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#BrownsCamp Quotebook: 'This is a dream come true for us'

The next time we hear from Browns players and Hue Jackson, the first preseason game will be in the books.

Tuesday served as the final, big tune-up for Cleveland's showdown with the Saints.

Here were some of the notable things said.


"Jim Brown is around a lot. I think that is motivation within itself. Everyone knows where Ozzie is and what Ozzie has done here. There have been some great players who have played here that have paved the way for these young men. It is always good for these guys to go back and know some of the guys who graced this field and what they meant to the National Football League. We do encourage it, and I'm excited that our guys do that." -- on players' appreciation of Browns of the past

"It is going to be exciting to see them. We all look forward to seeing them compete on Thursday night, but at the same time, we saw them a little bit last week. We have an idea of what they could look like, and hopefully, they will take it to another level on Thursday night." -- on rookies making their debut Thursday


"As Coach (Jackson) has said, he has some talent on the offensive side of it as well with some things he does over there, and then defensively, we all have seen the things he can do. People have seen less of the things he does in the deep zone, but you are starting to see some more of that, too. It is just finding those sweet spots for him, trying not to make sure we are overloading him mentally and just allowing him to react and go play." -- on Jabrill Peppers' fit in the defense


"The thing we had to do with Corey was make sure that he would be able to be physically able go on a day-to-day basis. He has been on what we would call a pitch count. There are only so many reps he can take during a team-work environment or 7-on-7. Corey has come a long way. He has come a long way in understanding the offense. He has come a long way in his techniques. He has come a long way in just understanding the principles of the receiver position as they apply to the National Football League. It has been good for him to practice. As the weeks come on, he will be able to practice more and more at a higher speed and a higher volume. The more practice you get, the better player you are in all phases of your skills." -- on Corey Coleman's progress


"I definitely think that the group could be really good. David (Njoku), I compare him to an Avatar he is a freak of nature. Seth (DeValve) has got great route-running ability, great hands. Everyone in our tight end group has something to offer. From where we started in OTAs to where we are now, we definitely have improved a lot. There is definitely a lot more room to improve."


"I pride myself on tackling. If it is a big hit, it is a big hit, but the main thing is if he got to the ground."


"I am so excited. Obviously, this is a dream come true for us to be in the NFL and to play in our first game. There is so much excitement, and hopefully, I'll be ready for that."


"It is kind of a relief. It is really harder to avoid hitting them than it is to actually wrap him up and take him down. Now that I can follow through, I can actually show that I am getting them and I am making big plays." -- on his excitement to be allowed to hit a QB


"It happens. If I could have written the story, it would have been written differently, but that is the challenge that was placed in front of me and I am all for it." -- on going undrafted and fighting for a roster spot

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