#BrownsCamp Quotebook: 'You have to make sure a guy is ready'

The final day of training camp is in the books.

Here were the highlights from press conferences before and after a rain-soaked practice.


"We still have some questions to solve. Obviously, the quarterback situation, we will get that finalized as we go. We are playing guys in some positions still to find out how they fit and where they fit, but for the most part I think we have a good idea of who we are – who we are defensively, who we are offensively and who we are on special teams. Now it is just fine tuning some things over the next three weeks through these next three preseason games to get ready for the season."

"It is still there and it is not because of last year, it is just that is the way it is. There is a score being kept and if there is, you want to win. At the same time, we are also going to evaluate our team because there is going to be some hard decisions that we have to make and we have to do that, as well, but we are going out there to play to win. There is no question about that." -- on his desire to win Monday's preseason game

"If the guy is not ready, I think it is hard to put a young man out there because of so many different reasons. This is the National Football League. It is the best of the best. These quarterbacks only have so many hits in their bodies. If you put those guys out there and they start getting sacked and hit early in the year and are not sure how to do things correctly, then I don't think that helps them. I would never do that to a quarterback. I wouldn't do that to any player on our football team. You have to make sure a guy is ready and can handle the pressure of playing at that level." -- on the danger of playing a young QB too early


"This is an opportunity now to go out there with a different group of guys and play against a little different competition level since I will be playing against some twos and some ones now. It will be fun to go out there and to gain experience playing with some guys who have some experience on this side of the ball as well and really evaluating myself against some higher talent."

"I think that I am consistently heading in the right path. There haven't really been too many big things that have fallen, and I think that the way I have been able to move my way up the depth chart and earn more reps has been a good visual of that. The biggest thing for me right now is making sure that as I continue to get better and the more that I do learn, that I continue to progress in other things other than the small things I have been focusing on. We have talked about communication 1,000 times, and I'm starting to get that. Now, I need to make sure that once I become good at that, that now I take that attention and that extra time and apply it to something else, whether it be some footwork things, whether it be the camaraderie I have with my teammates, that other time needs to be spent on something else in the quarterback position. Right now, it is about trying to evaluate where I am and all of the different aspects of this position, and making sure that I am improving every day."


"I don't care what everybody else says. The only opinions that matter towards the Cleveland Browns are what the players believe, what the coaches believe and what this Cleveland Browns building believes. Outside of this building, nothing else matters. As far as players go, every single year when you show up to training camp, all 32 teams have the same goals. Everyone is striving to win a world championship, everyone is striving to win a division championship, and that doesn't change for the Cleveland Browns. We have the same goals as everybody else."

"I think all of these quarterbacks are focused on being the starter for the season opener. If you are not focused on being the starting quarterback for this team, I don't know what you are doing here at this training camp. In saying that, you can't look past your preseason games. I think we are all striving with an end goal in mind, but the next immediate goal is obviously to play great football against the New York Giants and find a way as a team to get a win."

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