee, about that. He was asking me about a play that happened in walkthrough, and I said, 'Coach, that is my fault. I had something hardwired in my head from a previous system and I thought I was good to go.'"



Cody Kessler

On the level of nerves that every part of practiced is filmed for review and consideration for the starting position:

"That is part of it. The way it is described is that it is one big long job interview. Everything you do from inside this facility, even in the offseason and different stuff, you cannot have as much contact with the coaches, but when you come back they can tell who has worked hard in the offseason and who has done stuff."

On being impressed and pushed by the other Browns QBs:

"Every day. We really compete every day. We always have little competitions in individual drills and stuff. It is good because you get to learn from one another and really compete against guys that are in a really good position."



DeShone Kizer

"This is a completely different situation than in OTAs. It is completely different vibe. There are people around. You have the fans out here making it more of a game vibe, and that is all new to me. As long as I continue to learn with that and continue to match the speed that the game is at, hopefully, I can be in a position where one day, yeah, Coach Jackson can answer that question and say, 'Yes, I am capable to be a starter.'"

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