#BrownsCamp Quotebook: 'We drafted the right one' in Myles Garrett

Browns coach Hue Jackson, linebacker Christian Kirksey, wide receiver Corey Coleman, defensive end Myles Garrett and safety Jabrill Peppers spoke to the news media on Thursday.

Here are the best quotes from Day of training camp.

Browns coach Hue Jackson

"I can tell that we are a step better than we were a year ago by far. There was less assignment errors in the first day. There was less balls on the ground, less turnovers." — On jump from 2016

"It's outstanding. I give credit to our executive team because we drafted the right one in my opinion. Not only is he a great football player, but he is a great person, a great young man who loves football and wants to be great and is willing to do whatever it takes to be really good. I am glad he is a part of our organization." — On No. 1 overall NFL Draft pick Myles Garrett's humility

"He's telling other guys how to get lined up. A year ago, he couldn't do that. I think it was spinning for him a year ago. It's tough. If you really think of a rookie player coming into a new environment, learning a new language, new coaches, the National Football League, playing against the best of the best, your draft status, having to compete at a high level play in and play out and be at your best all of the time, that is hard. That's hard for anybody, but that's what he has to do, and he gets it. I think he is taking on that challenge, and he is ready to go." — On WR Corey Coleman's second training camp


LB Christian Kirksey**

"The past is the past. We have a new season ahead of us, new opportunities and new goals. All we can work on is the now and what is in front of us. Last season has been wiped out of our minds. We are just trying to focus on the new players we have, some of the new coaches and some of the new schemes. We are just trying to control what we can control, and that is what is in front of us." — On moving on from 2016

"The more you can do, the better. Gregg put together a great defense, especially to fit the players' abilities. He is going to have players in the best position to go out and make plays and put you in a comfortable position where you know you can master your technique, you are going to play even faster. I'm just excited to see the younger, older guys playing a comfortable position and a comfortable role where they can let it loose, cut it loose and just go out there and have fun." — On new DC Gregg Williams' system

"Myles as a person, he is a guy who doesn't say much. He is a guy that just goes out there and goes to work, works hard and proves that he could be on this team. He is just an overall great player for us. You just see the flashes, whether in the weight room or him exploding out of his stance, things like that, you can just tell that a guy is going to be a good or have the ability to be good. Now, it is all up to him to see how badly he wants it and we will see what he can do in training camp." — On Myles Garrett


WR Corey Coleman**

"We try to erase that. We try not to think about last year but deep down inside, it's still a burning fire. No one likes to lose. We're a totally different team. Everyone is focused. It's going to be an exciting year." — On moving past a 1-15 season in 2016

"You said it's a  challenge. I don't look at it like that. They drafted me in the first round, first receiver for a reason. I am confident in my ability. I know what I have to do." — On becoming the No. 1 WR


DB Jabrill Peppers**

"Very important. I was going to be here no matter what, but it was definitely a great feeling that both sides came to an agreement when they did." — On the importance of signing his rookie contract before training camp

"Everyone is going to earn their spot. You are not going to come in and start, no matter who you are. I think that is good. I like earning things and being rewarded for the hard work. I never was given anything in my whole life so it is no different than growing up. I am just ready to get back to work. It was a long five weeks, and the season is right around the corner so I am excited." — On the competition in camp

"Everything is going to be about competition. Everything is about winning. Win the meeting, win the walkthrough win the practice and win each and every play, just things like that. You have to take it personal to win. You have to be a guy who hates losing more than he likes winning. I think we are all like that." — On the main message from Hue Jackson's first team meeting



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