#BrownsCamp Quotebook: 'This thing is not over by any stretch'

It was a busy, newsworthy Monday in Berea.

Here were the most important things said on a day in which Cleveland named its starting quarterback, Brock Osweiler, for the preseason opener.


"He looked good. Obviously, Brock knows how to play. He is very conscientious, works extremely hard. I think he has gained a lot of respect in the locker room because of the way he prepares. He did a good job today. Obviously, it was his first opportunity with those guys so we just need to keep fine-tuning some things." -- on Osweiler's first practice as the first-team quarterback

"This thing is not over by any stretch, but this is the decision I have made at this time." -- on the state of the Browns QB competition

"I want to just work toward this Thursday night first and foremost. This is about this week, this opportunity and then we will keep going from there because there is still a lot about Brock I need to know, too, playing in a game. He hasn't done that for me, as well. I think we will find out a lot about our quarterbacks and our football team this Thursday night." -- on the importance of Thursday's game for all of the quarterbacks


"This league gives you opportunities. Sometimes you don't know when they are going to come. Sometimes you do know when they are going to come. The key is making the most of that opportunity. If you do, then the rest will take care of itself."

"At the end of the day, we are still going to run the same offense. We are running the Cleveland Browns offense. It doesn't matter if you are with the ones, twos, threes, fours, fives or sixes. We are all running the same stuff. Now, as far as chemistry with certain players, absolutely. Nothing replaces reps –especially game reps. Just the fact that I can get out there with that first group and start building some chemistry will definitely be a positive." -- on the challenge of running the first-team offense after being with the second-team group all of camp


"Everything that I have been doing up until now to try to develop and become the best quarterback I can. Whenever my number is called, I will go out there and perform the way I know how to."

"I see a lot of room for improvement, a lot of room to take my game to the next level. After watching that, it definitely plays right into where I think I am and that is a guy who is looking to learn as much as I possibly can, a guy who has some consistency things I need to clean up. There is still a lot of work for me to do before I become the quarterback that I want to become one day." -- on his review of the Orange & Brown Scrimmage


"It is just another opportunity. Obviously, it is Coach (Hue) Jackson's decision. The only way you can control things like that is how you play on the field. That is something that I always stuck with – control what you can control, whenever I'm out there to make the most of those opportunities and do everything I can. Even in practice – practice, preseason and if you get opportunities in the season – you have to make the most of them."


"Compared to what I was doing last year, it would be more like I am a D end this year in this defense. Definitely glad to be off the ball and behind the line to be able to run the plays down rather than taking on (OL) Shon Coleman in the run game every day." -- on his switch from OLB to MLB

"Obviously, it means a lot that you are doing the right things and taking the right steps for the organization. I was here all offseason. My fiancé is a dance teacher so I was in the area all offseason. I came into the weight room and worked out and was able to get in a good offseason. It just means you are taking the right steps and the right things so everybody can count on you."

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